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  1. R Pope

    Too much torque

    Had an '80 with the holes in the frame that did that! BTW, torque would bend it up, not down.
  2. R Pope

    F14 Value?

    He probably wants to see it go to someone who will getting it running and appreciate it, rather than a scrapper after he's gone.
  3. As long as there is coolant flowing in the head it won't crack. Usually they crack when the operator shuts the engine down when it's boiling and the head gets dry.
  4. A buddy's 283 P-Glide, he'd go from D to Neutral, gun the engine, and pull it to Low, He thought he was fooling people into believing he had a 4-speed. haha,
  5. I have a good V800 in a 4586 with a blown differential if you want to go the stock engine route, lots easier than an inline swap.
  6. Supers started another serial # run at 501, separate from the W6 #'s.
  7. "Awesome" maybe?
  8. That's a 345 with a Holley 2 barrel bolt pattern. A Holley or Autolite carb bolts right on. The fuel pump attachment point will have a blockoff plate on it. There might not be an eccentric om the camshaft to run the pump, if that is the case an electric pump will work fine, the advance in the distributor should be swapped for one from a gasser but it will work in a pinch. Strap a gas tank on the frame rail, dump the propane stuff, and you're golden!
  9. My W6 with a Behlin PS system has a lot of freeplay in the box, and there is no adjuster on it. Are there shims to remove, or just live with it?
  10. Yeah, it was in wrong way around. Never seen one fail that was in right. Trouble is, the groove can wear tapered with a wrong way ring, then it will never work right again.
  11. The snap ring may have been in backwards. The sharp edge must face outwards to hold against the internal pressure. You probably already knew that, but mistakes can happen........
  12. Do you know the guy who buried all the school buses and water tanks to make an "apocalypse shelter"?
  13. R Pope

    Old IHC

    Wish I had a CO like the one on the right! Had a half ton like that one, toughest little truck I ever saw!
  14. Got an RCBS Junior press 45 years ago and still using it. I'm RCBS all the way!
  15. Can you post pictures of the engine? It's probably a 404 or a 446.
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