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  1. Back in 1982 my dad bought a 69 544 with under 2000 hrs, I remember this like it was yesterday. This was the nicest tractor we had ever owned ! Before that we had a C Farmall and a 720 Diesel JD. Well the years have past and I have the tractor and it is worst for wear and I can say I am sad to say I have not taken care of this tractor to what it deserves. I now have my own family and 21 year old Son who bleeds RED !!! Thanks to this tractor ( This is what started my passion for IH ) He and I have talked about taking the 544 and bringing her back to her deserved glory ! I just sent my son out to look at the tach and tell me the hours ( correct ) she has 2494 hrs. He and I will take on this project in the near future to bring her back to her full off the line glory !! I will need some help from you guys once we start this project.
  2. Thanks ! I guess I have a soft spot for these old tractors. They just need a little love and TLC !
  3. Just drove it for the first time since installing the turbo, a very noticeable difference in seat of the pants in road gear. The mid range power seems to be way better. Im going to wait until I get her on the dyno before I load it heavy or make a pump adjustment. Oh and it sounds waaaaaaaaaaay better LOL !!!
  4. Im trying little by little to get my badly neglected 986 back into shape. I bought this tractor a little over a year ago. Poor thing has spent its entire life outside and is weathered pretty badly. Since I have got the old girl I have put a reman injection pump due to a pump failure right after I got it home. Replace the TA cable as it was stuck in high side from a frozen cable. Only to find out the TA was out on the low side. Well this led to the next step in the project. Back in Dec of last year I put a new TA, clutch kit, MCV rebuild and new 13gpm MCV pump. I took the turbo set up off a donor 1086 and today I turbocharged the ole gal. Im looking to go no more than 120 hp. About all it will see is some bush hogging and light work. The Split High side clutches and sprag falling apart Turbo installed now for a muffler eliminator kit !
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