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  1. Hy-Tran at the proper level?
  2. 1969, IH 856 Custom, $5,000.00 cash, brand new. 18.4x34, wide front w/tires that you could put on a nf.
  3. With us, it’s probably our Fenton Art Glass, and our collection of paintings. The paintings are all signed by artists we never heard of, so knowing my luck, a few decades after we both are gone the values will skyrocket.
  4. My son has a house in the city of Midland Tx, here it is mid August, and he has not mowed his lawn yet this year.
  5. Still no rain in the Permian Basin, tree experts are claiming the Yucca’s(sp), and Junipers, and Afghan Pines are starting to suffer. Claims there will be massive die off in the next couple of years of trees out in the desert. Trees in the city need to be watered, now!
  6. Ford F800 had the fuel tank behind the drivers seat. Fill cap was on the drivers side.
  7. Worked at a place that had a Farmall 656, with 15.5 Firestone 23deg tires. Evidently they were on rims for 16.9’s those sidewalls were straight up and down. Tires eventually wore smooth in the center, but lugs on the side edge were like new, you could lay a straight edge across those tires, never saw another pair of tractor tires wear that way.
  8. JI Case 1030 Comfort King had the fuel tank behind the driver, the 830 Comfort King had the fuel tank on the other side of the dash.
  9. Hampshire’s or Harley’s?
  10. This may be a silly question, but how is a ‘Lister Plow’ different?
  11. Wow, H1 with a disk? That moving right along! We pulled JD disk’s in L3, wot, not that pulled to hard, L3 was just the right ground speed without the front gangs throwing the soil too far out for the rear gangs to grasp the soil.
  12. Yep, as others have noted, you need to ‘frac’ your well.
  13. Is that why you have a ‘bad back’? You can’t keep your hands off the………….. oh, never mind.
  14. Both sides of my family legally immigrated to this country between 1880-1900.
  15. Wow! Was that car ‘no a/c’ from the factory? How old is that car? The last I heard, a/c is now ‘standard equipment’, can’t even be ordered without a/c.
  16. To add to what Art posted, highs the first 1/2 of this coming week are predicted 107-108, then cooling off and high temps will plummet to 101-102 for the remainder of the forecast window.
  17. Put beer in a trough, pigs will lap it up till they fall asleep(or get so drunk they pass out).
  18. Not gonna happen. To many variables out there on the road a computer can’t compensate for.
  19. Could it be used antifreeze? If so, could have all types mixed in with who knows what kind of sealer, flushing additives, etc.
  20. Has anybody asked if there is fuel in the tank?
  21. Looks pretty dry in there. VT may be right. It only takes one of those vanes to be stuck to lose all suction. Possible the draw tube is missing.
  22. Pic 3, show different coloration on the break. May have had a hairline crack, but why the hairline crack? I’d chaulk it up to poor manufacturing.
  23. Yea, keep in mind, Ol’ Isaac can bend Sarah over that bale of hay any time he wants, and not hear ‘no’.
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