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  1. Valve job with old rings will make a smoker just about every time. The cure is new rings.
  2. I have put Delco alternators on dozens of tractors over the years. I seldom bother with generators unless it's a show tractor.
  3. Put it in high gear and rock it back and forth. Get some big dumb friends to help, or make a tow bar and use a truck. Turning a stuck engine backwards works because water gets in the exhaust, and the valve is only open when the piston is moving up, so backwards pulls it down, away from the rust ring. Squirt some rust fighter in the plug holes for a few days first. If it's a gas-start diesel be sure to put it in Start mode.
  4. Ground the wire on the relay that goes to the horn button. If the horn doesn't sound, the relay is no good.
  5. Push in on the button and twist it to the left, it should come out .
  6. If the engine idles like it has a vacuum leak, the diaphragm could be cracked. They are easy to replace,
  7. Ask your Case IH dealer if the gas cap replacement deal is still in effect. I got a new 706-style cap for my W6 a few years ago, no charge. I think I had to turn in the old one, though, so maybe you're out of luck there. I hope the cap isn't like the rad cap! No longer serviced, the last price listed was about $180!
  8. I would check the compression on 3 and 4, and check for valves riding open
  9. Beauty! Great to see an IH with torsion front end instead of Mustang II or a Camaro clip and a 350.
  10. 56 years! Hmmmmm------what would you have served if she had kept out of it? Haha!
  11. That cab is an 86 series IH unit. The truck throttles are sync'ed by a computer.
  12. I have several of them, we call 'em wagon jacks up here. (When in mixed company at least!) I also have a 2" scar on the side of my face where the handle of one caught me napping! I did NOT call that one a wagon jack!
  13. Because of the reciprocating shoe, nothing ever touches the front 8" of the bottom sieve. Cut the wires and open it up so more wind reaches the front of the top sieve. Did wonders for our 1480! Also a triangular block plate that forces more bulk over to the off-side of the sieve helps.
  14. I quit following Nascar when they were no longer any pretense of "Stock"!
  15. Might have to block it off and go electric.
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