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  1. PA is a long way from Saskatchewan. If you want to come and get it,the trip is going to cost more than the engine! If you want to come and get it, I'll let it go for 200 bucks. I haven't turned it over this year, but it has been loose for 60 years! Still has spark and compression, last time I checked!
  2. Sometimes a swift kick in the guts will cure a windsucker!
  3. I use a 10 foot piece of heavy I-beam pulled with chains so I can change the angle. Pull it with a W4 or W6. Crude but it works!
  4. Try to adapt car hubs to the M spindles and put some mags on the front. Even some spindle-mount dragster wheels might work!
  5. You need a diff like my old 1979 Loadstar with a 466. 1700 RPM at 60 MPH. It had a "short 4th" box which was a bit weird, though! Big jump from 4th to direct if you didn't split shift.
  6. Get the shiny bits first! Gives you incentive to keep working on the dirty stuff.
  7. R Pope

    Ford PVD wheels

    Paint 'em black!!!
  8. R Pope

    Mystery pin?

    That looks like the pin that broke in our 660 TA and stopped it from working. We replaced it and never did find the original one, so it's probably still in there somewhere!
  9. Axle swap won't do it. The actual hubs must be swapped. Probably axles too, but the hubs are the biggie. What rear does the truck have? A complete rear end swap is likely the easiest to find parts for, though a bit of work. The front is easy, just swap hubs. Easiest to just find a good tire guy that will do the wheels you have now. Or trade trucks!
  10. 806 Man...did you take the pictures or just pass them on?
  11. Cam and lifters are still available for the 446. I put them in one a few years ago.
  12. The four cylinder engine was a Waukeshaw, same as on the No.8 combine. I have one if you need it! Your truck has D-series sheet metal, same as D2 and D15 had.
  13. R Pope

    Dog toys

    Our greyhounds used to bring home the odd fox to chew on. They liked the big hip joint balls from a cow, too.
  14. R Pope


    I have a 466 for sale too.......complete runner, 5-speed transmission
  15. FYI, 80 series had only the slant-4 engine, V8's came in '67 800's. They also had a 232 cube Rambler-sourced 6. My old Scout 80 had the sliding windows and short cab. I wish I still had it!
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