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  1. Hello I seen in a post that you had a 4568 you might be willing to sell. Just wondering if you still have it?

  2. I have a wide front M setup if anybody wants it. Front steer.
  3. Filling with water can do some awful damage! A neighbour tipped his WD9 into a slough at wide open throttle. One rod bent over at a 90 degree angle, and the crankshaft stopped so suddenly that the flywheel sheared all the bolts off and kept spinning. Broke the head and wrecked the block too.
  4. First. you have a distributor, not a magneto. Second, don't see a resistor in the coil circuit, or is there one that is not pictured?
  5. If you are looking for an original type engine, a W4 uses the same engine.
  6. Ask your Case IH dealer if the gas cap replacement deal is still in effect. I got a new 706-style cap for my W6 a few years ago, no charge. I think I had to turn in the old one, though, so maybe you're out of luck there. I hope the cap isn't like the rad cap! No longer serviced, the last price listed was about $180!
  7. Beauty! Great to see an IH with torsion front end instead of Mustang II or a Camaro clip and a 350.
  8. Autolite/Motorcraft carbs swap over directly, the only change is the fuel line. I put a rubber line with a filter in it, works fine. I usually change to a hand choke too, but the automatic one will work too. The air cleaner works too, but I usually go with a paper filter setup.
  9. Never seen one with a bulge for the compressor! Cool!
  10. After all these years I find out why they time on #8! I always thought it was just another Cornbinder idiosyncrity.
  11. I always swap the horrible Holleys out for a Ford Motorcraft/Autolite carb, 2bbl or 4bbl. A carb off a 351W is about right for a 345. Thermoquad was a great carb in its day, but they are prone to cracking. BTW the Autolites are 2100 and 4100's.
  12. I saw one in a lumber mill yard in BC that had the roof cut off! With all the rain out there I didn't think that was a good idea, bit maybe the load shifted and wrecked the cab.
  13. Sask466, good to see another stubble jumper doing cool stuff! Next time I go to Regina I will try to look you up!
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