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  1. Like Burt Reynolds said about their divorce; “What good is being married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, if she never wants to f__k”?
  2. Does Jasper deal with those transmissions?
  3. If that is a 14, that plow should be no problem at all. We pulled 5-18’s with an 856 in 3rd with TA forward, WOT, and didn’t plow shallow. Most soil was more brown, than black, so fair amount clay. I loved plowing, didn’t have a heat houser, coverall, stocking cap, and ‘snowmobile gloves’ until the ground was either froze, or too much snow.
  4. I think I’ve worked with a few guys over the years that could pull that off!
  5. With that beefy frame, and tandem axle, should able to handle 3,000 gal easily if an aluminum tank..
  6. Can’t tell what tractor. 966? looks like 5-18’s?
  7. ‘Gearbox’ meaning what? Tranny? Rear end? Truck? Farm tractor?
  8. Can’t recall any 15’s close to us ever, local IH salesman said best way to have a long lasting 15, is never hook it to anything a 14 can’t use.
  9. Wasn’t there a dealership north of Madison? Was it Arlington? If I recall it was close to Hwy 51.
  10. HOLY CRAP!! Your brother comes first. Pray for a speedy recovery.
  11. Neighbor years, and years ago had a 560 diesel, they always put on the pto corn dryer, he claimed the constant running the engine at the same rpm during harvest(about 6 weeks back then) they had to overhaul the engine every winter. Finally when 3-phase electricity was available, they upgraded the corn dryer.
  12. What would the ground speed difference be, in 2nd gear with TA forward? I never liked constant hard pulls with TA back, didn’t have anything to fall back on, if hit a hard spot.
  13. We usually used a 656 gas on the baler, and kicker wagon, not for the hp, for the rolling hills on some of the farms we worked. We had one co-worker if he baled, he insisted on using one of the 826’s, he would shift up 1 gear faster, but cut way back on the rpm’s for the pto, he claimed it ‘saved the leaves on the alfalfa. He would have throttle may be 1400-1500 rpm, every stroke of the baler plunger, the tach would drop over 300 rpm in heavy windows. Can’t imagine the strain on that pto driveline.
  14. The building permits for the original portion of the house is early 1920’s, so who knows what’s all been done here.
  15. There must be a piping junction box somewhere. No evidence of the system having electronic valves. I’m thinking manual valves somewhere. Did notice a 1 1/4 water line laying on the ground under the house that appears to go under the foundation wall to the outside, but haven’t moved any soil yet on the out side of the fountain. Can’t see the other end of that pipe on the far side of the crawl space(gonna have to hire a skinny kid to crawl under my house). Opened the city water box, only 1” supply from meter to fountain wall, then up over foundation wall(outside the house)then into house utility room. It’s possible that 1” line from meter may T with that 1 1/4 line underground just before entering the house.
  16. Try an ‘antique store’ or a thrift shop, many have old doors for sale, we picked up one just a couple days ago, 29in. wide, 5 panel, with hinges & knobs, and locking mechanism, no signs of wood rot, grand total of $30.00
  17. City water. I have ‘back fed’ 1 zone with water, located 2 other heads on that zone. Evidently the zones must be shut off at the buried junction(s). Still can’t locate the main supply. I’m not ruling out an unknown ‘water well’ on this property, but that would require a power source(if still hooked up).
  18. Trying to revitalize a long dormant(30+years) lawn sprinkler system. Any ‘tricks of the trade’ to help locate buried sprinkler heads/junction boxes? System was installed using grey plastic water pipe. I can’t see any evidence of the system ever having an electronic control box, nor can I locate the main water supply from under the house(house is pier & beam) going out to the lawn. Were the early generation of systems controlled manually? Can’t locate(yet) the junction box(s) out in the lawn. Thanks in advance.
  19. I wouldn’t worry about running wot in road gear. For years and years, we pulled loads between farms, that were 7-8 miles apart. SM, 400, 560, 656, all summer during haying season. Did that for years, the only that wore out were the drive tires. lol
  20. We always made sure both side were slid out to the proper width. Your manual should have the spec’s.
  21. I didn’t realize CNN had enough of a viewership level to be able to ‘collapse’ from.
  22. When cotton was picked by hand, was that much left in the field?
  23. Saw last nite, and early this morning. that the story of his passing was a mistake. Haven’t checked in on any reputable news sources yet today.
  24. My Mother laments about eating pigeon, and rabbit, growing up during the Great Depression.
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