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  1. R Pope

    Park lock on manual truck transmissions?

    I had Mico locks on two Loadstars, they worked great. Flip the lever (or push the button on the newer one) and hit the brake pedal, truck is going nowhere. The older truck would seep a bit and roll away in an hour or so.
  2. R Pope

    Lonesome Dove

    Duvall said more with a glance than most "actors" could by speaking volumes.
  3. R Pope

    Would you take this for free...

    I have all the parts you need. Road trip? I'm about 150 miles north of the 49th.
  4. R Pope

    You know your a Redneck!

    First pic I thought you pulled a sneak play and remodelled the shop!
  5. R Pope

    2011 Chevy door will not open

    Lie down on the seat and kick the door while someone pulls the handle from outside.
  6. R Pope

    avatar pic

    No pics of the real thing, never had a camera back then. Wish I did!
  7. R Pope

    2011 Chevy door will not open

    Sounds like you slammed the door with the latch in the "shut" position, you may have bumped into the latch getting in? Anyway when you slammed the door twice it broke the catch somehow and froze the door shut. You probably will have to cut the inner panel away to get to the latch, then cut the latch apart. I WISH YOU LUCK!
  8. R Pope

    Issue starting 560d

    The solenoid is good then. Try running a bigger wire from the starter button to that small post. Small wires sometimes have too much resistance to pull the plunger in.
  9. R Pope

    avatar pic

    Haha. That "dog's nose" is a sixties style "kiss curl" hairdo that the cool guys all had.
  10. R Pope

    Issue starting 560d

    How are you shorting it with a screwdriver? Across the two large terminals, or putting power to the smaller post?
  11. R Pope

    avatar pic

    We built that truck in the '60's. It had a Chrysler Firepower and an iron Torqueflite. Went like stink! I don't draw much. My hands took too much of a beating growing up the hard way! Some days it's bad enough just signing my name.
  12. R Pope

    avatar pic

    My "new" pic that I drew 45 years ago!
  13. R Pope

    Need help with cargostar transmission ID

    How many speeds?
  14. R Pope

    What might this part be? (1066)

    Some kind of dust shield.
  15. R Pope

    Some diesel (and Power Service) questions...

    If the engine is running and the fuel jells and kills it, the filter might need changing. It will be full of the wax that is the reason fuel jells.