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  1. Hello I seen in a post that you had a 4568 you might be willing to sell. Just wondering if you still have it?

  2. A good coat of paint will slow the return of the mold. Do you have a cement floor? Dirt floor will release moisture forever!
  3. Distributor will work if it's not worn out. If the air pump has its own belt you can just take the belt off, It doesn't make a whole lot of difference anyway. Those engines can go up to 3800 RPM with no problem, I shifted mine at 4000 when heavily loaded. The power curve drops off after that.
  4. Its not a "governed distributor.'" The vacuum lines go to a centrifugal piston valve in the dist. body, and it opens up at a certain RPM allowing vacuum to pull the throttle back, limiting engine RPM. Replacing the carb with a non-governed model will eliminate the governor completely with the original distributor still in use, with the vacuum lines discarded. BTW, those distributors are noted for making a "smoker" out of a perfectly good engine when a bit of wear allows oil to be sucked into the manifold past the distributor shaft. A good reason to junk the governor setup in itself.
  5. It won't "bolt in" but it can be done. As I said the front X-member has to be changed. The dog house is too short. You should find a donor truck for these pieces.
  6. I replace Holleys with Edelbrocks all the time. For a 446 the biggest one you can find will work!
  7. R Pope


    Loadstar cab is different in the cowl ahead of the windshield. It drops down to the hood where the pickups go straight ahead. The transmission in my 4586 has got all ten speeds in it. It will go into fifth only if the range lever is in low. Try going from 9 to 10 and the lever won't go past neutral. Put it in 5th and pull the hi-low lever to Hi and the shifter comes out of 5th.
  8. I have a wide front M setup if anybody wants it. Front steer.
  9. Hillman, your tractor came out on steel wheels?
  10. Filling with water can do some awful damage! A neighbour tipped his WD9 into a slough at wide open throttle. One rod bent over at a 90 degree angle, and the crankshaft stopped so suddenly that the flywheel sheared all the bolts off and kept spinning. Broke the head and wrecked the block too.
  11. I see holed pistons in your future........!
  12. Hey guys! I have four W6's, one is a W6, two Super W6's, and a super W6TA.The Super needs a set of sleeves and pistons. Wondering if it would be the best choice for antique pulling, with a little hidden cheating in the form of pop up overbore pistons, or is the TA any advantage over the regular Super? On most soils around here they spin out in low gear so TA wouldn't make much difference, would it? Keep in mind that up here in the frozen North specialty pieces are much less available to me, most US suppliers won't ship out of the continental USA so it's a hassle to find stuff like that.
  13. There are two valves but don't turn both off! A sunny day will heat the coolant that is trapped in the heater and blow it apart.
  14. Hmmm. Looks like my numbers I got off Tractor Data were wrong, sorry about that!
  15. Actually more Supers than regular W4's, over 20 thousand of each.
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