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  1. Take a pry bar and pull the park lock up and wedge a thick nut or piece of metal under it as to keep it from going down into park and see what it does.
  2. I would be a dollar to a doughnut that it is still partially in park. I had the exact same thing happen to my 986
  3. TD2593

    Someone needs to rescue this!

    Oh My Eyes !!!!
  4. TD2593

    MD Crankshaft center bearing question.

    Check the bore of the cap installed and torqued on the block and make sure that it is still round and in spec. By the pin being driven into the cap may have caused some distortion. If its round and in spec it will not hurt a thing to notch the thrust area of the bearing to clear the pin. Just make sure you notch enough as to have the bearing seat all way into the saddle of the cap. Make sure the pin is not sticking out past the thrust surface.
  5. TD2593

    IH 444 precombustion chamber work

    The IDI diesels do smoke more and make alot more dieseling noise when cold vs a DI diesel engine. I have ran IDI Isuzu's for many years. If it is a oil consumption issue you can really smell the oil burning the smoke when under a good load. Just keep a good set of glow plugs in her and dont use starting fluid IDI's DONT like it at all !
  6. TD2593

    86 series Hydraulic TA problems

    If you are considering this tractor buy it with the mind set that it will need a TA.
  7. TD2593

    986 torque amplifier

    Put a set of gauges on it and see what your pressures are.
  8. TD2593

    Injection Pump rattles when Engine warms at idle

    Pete, what was weird with my pump is it would rattle intermittently very very loudly and then quiet down. If I had know about the check valve issue I would have removed it long before it caused the issue it did. Live and learn.
  9. While getting ready to check the pressures on the MCV on my sons project 1486, noticed that the dump valve is gone and a pipe plug is threaded into the valve opening in the MCV. All of the linkage is gone as well. The TA spool is held down with a home made bracket in DD position. Lube light stays on so I put the gauges on and have zero lube, as suspected, other pressure is 245lbs with the spool locked in the DD position. I have no idea who owned this tractor prior to the fellow we got it from and or what mods were made to the TA assembly. Im assuming they shimmed the DD clutches like Ive seen done before here in the South as the tractor does move around without issue. Just got the tractor back going and just now noticed this.
  10. TD2593

    DT436 hard start

    Very little smoke while cranking.
  11. TD2593

    DT436 hard start

    My son and I have been working on a 1486 that was left for parts due to a range transmission issue, more on that later. Poor ole gal was very very badly neglected. Im sure its been in excess of 12 years or so since it was last ran. Flushed everything out of the fuel system, new filters, primed etc........ first fire up had to give it just a sniff of starting fluid, fired right off sounded really good. Pump is quiet. Even after the motor is warm it still takes just a sniff to fire it off, but runs great no hiccups or miss just a small hit of the starting fluid. Motor turns over very well and fast. Is this a injection pump issue or injectors ?
  12. TD2593

    Injection Pump rattles when Engine warms at idle

    Last time mine rattled like that it swallowed the check ball and spring and nearly cost me a motor. It did seized the pump head and ruined the pump. Engine revved wild until the head seized.
  13. TD2593

    966 fuel hose

    The best place is the dealer. Just bought one I think it was around 39 bucks plus tax
  14. Looking at the cam bearing loads on the 400 series with roller camshaft in a pulling application ( 250 lbs on the seat 650-700 over the nose ), with only 4 cam bearings that gets pretty high. Are there any folks out there that have converted one of these over to that set up ? Its common place in the dragracing world.
  15. TD2593

    986 Parts Tractor and PFC

    It had engine troubles. I have not had time to look at it closely. My buddy and I picked it up and took it to his place, cant get a semi and trailer up my drive so I have to swap trailers once I get to where I can move freely. I just had bone spurs removed in lumbar region Thursday. Its killing me not to be able to get it home and really checking it out.