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  1. Our dog loves yams(sweet potatoes),my wife knows a gal who’s English Bulldogs love pumpkins.
  2. Mankind has kept track of the three most important things in life since the beginning of time. 1. Where to find food 2. The weather outside 3. Where to get laid Records have been kept going back centuries upon centuries on weather patterns and climate cycles, the Earth is still coming out of the last ice age, temps will naturally rise over time regardless of human activity, then level off, then gradually decrease into the next ice age. Rinse and repeat.
  3. Corn silage time, was my favorite time of year. Some years, if lots of rain we needed the big tractors to pull the wagons from the field which meant putting the 400, or the Super M on the blower. Wide open throttle, giving that blower all the old girls could handle, no problem on the small silos, but when it was time for the 60+ ft Harvestores, we would need grab at least an 826 for blower duty. Then it was my job to start fall plowing, start with the cleared off fields scheduled for oats in the spring. Then keep plowing till the ground froze. Remember more than once having snow on the ground before the ground froze, just keep plowing as long as you have traction.
  4. I’ll take the west Texas desert summer heat every trip of the train, over that.
  5. Queen Charles(Chuckie) doesn’t have have it to hold the Kingdom together. Britain will be in the ash heap of history within 5 years. He is a joke of a human being. All in for ‘The Great Reset’, as is the whole Royal klan of misfit, inbred, pedophile sicko’s that whole family is.
  6. Easy pulling soil. Where I grew up, a full bank of suitcase weights would be required.
  7. Not sure if still available, but at one time Google Earth did offer ‘real time image’ of a plot of land, of course for a fee. If I recall, the photo was guaranteed to be within 24-36 hours of receiving the fee.
  8. I’d like to find a good running push lawn mower, 2 cycle engine. Nothing like the smell of a 2 cycle engine mixed a bit rich w/ Marvel Mystery Oil
  9. I have my Grandpa’s Hahn Eclipse 200, which supposedly is identical to the Allis Chalmers Mo-bee. The drive is complete, but worn out, blades are no longer available.
  10. Well, at least it’s not as bad as those plates Wisconsin had years ago. Remember guys?, yellow plate with black lettering, everybody complained about those tags for years! They looked ugly on every car they were ever put on.
  11. I recall years ago, moldboard plowing with 856’s, a quart per day was considered normal. About the same consumption when running the Gehl 800 forage chopper, all day.
  12. Up until the rains last nite/early this morning, Midland Tx, had a grand total of 3 inches of rain in the last 10 months.
  13. Finally getting moisture in the Permian Basin, I knew something was moving in yesterday, greased one truck, and started rearranging the shop by lunch time I was soaking wet with sweat, and it wasn’t even 90 deg. yet. Rain on and off all last nite. You could step outside and swear you hear the ground sucking in the water. lol
  14. Hy-Tran at the proper level?
  15. 1969, IH 856 Custom, $5,000.00 cash, brand new. 18.4x34, wide front w/tires that you could put on a nf.
  16. With us, it’s probably our Fenton Art Glass, and our collection of paintings. The paintings are all signed by artists we never heard of, so knowing my luck, a few decades after we both are gone the values will skyrocket.
  17. My son has a house in the city of Midland Tx, here it is mid August, and he has not mowed his lawn yet this year.
  18. Still no rain in the Permian Basin, tree experts are claiming the Yucca’s(sp), and Junipers, and Afghan Pines are starting to suffer. Claims there will be massive die off in the next couple of years of trees out in the desert. Trees in the city need to be watered, now!
  19. Ford F800 had the fuel tank behind the drivers seat. Fill cap was on the drivers side.
  20. Worked at a place that had a Farmall 656, with 15.5 Firestone 23deg tires. Evidently they were on rims for 16.9’s those sidewalls were straight up and down. Tires eventually wore smooth in the center, but lugs on the side edge were like new, you could lay a straight edge across those tires, never saw another pair of tractor tires wear that way.
  21. JI Case 1030 Comfort King had the fuel tank behind the driver, the 830 Comfort King had the fuel tank on the other side of the dash.
  22. Hampshire’s or Harley’s?
  23. This may be a silly question, but how is a ‘Lister Plow’ different?
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