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  1. Note that the two pedals on the right are locked together by a cross bar, they are the brakes. I have run two 9's with hand clutches, they all should have had them!
  2. The re-thresher was a bottleneck in small grains. Several companies made kits that carried the returns ahead to the table, putting it back through the cylinder.
  3. We had a 4366 for years, loved it. It got sabotaged and seized up, so we got a 4586. Used it for years till the front diff blew and replaced it with a Vers 875, Great tractor! Still have the V800 in good running condition if anyone wants it.
  4. It's your iron, do what you want with it! I think the side rails will need to be longer, and the hood too. Find some fenders. The cab and engine must be worth something, and the propane setup. Let's see some pics as you do the swap!
  5. R Pope

    504 Farmall

    I had to cut the wheel off my 706. New one was 80 bucks.
  6. Pete is right , the bracket is shorting the wires to ground with no plastic insulators on the posts.
  7. R Pope


    Have to look into the insurance angle. I would tow it behind my Louisville water truck, 1200 gallon tank. Anyone know where there's a 150 horse capacity dyno for sale? I've seen them go for well under $1000 at sales, but none recently. My local dealership chucked theirs in the scrap!
  8. R Pope


    All you antique tractor pull guys out there...I've been toying with the idea of taking a dyno to some pulls. so the participants can see for sure which one has the "bragging rights" for the highest HP. Do you think there would be any interest in such a thing?
  9. From the looks of the steering wheel I'm guessin' that wasn't it's first altercation...!
  10. Sez 5 axles, I see 7...!
  11. R Pope


    Hemp is becoming more common around here, but never seen the plastic mentioned above. It just looks like little trees in rows.
  12. Is there an accumulator in the system? If so, try closing the valve on it.
  13. R Pope

    282 pump

    Does the pump on a 282 turn at crank speed or cam speed? I lined up the marks in the pump and took it off, put it back on with marks lined up, and no go. Bled everything, it smokes but won't fire. Half a turn out?
  14. R Pope

    Trip to S'toon

    Just used clearing snow, Had the loader on it when they brought it home, I don't think it was ever in the field!
  15. R Pope

    Trip to S'toon

    Pump is back on. I left the bypass line off for a few hours until it started seeping fuel so the pump is full of fuel, just have to bleed the lines now. Hopefully she'll fire right up!
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