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  1. At least you won't have to argue with the adjuster over whether or not to write it off.....!
  2. R Pope

    Carb help

    That's a four barrel. IH v8's have habit of popping in the carb when you shut them off, that's where the smoke comes from. It can burn the truck down, check under the hood before walking away after running it for a time. I find that a bit more advanced timing decreases the problem, as does an electronic ignition conversion and fresh plugs.
  3. I've had three of them, still got one. I drove a '39 IHC with a 241 automatic in the '60's, fun little truck.
  4. A putty knife might go in between the disc and the flywheel, work your way all around.
  5. I made a towbar for my tractors. It bolts to the two hole flange on the front cone. I tow anything within 40 miles or so, keep speed under 20 MPH and they tag along like a puppy dog. The same bar fits "W" tractors and "06" tractors too, I towed my 706 15 miles with it.
  6. Dodge Red Ram' 241 or 270 cubic inches. The "baby Hemi" used in cars ;53-'54 and trucks till about '56 when they were replaced by the Super Red Ram, 315-325 cubes. Great engine for a hot rod! Called the baby hemi because there were two more basic engines, the Firepower from Chrysler and the Firedome DeSoto.
  7. R Pope


    I have a number of old tractors that ran great, but rusted up and stuck over a really moist fall and winter. Penetrating oil in the plug holes freed them up and they run again, but burn lots more oil. Any chance new rings will fix the problem? If they were going to do serious field work I'd do the sleeve and piston thing, but they are retired and may have to pull a float in a parade or something. Rather not have clouds of smoke following me around town......!
  8. A cousin had a 560 that said International on one side and Farmall on the other.
  9. You do realize that Galion was the absolute worst grader ever built....? It's right where it belongs!
  10. A cousin had one, a 440 GTX. Great car!
  11. Enlarged the photo, that is a factory piece welded on there. Probably not the cause of it sticking. Drill and tap some grease zerks along the axle, maybe?
  12. Is that a piece of metal welded to the axle just above the red jack? If it is, the tube will be distorted and might not come loose at all. Did you cut the slot longer in the outer tube? Looks like a disc grinder has been busy.
  13. Build a wrench that fits on the king pin boss and has a long handle. Apply torque while the jacks are pressured to the max. I agree with the guys that say you need the gas axe and lots of heat with the biggest rosebud you can find!
  14. Only ten wires in the whole thing! Haha
  15. R Pope


    A cousin has a 560 that says Farmall on one side and International on the other. Bought it new like that! Still runs. too.
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