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  1. R Pope

    806 steering

    That can be caused by a tiny piece of metal the size of a hair getting stuck in one of the many holes in the steering motor under the steering wheel. I took one apart and put new seals in it, but the next one I just turned the wheel lock-to-lock quickly a few times and it fixed itself!
  2. R Pope

    what type engine is this

    182 hp, it's a 304. You can tell also by the tubes from the water pump to the heads, much longer on 345 and 92. Also most 345's and all 392's were four barrel carbs, never on a 302 from IH though there were aftermarket manifolds built for 304's.
  3. R Pope

    660 hood part

    My neighbor still has my old 660 he bought for parts, I can go look, see if that hood piece is still good.
  4. R Pope

    International Harvester UD 6 engine

    Buy a WD6 and swap out the engine!
  5. R Pope

    806 cooling problem

    The tank heater was allowing coolant to bypass the thermostat.
  6. R Pope

    Using the TA Question

    Once you get the "feel" for it, you can work the TA smoothly without any jerking action from the tractor. Just like letting out the clutch, smooth and easy.
  7. R Pope

    Kellogg's Lawsuit

    Just be happy you're not a French Canadian....Theirs goes Cric Crok Crak!
  8. Run a wire from the "Start" post on the ignition switch down to the solenoid on the starter. If the neutral start switch is easily accessible, join the wire from the key switch to the wire to the starter.
  9. Just a thought...how much oil are you putting in the air cleaner? Too much will restrict the air flow just like pulling the choke. The air doesn't actually "bubble" through the oil, it whips around a baffle and the dirt gets thrown into the oil by centrifugal force. After that, the filter medium catches the smaller stuff.
  10. R Pope

    Farmall A?

    That's a B, all right.
  11. I chuck oil bath cleaners on trucks. They don't work at low engine speeds, not enough air flow. They are great on tractor engines and others that run at governed speed most of the time.
  12. It would help to know what vehicle we're talking about.
  13. R Pope


    It's a V8 diesel, turbo'd, out of a 4586 4WD tractor. 800 cubes. Runs good, lots of power. The front diff blew, cost more to fix than the tractor is worth. I'll throw in the 9 speed trans and new double disc clutch. It's actually a ten speed but top gear is blocked out.
  14. R Pope


    Don't know if this is allowed on this site. I have a good V800 engine that's looking for a home, anyone interested?
  15. R Pope

    Liver & Onions

    Best liver is from Pronghorn Antelope. No gall bladder so you can't screw it up! Gotta be fresh though, big feed of liver and onions with bacon while the carcass is still hanging by the heels and dripping....