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  1. R Pope

    On this date.

    I believe it was 1967, we went to bed with the furnace cranked as high as it would go, it was 40 below at sunset. By sunup the chinook had shot it up to 40 above! The house was so hot we thought it was afire! No thermostat on the old fuel burner, just a knob on the carburetor.
  2. R Pope

    1086 starting issues

    Clutch switch, neutral switch,starter switch all can do that. Or just a poor connection on any of them. Starter solenoid too, but they usually give you a "click".
  3. R Pope

    1680 combine engine into a tractor

    1480 pump only governs at full throttle, not what you want on a tractor. Don't know if a 1680 is the same...?
  4. R Pope

    Farmall 706 Advice

    Seems steep if it has valve issues. 5G is all its worth in good condition, even a bit much then.
  5. R Pope

    WD9 help needed

  6. R Pope

    2000 Chevy battery dying

    My 2004 Dodge truck kills the battery in a few days sitting. The shop guy asked if both tail lights work? Well, one didn't and I told him so. That's the problem. Tail light out trips a little relay that senses an imbalance in the electrical potential of the wiring system, and it draws enough power to drain the battery in a few days. Not saying that is your problem, but it shows how different modern systems are.
  7. R Pope

    WD9 help needed

    That's a factory hydraulic system and a cobbled-up solenoid and starter button. Gas start IH's were 12v positive ground with 2 six volt batteries. I believe the rear rims are 14x34's .
  8. R Pope

    Farmall 706 Advice

    263 is a good engine, based on the BD264 truck engine. Parts should be readily available. Combines used the same basic engine, as did many industrial machines, street sweepers, road rollers, etc.
  9. I think the short box is 6' long, so you will have to shorten both ends to make it look right.
  10. R Pope

    W6 with worn steering knuckle (kingpin) bushes and bearings

    I assume you mean the thrust bearings on the king pin? You might have to haunt a good bearing supply house till you find one close enough. The bushings can be made at a machine shop, no big deal. I would find a parts tractor and replace the whole axle. I have a few good ones in my "parts department". Although I see where you are from, maybe not so common down there...?
  11. R Pope

    G706 - need more power

    Smooth the ports, matching them to the manifold and the manifold to the carb bore, plane the head but don't get crazy, bigger (combine) carb, straight through muffler (no baffle) and rev it up a few RPM. Electronic ignition will make it run better, even if there is very little power gain there. I doubt you will find bigger valves that will fit, but that would work, too. I had a head off a last-year 264 truck engine that had bigger valves, but IH couldn't get new ones so that may be a dead issue.
  12. R Pope

    Edgar Co Illinois 39 point

    WOW is right!
  13. R Pope

    966 - Loudest Tractor IH Ever Built???

    Loudest IH has to be a 4586 with a V800! Only thing louder was my neighbour's 903 Cummins Massey, and a buddy's 118 Versatile that we put dual straight pipes on. For a 2WD, the honors go to another neighbour's Cockshutt with a 4-53 "Green Dripper".
  14. R Pope

    Antifreeze in oil

    i had a W9 that got coolant in the oil. I filled the rad with diesel fuel and ran it for a summer until I found a 650 gas head for it.
  15. R Pope

    Leaking radiator

    They won't admit it, but rad shops put some sort of rad seal in just about every rad they fiz, just to be sure it won't leak.