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  1. I worked at Heathercrest Farms, just west of Madison WI, they bought a brand new 720 5-18, in the early 80’s.
  2. I can remember baling hay in mid November, course that field was gonna be plowed for corn the next spring. Hay was for beef, so quality wasn’t as critical as for the dairy.
  3. Just keep in mind, a lot of what the History Channel broadcast’s is produced in Hollywood. Yes, the programs are interesting, and entertaining, as far as accurate? That is the question.
  4. It is wet, they better hope that ground gets a good hard freeze this winter, to break up the compaction
  5. Nobody yet mentioned The Moody Blues. Ride My See Saw(long version) Knights in White Satin Question Just name a few………..
  6. No, not the disco version. In later years, KISS more or less re-worked that song and rocked it. You Tube has a live version from a Wash. D.C. concert.
  7. Only 2 yrs old? Toss in some conditioner, and your good to go. Now 10-15 yrs old, you got an issue.
  8. Never been much of an Elton John fan, but ‘Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding’, has got to be one of the best songs put onto vinyl.
  9. MLK is rolling over in his grave, knowing what most of his ‘aides’ have turned into.
  10. In west Texas, the Permian Basin to be more specific, this is on track to be the 3rd or 4th ‘mildest’ summer on record. Lawns are still green, rain showers every other, or every day for several days in a row. Late May/early June had 4 days of 100 degrees or above, none since then. It’s been quite a bit more humid this summer, than normal.
  11. Time to hit that with a dose of ‘ground clear’, or something similar. Don’t want deep rooted ivy’s taking hold near foundations, walls, etc.
  12. What was at one time the most conservative segment of America’s population, that shunned nearly all government, has in the last 100 years become akin to government whores. From the Wilson Administration to today, government has slowly converted the independent minded farmer into a recipient of government largesse.
  13. I think I know that smell. It is old stale petroleum products, that have started to break down. Not quite the same as the aroma of an antique store.
  14. Father Time was not all that kind to her.
  15. So this is very similar to a Motorhome RV. The body is set on a chassis. The drive line, engine, and steering wheel are from one, and everything else, the box, cab, seats, dash, lights, are from another.
  16. Been reading about this for few weeks, seems to be this may be in Canada. Romana Didulo is warning farmers not to destroy their crops, if they are offered cash, she says to take the cash, and keep raising the crop.
  17. Can’t tell with my little phone, that IH Credit thing, is that an ashtray?
  18. Nothing gets done till a ‘work order’ is submitted, to all affected departments. Cost analysis completed, out for bids………
  19. Try Dawn dishwashing liquid a couple times, then dry in the sunshine. May need to lay out in the bright sun for several days, you would be surprised how powerful Mr Sun is.
  20. Wife buys Tang. It’s part of the ingredients she has for some fangeled home made orange tea/homeopathic remedy for a cold.
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