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  1. I still have a good V800 engine and a 9-speed transmission if you're interested.
  2. Hydrovac's need the shoes really close to the drums to work right. 1 1/2 pumps means the wheel cylinders require too much fluid to move far enough first pump.
  3. Coyotes eat foxes. They never seem to get them all, though. They are becoming more plentiful around here the last few years, been scarce the last ten years or so.
  4. R Pope

    New Member

    Best place in the world to raise kids!
  5. Out of time? Did it run before you replaced all those parts?
  6. R Pope

    Pulling surflex

    One-way disc is all one gang, discer has more, shorter ,gangs. Discers were very popular across the Canadian prairies until air seeders came along, still some smaller farms using them. Big operators had multiple units, like 5 , 15 or 18 foot setups behind a Versatile or some such 4WD. We built tandem hitches for several guys, and one for ourselves. Apparently the only other place they were common was Tanzania, since the Canadian govt sent prairie farmers there as advisors to get their economy going. One thing I miss is the smell of freshly-turned soil. Strange how no other implement makes the earth smell that sweet!
  7. In Saskatchewan we are paying the equivalent of 3.63 US per US gallon. That's about 5.70 of our little dollars for one of our big gallons!
  8. X2 on the trans oil level, we hsd the identical tractor and had to run it a few gallons overfull to use the PTO. BTW, don't ever open the door while backing up!
  9. R Pope


    Hard to believe those little things fly to the Equator and back every year!
  10. R Pope


    Clean the feeder every week! Fungus builds up and can kill the birds.
  11. R Pope

    WD 6 Dimensions

    Over 6000 pounds in running trim.
  12. Makes me glad to live in boring old Saskatchewan. My heart goes out to all the people flooded out. It's all part of the process of replenishing the flood plain, but hard to have to experience it first hand. Hang in there, it will get better next year!
  13. R Pope

    Mogul 1HP

    Exhaust valve just opening at TDC of it has an atmospheric intake, or split overlap if not, some have a single lobe that works both valves. Get the lobe between both lifters and crank at TDC. Lots of old poppers had no marks,
  14. R Pope

    Mv 404, 446

    I couldn't find a 446 module 20 years ago!
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