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  1. Must need a tune up! Even a 304 should have more than that. Although if it was built as a city unit it might have a real winch for a rear ratio. Don't need much speed in town.
  2. 1 is low gear only. 2-3 starts in 2 then shifts to 3, 2-4 goes 2,3,4, 2-5 gets you all the way up! They are set up that way to give engine braking by forcing downshifts.
  3. It has a Micro-lock brake lock . Handy, but don't use it as a parking brake! 142 HP is a 304. Looks like a 1964 or 65.
  4. R Pope

    Tires shot??

    What the heck, there ain't no cords stickin' out! Give 'er!
  5. If your truck has 20" split rims, 22.5 drop centre rims and tires bolt right on using the lugs you have now. Plus they are radials, steer much better!
  6. Pictures, pictures, pictures! Oh, and did I mention, PICTURES?!
  7. Post some pictures!
  8. Pretty sure the bore is the only difference. It should bolt right in. Never actually done it though!
  9. Not the battery, it spins over forever without slowing down cranking speed. Not fuel pressure, right on spec. New filter. New temp sender. GM shop diagnostic test thing shows no codes at all. Room temperature, heated shop, still wants to be plugged in!
  10. Local wisdom says it's windy in Saskatchewan because Alberta blows and Manitoba sucks! Montana just gets the spin-off eddys.
  11. OK, it's a 1998 Tahoe. Pump pressure is right on spec. New filter and temp guage sensor. It never displays any codes at all. Beats me!
  12. I don't know the year, not my car. I am going to town today, I'll find out.
  13. Not IH but you guys will probably know lots about it anyway. Tahoe V6 won't start if it has sat overnight, warm days or cold. Spins over on the starter forever, won't fire. Plug in the block heater, Boom! Runs! Like, ten minutes plugged in, it fires right up! Or if you give it a shot of ether it starts. When you first turn the key on, you can hear the fuel pump hum. then change pitch when the pressure comes up, but it still won't fire. We changed two different sensors that were supposed to fix it but no change. No codes come up on the computer either. Lots of spark too. Runs perfect all day, then won't fire in the morning, even parked in a warm garage. Any ideas?
  14. Did you have the front gears apart, or just the mag or distributor off?
  15. W9 sleeves and pistons are hard to find! And rods and mains too. They are kind of an orphan, CIH doesn't sell anything for them. Just an aside, the magneto turns the opposite way to all other gas IH engines. Same way as the diesels, though. Don't let it put you off, though! The gassers are nicer to run, especially on quick little jobs, and they seem to have more power than the diesels. Never could understand why they never built a Super W9!
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