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  1. Thanks a lot for the insight and ideas. Im only leaning towards the acrylic urethane because that's what the painter recommended, would you spray spray a different type of paint? Also, I didn't see IH Yellow under Restoration Shops acrylic enamels , but let me know if Im not looking in the right spot.
  2. Looks great, so what shade of yellowwould you pick to shoot the Dresser 175c? Also, do I need a primer first if shooting the acrylic urethane? I've steamcleaned and wire wheeled the dozer and also sanded it to 320 grit. I was thinking about spraying Bulldogs adhesion promotor and than painting away. I'm going to try to order the paint tomorrow in hopes of painting this upcoming weekend, ( weather permitting)
  3. Hey Kevinweq, that looks like some great pricing. I'm going to call them tomorrow and hopefully order 2 gallons for the dresser 175c. to me, the Cat yellow and Komotsu yellow both look on the darker side. I'm leaning towards the Boss yellow. What do you think would look best for a 70's track loader? Thanks again
  4. Hi Tony, thank you for the information and the picture of your tractor, looks great! You clearly take a lot of pride in your work and have show quality results that is something to be proud of. I will go and talk to my dealer tomorrow and see what they had to say and let you guys know. I am going to start with the bulldozer, which is a dresser 175 C
  5. Okay, I'm going to call my Case dealer Monday and I'll let you guys know what I find out. Does the clear coat help with shine? Make paint more durable? Provide UV protection? Will I still use a hardener in the paint? Let's here your recipient/ procedures for using CIH paint, (I ammsume it's an acrylic oil based enamel) thanks
  6. Okay, thank you for the advice. I may just paint the dozer with tsc and let it fade. I cannot justify 2 gallons of paint at $800 for a bull dozer worth $6,000. At least it will look good from far...thanks again. If you guys can recommend something that is $100-$200 a gallon I'd like to hear. Thank you
  7. Hey guys, I am planning painting both my IH1086 and my Dresser 175C this spring. I have a friend who is actually doing the painting for me at my shop. He wanted to use a Single stage urethane paint, but it's insane how expensive a gallon costs to make. We priced out several different brands from local shops(Napa, Bond Auto) and by the time you buy the paint, hardener, reducer and activator we were close to $350-375 a gallon!! So, has anyone sprayed tractors, heavy equipment, implements with an oil based enamel and had good long lasting results? What about Majiic Paint from Tractor Supply? I can make a spray able gallon for less than $50. I'm not looking for show quality results, I just want to look good for what it is, farm equipment. Thanks guys for the advice in advance
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