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  1. 175C water pump advice

    Hi dhutch, I do not have a working trans temp gauge but I have pulled the stick upon engine over heating and it does not smell different or extremely hot like the engine is. I cannot prove that I have a correctly accurate engine temp gauge but I do feel like it's correct because of the antifreeze boiling out the overflow tube and the gauge looks newer. Im going to ask a friend who's a good mechanic to help me do the water pump and thermostat but was wondering roughly how hard a job is it? What's entailed? Couple hour job? Also, can I assume that my 175C has the 466B engine? Thanks again for all the part numbers as well.
  2. 175C water pump advice

    Hey guys, upon idling my 175C and once at warmed up to 190° I have taken off the radiator cap and I do not see any flow across the top of the radiator. Is this normal for this engine? I know it's hard to tell, but I cannot see any anti-freeze being pumped. How aggressive shut the flow bee? Is there anything safe I can put into the top to see if it moves? There's a slight bit of play in the water pump as well. I have my belts as tight as I can get them which is about a half-inch of slack
  3. 175C water pump advice

    Hey guys thanks for the advice. I'm going to try making a few calls tomorrow and find a thermostat to put in. I'll post my results asap. Thanks again
  4. 175C water pump advice

    Does anyone know or have the thermostat part number handy? Or recommend where to buy one from? Thanks
  5. 175C water pump advice

    I have had the dozen for about 4 years now and it's been great to me. I'm going to change the thermostat out this week hopefully and see if it's makes an improvement. Do I need to pull the radiators to change the water pump? Thanks in advance
  6. 175C water pump advice

    Hey everyone, I'm still having some engine overheating problems on my 175c with the 466. After about 30-40 minutes of working it, the temp rises up to 220-230 degrees and I have to shut down. The fan Blades are facing me sucking cooler air, the radiator has been power washed and it has newer fan belts. I spun the fan today and it feels like the water pump is starting to shown some play in it. So, anyone done a water pump in a this machine before? If so, how difficult is it to do so? Does the radiator have to come out? Who do you recommend that I purchase the water pump from? thanks as always
  7. Hey everyone, installed the new gates belt with a buddy on Saturday and he thought the angle of the fan blade was not aggressive enough. We are assuming that when the stick (2") came into contact with the fan last year is effected the pitch. So, we did a little Custom black smithing to them. Also, we reversed them as well, Huber fan. His thought was that the engine will cool better if the radiator is getting 80 degree air pulled into it rather than 200 plus degree air off the motor blown at it. It sucks a piece of paper now against the grill no problem! Are there any reasons not to have it suck? (besides operator comfort). I ran it for about 30 min and temp held at 195 degrees, compared to 220 when I'd than shut it down. Thanks everyone on the forum for the advice
  8. Sounds good, thanks for the advice. I'll keep you guys posted. Hopefully I'll have some time to work on it tomorrow
  9. Hey everyone, sorry I've been off the construction side on the forum for a couple months but I am still having a temperature overheating problem on the 175c. I have power washed the radiator and just ordered new belts and will pick up tomorrow. I got the TR22648 and am now hoping maybe the belts are slipping? When running the 175c it gets up to 220 degrees within 15 minutes of working it loading/pushing material. Anyways, are there any tips for removal and installation of these belts? I appreciate the advice as always.
  10. Need advice with diesel leak on 1086

    Threat, thanks everyone for the ideas. I'm going to have a friend (excellent mechanic) give me a hand pulling it in the next couple weeks and go from there. Still hoping to just replace an Oring. Thanks guys
  11. Need advice with diesel leak on 1086

    Also, I have just a generic oring kit from my local auto parts store just curious if one of those should fit they're all the SAE size O-rings
  12. Need advice with diesel leak on 1086

    Oay this sounds good. What's a runaway tool? Does anyone know exactly the specs for the O ring needed so if I do pull it apart, I can just install new o-ring and put back together right away and hope for the best
  13. Need or want a ROPS

    I do certainly agree that roll bars do save lives and you cannot put a price on safety don't get me wrong, I just wish they were a little better on the pricing. The aftermarket markup is ridiculous
  14. Need or want a ROPS

    I just recently did the roll bar on our Ford 5610 tractor through the grant rebate program. I think that it is a great program, but the downside is the roll bars are still extremely expensive. The roll bar that we purchased, was very generic but well-designed it cost us roughly $1,300 minus the $770 rebate we got so the farm expense was still roughly 600. When you are allowed to put on a used roll bar if the stamp tag showing the certification is still present. I self-installed mine and send pictures attached with the form and everything was approved. No need to pay someone to install u-bolts on an axle like most open station tractors are
  15. Need advice with diesel leak on 1086

    Hi everyone, I have a fuel leak coming from the injection pump on my International 1086. It started leaking last fall, and I just tied a rag around it and it is time to make the appropriate repair. I tried to tighten the Allen bolts but that did not make a difference . I am told that these are timeed gears and I'm just curious as to how hard a job this is to fix, I am hoping that is simply a gasket or a ring which may need replacement. Any advice as to what I may be getting myself into or special tools would be much appreciated. Also I do not have a international dealer nearby, so who do you recommend that I buy parts from online