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  1. Rest in peace Rush, true American!
  2. It's not the Oliver that sucks, that would be the other green!
  3. Thanks for the information!
  4. Thank you for the reply. The rod doesn't look too hard to make, one parts schedule shows a loop at the rear end. I suppose the hard part o find might be the bracket that mounts on the lever. I sure hope I can find a sub frame, that would really help.
  5. I am trying to mount a 42" blade on my 100. The sub frame has been welded and the guy did a rough job. The connecting rod is missing and evidently I need the support attached to the deck lift handle. Does anyone have any parts available?
  6. Deering , Missouri, forest and wood products for machinery. IH Collectors did a show and dedication years back.
  7. Thanks again! I thought it had something to do with the travel slowing down or perhaps another problem that I should look for.
  8. I forgot to ask. How do you know if the valves are leaking?
  9. Thank you so much for the information! Now I know what to look for and relieved my concerns, Thank you again!
  10. i have a Cib Cadet 1450 but it has no dump valve. There is a sticker on the side that tell you not to move the tractor even a couple of feet or you will damage the transmission. The other tractors that I have do have a dump valve. Can I install one one, even me with limited knowledge?
  11. My dad made a tractor for my brother and in 1952, when I was six years old. We still have the tractor, and and a trailer that he made, however the engine is gone and so os the steering gear. It looks like he used a hand drill to make the change from horizontal to vertical. I believe the engine was maybe a Tecumseh. My oldest son would like to get the tractor restored but.
  12. I called Red Power Magazine last Monday and they said to wait until January 25th if I haven't received it. From what they indicated a lot of people have been shafted by the usps. I know people were having trouble around her with mail service.
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