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  1. Hello Graeme, Have an idea what is wrong and it is not good - have you checked oil level - fill - level plug on the inside rear of final drive housing - I would be dropping oil on right hand final first - see what comes out - do both sides while you are at it. It is not an easy job to do - I slack off track then jack up back of machine and bar the slack to the back of the tractor to get a bit more space under the final case - still not and easy job. You will probably find the thread on the drain plug rusted so a lot of cleaning is needed before removing plug.
  2. Hello All, Will answer my own request - obtained valves from HistoParts www.histoparts.com - good range of engine and other parts.
  3. Thanks for info - have emailed different auto supply shops in Australia and New Zealand - thought some one might have a shop I could try. I am not up a river without a paddle as I have the option of reclaiming my old valves - but if I could get new valves that would be the way I would go. Thanks again.
  4. Hello, Am looking for 2 inlet valves 701 432 R1 to suit BD 264 engine. Can reclaim my two valves but price is a bit on the high side. Would be interested in new or good second hand valves. Are new parts still available for these engines ?
  5. Hello, Agrimanuals have reprints of BTD 6 service manual with all the info you will need for BD 264 engine rebuild or you can get manual for engine only that covers BD 264 and BD 281. Was very happy with there service.
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