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  1. What's with Fords and sticking bolts? I worked on a 302 pickup trying to get the transmission out. Four of the bolts were stuck. Heating, tightening, loosening, penetrating oil, nothing worked. After a few days the owner got PO'd and hit them with a big ol' impact wrench, one came out, and the heads twisted off the other three. I ended up sawing through the bolts and trans case close to the engine surface and got it apart. lots of BFH work got the bolts out. Funny enough, the threaded ends backed out of the cast iron block with vice grips, easily! We put the trans in another truck with washers taking up the slack, it worked for years! He slid under and put a wrench to the bolts a few times, but they never came loose.
  2. R Pope

    706 governor

    Sorry for not replying, I thought the topic was dead. I got the pump rebuilt, the governor was shot. There's a plastic ring in there that gets brittle in half a century or so! She runs great now. The diesel guy told me not to run it, if it fails completely the engine goes wide open and you can't shut it down since the shutoff is on the throttle. It's a 706, the 560/660 has a cable shutoff that will still work if the governor falls apart.
  3. I would slide the hubs out a ways, tires are too close to the cab. Looks real good though!
  4. IH made many changes in mid-year, so it's often difficult to zero in on the actual year of manufacture.
  5. Record lows here last night, 20 degrees F. only!
  6. Can't believe it has those wimpy 6-bolt front wheels!
  7. R Pope

    After hours

    Aluminum heads and intake takes a couple hundred pounds off the front end, headers and a C8AX-6250-C cam for the exhaust rumble like the old days....! Love a Ford FE!
  8. My '97 Louisville has a 7 speed behind a 3126 Cat . First is low enough that it drives away at idle fully loaded, what more do you need? Granted I would prefer less RPM at highway speeds, a 2 speed would be great but 75 MPH at 2500 RPM isn't bad top end for a short haul outfit.
  9. 73 and never married, Not the type to breed in captivity!
  10. You could fire a rifle down those furrows!
  11. Around here it's a second catch.
  12. Intake gasket affects two cylinders at once. Champion plugs? Cracked cap? Bad wire? Lots of possibilities.
  13. You don't "slam the TA ahead"! You move it smoothly, with a slight reduction in speed as you feel the clutch engaging.
  14. Looked it up....466 was introduced in trucks in 1975!
  15. I scrapped my old Loadstar a few years ago, too bad. It had all you would need.
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