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  1. R Pope

    Starter on 656 farmall gas.

    The key switch power comes from the same large terminal that the pos cable goes to. The "Start" wire comes from the starter button. Don't run power to the other small post.
  2. R Pope

    Saw this pulling into Home Depot

    Had several of those Ford 3 ton COE's. Easier to get in and out of than most. The tall Ford COE's were called "Two Story Edsels" around here.......
  3. R Pope

    2 speed axle on 1977

    A Chev unit will work if it bolts on. Just be sure that you get the shifter fork over the lever in the rear end. That may be your problem if the fork is beside the lever and not straddling it. That locks everything up and the motor will keep trying to run, causing the fuse to blow.
  4. R Pope

    IH 4386 Wheels

    Had a 4366 with 18.4's, it had plenty of power. 20.8's aren't that much bigger. My rims have tires on them, not much good but hold air, you could use them long enough to decide what size you need. Eight tires and wheels would need a semi to haul them home, though. The inner tires have fluid in them, too. You could probably find some that aren't half a continent away.......
  5. R Pope

    IH 4386 Wheels

    I have a set of eight on a 4586. Road trip??!
  6. R Pope

    282 engine diagnosis

    Ether damage? Or maybe overheating.
  7. R Pope

    2 speed axle on 1977

    Motor may just be stuck. Take the front plate off, and turn the shaft by hand till it loosens up.
  8. R Pope

    2 speed axle on 1977

    Take the rectangular plate off the front side, corrosion in the chamber behind there is a frequent cause of shifting failure when the oil leaks out.
  9. R Pope

    2 speed axle on 1977

    12v on both wires is wrong! Only power to one or the other to shift it. The end cap on the motor housing comes off, allowing the whole motor to slide up and out.
  10. R Pope

    Pain in hands/joints

    My first thought was gout, too, but it seems too widespread for gout.
  11. R Pope

    Farmall M death shimmy

    Wide front or narrow?
  12. R Pope

    1948 (?) TD6

    The manifold switch is on the back end of the intake manifold.
  13. R Pope

    Extra Fuel Tank Plumbing

    Had a 1466 that came with a belly tank. No pump, the top tank vent went to the belly tank feed pipe and there was a non-vented cap on the top tank.The stock fuel pump sucked the fuel from the bottom tank up to the original tank and then to the engine. Had to be sure the top tank has lots of fuel in it or it would run out without drawing any up from below!
  14. R Pope

    Charging Problem on 44 M

    Check for correct battery polarity, most 12V systems are negative ground and the 6V system was positive.
  15. R Pope

    Farmall M no spark

    Farmalls are positive ground. The battery has nothing to do with the magneto. Many Ms have distributors, if your mag is toast I would find a distributor. H, M, W4, W6 all use the same one. Not diesels, they turn the opposite way, as do W9 mags. Try filing the points first, though.