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  1. Pilot bearing number. BTD 6

    Kevin, Thanks for that - 6208 was what I was looking for - should have done a search first.
  2. Pilot bearing number. BTD 6

    Kevin, Thanks for reply - the bearing shop here cannot recognize the International Part numbers in its system. I need a bearing makers number for this bearing or size - inside - outside - width. I am a work in Australia and the machine is in pieces back in New Zealand.If I was at home no problem but I am just trying to get a jump start on the job by getting bearings and seals together while I am at work. Thanks.
  3. Can anyone supply me with a bearing makers number for a steering clutch pilot bearing 53389D fitted between steering clutch shaft and steering clutch drum. Bearing shop cannot place International part number and I do not have old bearing with me. Thanks.
  4. Before going off shore check out Hamilton Tractor Parts - they quite often are parting out BTD 6s and 8s.Andrew Lusty in Auckland or Trackweld in Hamilton might be able to point you in the right direction. Any parts for these machines are getting hard to come by - thats the reason I brought a parts machine for my going BTD6 - the only problem is now I am trying to get the parts machine going. Tom
  5. TD6D110 What is your location and serial number of machine, Thanks, Tom
  6. BTD 6 Serial numbers.

    Not the best but go to Trade me Farming - Tractors - Up to 50 hp and search International. Only 3 shots. Will counter you on the Hamilton Blade - have one on my BTD 6 and its angles like a breeze - but yes built like a brick outhouse - but not bad for 50 year old machine.
  7. BTD 6 Serial numbers.

    Mike, Thanks for that, decales long gone - red well worn - no sign of any yellow - has Simms Mini-Mec injection pump. Fitted out with Hamilton hydraulic blade.
  8. International BTD 6 serial numbers ran from 2401 in 1955 to 21033 in 1975. My question is did the long track frame model - 5 bottom rollers and 2 top rollers have a different serial number? The reason why I am asking is that I looked at a long frame model with a serial number of 690.
  9. BTD6 Clutch

    Just spent most of the day trying to fit clutch back into BTD6 dozer. This afternoon no further ahead than I was this morning. Are there any tricks to fitting clutch - followed book - but seem to come up short 1/2 to 3/4 inch with clutch input shaft up against clutch face on flywheel and transmission input shaft at other end. Help needed.