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  1. Quick update... pulled the tranny, bellhousing and clutch. The clutch is like new, the bearing however was froze up against the sleeve. Thinking this might have something to do with the snap spring popping off? Any suggestions would be appreciated as well as any leads as to where I might be able to find even a used throw out bearing, or bearing and sleeve or even the throw out bearing, sleeve, collar and snap ring.
  2. Hello, Looking for assistance to possible sources of parts for my 1929 Six-Speed Special. Purchased a truck this weekend "as-is" with the snap ring on the throw out assembly out of its groove. Anxious to see the truck roll under its own power, we put it back into the groove on the sleeve and trunnion collar, only to have it pop off immediately when the clutch pedal was pressed. Would like to replace the entire throw out bearing assembly if I can locate either good used or new parts. According to the manual that jingles1928 so graciously provided me the parts I believe I need would be: - 20089V CL-729 SNAP RING - 20085V CL-725 TRUNNION COLLAR - 20086V CL-723 RELEASE BEARING possibly - 20088VA CL-721-1 RELEASE SLEEVE Also the truck is missing the accelerator pedal. If anyone has an extra assembly, I would appreciate the opportunity to purchase it. Again I believe the part numbers are: - 879VA ACCELERATOR PEDAL - 13603V ACCELERATOR PEDAL ROD - 917V ACCELERATOR BRACKET - 920V ACCELERATOR LEVER - 13604V ACCELERATOR CONTROL CROSS ROD Thanks in advance...
  3. I too have a little six-speed special in Colorado that I need to somehow migrate back here to Northwestern PA - might consider that U-Ship to get the ball rolling anyway.
  4. Hello Dennis,

    It looks like I have finally found me an old six speed special.  The first challenge is getting it back to PA.  Do you or any of your buddy's know of an economical transporter who might be willing to haul my old truck from Colorado Springs back to PA ?   Unfortunately it's not running.



    1. jingles1928


      Already sent you a PM reply when I saw this. Can't help with transportation. Might put a notice out on this forum and get lucky. There is a guy that advertises on the smokestak website, might check with him. I think he advertises in the hauling forum.


  5. 1snappyIH


    Let me know if your uncle wishes to part with any of them if he's still their caretaker?
  6. 1snappyIH


    Dennis - I've never looked so hard for a running board before. I know a couple guys who have connections out west which I'll alert them to the cause.... So how's this D-35 coming along? What about a picture or two? Here is my D-30 a couple years back... unfortunately she's still in the same state for the moment. Hoping to get her on the road this summer. Had an issue where I now need a different radiator. Know of any good radiator guys in the Ohio - PA area?
  7. Hi Dennis, My wife and I had the joy of meeting you at the national show in Springfield where you had your '28 six-speed special with the red grain box there. At the time you shared with me you had a few of these six-speeds however you weren't quite ready to part with one yet. So here I am begging once again... I have a '36 C-30 and a '37 D-30 that I'm working on as well as have a pair of Ford Model A's that are current drivers. I also picked up a '30 Hudson Essex with the 6-cylinder in it that I haven't touched. I thought or was hoping that perhaps this car might be of interest to you? It was a true 'garage find' as the car hadn't move since the early-mid '70's. It just sat in the back of a garage... Well please keep me in mind should you decide to let one of these beauties sneak out of you grips. I guarantee it would go to a good home. Kerry Snapp Centerville, PA
  8. 1snappyIH

    Hubcap help

    agree that they look original... they do offer re-pops (oldinternationaltrucks.com) these are highly desired... I too would be interested in them
  9. 1snappyIH


    have a '37 D-30 1-1/2 ton... you've got a sweet looking binder there.
  10. Thank you Overland 47 "It's all about sharing and helping others who share our interest in these great machines" - thank you
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