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    My RD leaks like that. I wrapped store string around the shaft real tight and it worked for a year or so. Gotta bite the bullet and do it right this summer.
  2. New to me W6

    Old gas, bad plugs, retarded timing, vacuum leaks all can cause that.
  3. Lots of guys wreck a new pump before it gets put on the engine. They "try her out" by pumping the actuator lever by hand, which overstresses the diaphram, especially on an old stock pump. Don't Do That!
  4. Carb problems

    They pretty much bolt right on. The steel fuel line won't reach, I cut it and put a rubber hose with a filter in it. The linkage usually works fine, as does the air cleaner, but I use the Ford dry cleaner if I have it. As far as particular models that work, there are many different ones. The early ones in the '60's were Autolites, then they went to Motorcraft but they are the same thing. Common type is the 2100.
  5. Carb problems

    I chuck those Holley's and find a Motorcraft off a 302 or 351 Ford.
  6. Happy birthday R Pope

    Looks like a good day so far, thanks!
  7. Hydraulic fluid level check.

    There are turning gears down there. Gives you a shot if you hit one replacing the dipstick! Doesn't hurt anything, but I hurt my hand doing it years ago.
  8. Chevy Avalanche

    Some "Buddy!"
  9. Meet Mr. Clyde

    Has he been neutered? Tomcats aren't house-friendly!
  10. SNOW!

    Up over 4" now.
  11. IH 650??

    Gas or propane 650's are very rare. More cubic inches than a W9, 350 instead of 334. I have the head off one that I put on a W9 many years ago, but the wrecker I got it from is long gone, so no block left either.....
  12. SNOW!

    Woke up this morning to an inch of the stuff. April 17, for cryin' out loud! Enough already!
  13. Farmall Hs or Ms above P.T.O.shield mounted toolbox ?

    I have a farmall M with a toolbox like that.
  14. TD9 spark plugs.

    I always figured anything that screws in the hole will work on a WD9!
  15. IH 650??

    Dry sleeve engine. Pictures will help.