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  1. If building codes allow, install a ventilated floor pit. As others mentioned, put in the tubing for floor heat, you may never want or need it, but a potential future owner will have one less check mark against buying the property.
  2. Predict 52 w/sunny today. Low 70’s Sunday & Monday, settling back in the 50’s for the next week or so.
  3. Back in the day, worked at a place that had 2 856’s, when doing heavy work, ie: plowing, forage harvesting etc., normal oil consumption for those tractors was a quart of oil per day. Didn’t matter the brand, IH 30wt, Cenex SuperLube 30wt., didn’t matter. Boss man didn’t bat an eye about.
  4. Years ago worked at a farm where one of the farms they worked was next to a busy highway, over 200 acres. The eight or so years I worked there, it was corn on corn the whole time. Farm Manager said he didn’t want to harvest three crops a year(alfalfa) from that farm due to the highway, so it stayed corn. Yields were average for the times(100-120 bu/acre) if rains were just right, maybe a bit more. Just went a little heavier on fertilizer, and insecticide.
  5. Maybe I got my numbers mixed up, it’s been 35+ years since I worked for the guy. I recall him telling me, the 1030 had the same engine as his 1175, but the 1175 was turbo’d the 1030 natural aspired.
  6. Today is the 3rd day in a row schools, city & county offices are closed in the Midland/Odessa area. Tomorrow afternoon predicting high of 49. The 50’ and 60’s for daytime highs for the foreseeable future.
  7. Freezing drizzle right now in the Permian Basin, schools and government offices closed. 2nd day in a row.
  8. Technically motor oil is not hazmat. Neither is gear oil, hydraulic fluid, atf, even used oil is not hazmat.
  9. I was taught to never disk the dead furrow completely level, always leave it noticeable, so the next time you plow that field, that dead furrow is your starting point.
  10. The more I look at, do I see a differential on the rear axle? Possible homemade? May never pass D.O.T. inspection.
  11. Can’t tell from my phone, doesn’t look to be split rims, possible Budd rims? Those are no problem, running 2 trucks with them currently.
  12. Air brakes work? Lights? Would love to have a couple trailers like that here! All fuel trucks here have pintel hitch’s. All were originally ‘West Coast Doubles’, a straight truck setup to pull a pup trailer. Definitely save it!
  13. If possible, get Schlitz in the bottle, it’s the ‘60’s recipe, the cans are not.
  14. Weasel? No wait, it doesn’t look like a politician, well maybe…………..
  15. That, and nite plowing you can look up at the muffler, and see the fire coming a foot or so out the stack when you go over those clay knolls.
  16. Learned to plow with an 856, 5-18 720 auto reset. Nothing better than listening to that natural aspired diesel, generally L3, TA forward, wide open throttle. Worked for neighbor for a couple years who had an Oliver 5-16, with auto reset behind a JI Case 1030 Comfort King, nothing slowed that 504 cu. in.
  17. That, and there’s a lot more to Pink Floyd than: Money, Us and Them, and Learning To Fly.
  18. Well, that puts pictures to the phrase; what a rats nest!!
  19. Check the rear end ratio, a good possibility it’s a very high ratio, 5.25+ maybe well over 6.5.
  20. It appears from my phone screen, there are weights on the rear wheels.
  21. $20.99 per pound? Holy crap!!
  22. Never was a CSNY fanatic, but what that man put is body thru for all those years, surprising he lasted this long.
  23. I was told years ago, the reason for dyed cheese was to mask fingerprints from the handling process.
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