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  1. I myself have a ‘95 Suburban w/350. It has always been the most comfortable vehicle I have ever had, even though it has the faux leather seats. But when it finally heads to the crusher(if ever), it will not be replaced with a GM vehicle. The GM/Government bailout still has me pissed off. As long as aftermarket parts can keep it roadworthy…………..
  2. Cast does hold value, but 3,000 pieces? For the asking price, and the length of time it would take to turn the $75,000 into a reasonable return, how many years would it take? If the average is $25.00 per item, held for maybe 10 years till the last piece is sold, what should a reasonable re-sale price be? $75.00 per item?
  3. If 3,000 items, that’s $25.00 per piece. For the whole lot, that’s no bargain. The freight to haul it away will be a killer! LOL!
  4. Brother had a 1466, AC 190, IH plow, and a grain drill of some sort. I had a Ford 9000, a Tru-Scale red nf tractor, green disk, and a red box trailer of some sort. The Ford got run over be a fuel delivery truck. Mom still has most of those boxed up, the last I knew. Myself, I had an HO scale train set. Burlington Northern engine, Texaco tanker, Heinz 57 box car, a coal car, a flatbed car/pipe load, and a Santa Fe caboose. And an oval track. Over the years have added at least $1,000.00 expansion to the collection, bldgs, refinery, tanks, houses,etc. Probably have at least 100 cars of all sorts, 30 or so engines, boxes and boxes of track, and power transformers. One of these days, I’ll get it unboxed and set-up again.
  5. Wifey and I have transitioned away from cooking with ‘non-stick’ pots and pans. Biggest challenge is trying to find the right cooking grease short of drowning the food, so as not to stick. We’ve tried butter, sausage grease, bacon grease, olive oil, avacado/coconut oil, with various success. Eggs are the biggest challenge, not matter what the eggs stick. What have others used that works for stainless steel pots and pans? TIA.
  6. Have gone shopping 1 time on the day after turkey day. Never again!
  7. Unless we were plowing terrace’s, we would get a royal chewing out for crooked plowing.
  8. More than likely 38” rows. I don’t know if any mounted pickers were designed for 30” rows. If I’m not mistaken a couple manufacturers did produce pull-type pickers for narrow rows, but don’t hold me to that.
  9. I recall baling small squares once, also just a few days before thanksgiving. Was a dry fall season that year. The hay went to the beef.
  10. So after all that, you didn’t get any ‘marital privilege’ with the wifey?
  11. As this piece of equipment is used, with no known history of preventive maintenance, it would be a good idea to change out the hyd fluid anyway. As others have noted, go with a light weight fluid. Consult a couple of your local petroleum distributors and find out what their recommendations may be. A full synthetic version, altho more expensive, may be a good option.
  12. Couple full glasses of wine down the gullet, should make negotiations for her a lot easier.
  13. Lars (midessa)


    ‘Trust’ not really. What I don’t like is the auctioneer that will ‘buy’ something that he knows is going for a bargain that day, for whatever reason; small crowd, bad weather, nobody liked the seller, etc., and that same exact piece shows up a few weeks later at another auction run by that same auctioneer, and it brings top dollar that day. That’s generally why I don’t attend ‘auctions’
  14. You like sleeping by yourself?
  15. FoxrunFarms, what was the name of the city on the door of that grain truck?
  16. Are you guys working your fields at a slight angle against the rows? Also in future, consider varieties that are a shorter stalk, that hopefully retain a sizeable ear.
  17. Just inferring that spray is not the only method of weed control. Lots of todays younger farmers have never seen a cultivator or used one.
  18. I remember when Atrazine was the big name in weed control, had to mindful of ‘carryover’ from year to year. If no carryover was necessary, then Bladex was used.
  19. We had a neighbor decades ago, when soybeans first came to the area, who cultivated the soybean rows.
  20. I’ve read about the subject in health & medical articles years ago. Also had a family Doctor years ago that strongly advised against any cooking, or consumption of things like margarine, vegetable oils, etc., she claimed animal fats such as butter, lard, beef tallow, are far healthier. She was one of the few Doctors we ever had that put nutrition and health together.
  21. I’m 62 yrs old, I fully anticipate Glyphosate to be banned worldwide within my lifetime.
  22. When humans consume soybean in oil, or grain form, the soy triggers increased estrogen production, especially in males, thus the delicate testosterone/estrogen balance is thrown out of wack. When that balance is out of wack, all sorts of health maladies can result. I would imagine the same potential problem for swine, as their digestive/ reproduction system closely resembles humans. Not sure if the same concerns would be for rumenants?
  23. As this is harvest season, thought I would toss this question to the whole forum. Why Soybeans? Is my question. As a youngster way back when, soybeans were a crop that was not prevalent where I grew up. Now, it’s 1/2 of most crop rotations in large segments of this country, why the change? As we learn that soy, and soybeans are one the foods humans(actually any simple stomach mammal) should avoid as if it were the plaque, it seems more and more grown, why?
  24. Looks like a cross with a dairy breed, sometime in the past?
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