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  1. Head stud needed

    If worse comes to worse I'm sure Extreme studs can make You one. extremestuds@gmail.com 317-696-7660 505 e. 11th st. Rushville , IN 46173
  2. finally got the weight right on my run last night

    Beautiful run!!!
  3. My run at Sherburne County fair

    Nice pass!! Limited Lights are a lot of fun aren't they!!!
  4. First great run last night

    I understand!! I always forget to turn the camera off. Amazing what You see after You walk away from Your tractor.
  5. First great run last night

    Nice run!! Gotta Love the sound of straight cut gears!! What weight do the Limited Light Supers run where You are? We are at 6500lbs right now but changing to 6250 next season.
  6. Tractor Pull Guys - recognize this?

    The World famous E.J. Potter. Also known as the Michigan Mad Man.
  7. Got my 1066 done

    That looks Great!!!
  8. A little lift after a bad day

    The dating one cracks Me up every time I see it!!! What a great advertising campaign for a Dealership.
  9. Got the 806 done

    Looks Great!!
  10. 2016 Ne Bush Pullers banquet

    Congrats!!! Hard to beat the recognition of hard work by Your Competitors!!! My most treasured plaque is My Puller of the Year award from a few Years ago.
  11. Pray for my dad please

    Thoughts and prayers Your way!!! Don't tell Him any jokes for a while. Laughing really hurts with broken ribs!!!
  12. Some old red steel

    The "M" must be the service truck. Pretty good size Vice mounted on the side of it. Made Me think of an arc welder I have here Grandpa used to bolt to His H or MTA and it ran off the belt pulley.
  13. Try out Plenty of fish dot com. You can use it for free though they try to sell You upgrades. Met some pretty decent Gal's and some real wack jobs. Good Luck!!! I know the Grocery Store hasn't been working for Me lately. There all in to big a hurry or I look shady one or the other!! LOL
  14. Last Call final pass of the season

    Nice run!!! Gotta love aiming for the gate holes!!! Congrats on the Championship!!!!
  15. Adding to the Herd

    Congrat's!!! Looks like another Tractor Pulling Fan!!!
  16. The two tens

    Think I've seen those 10's before. 15 mile just down the road from Dick Alberts maybe? Cut across that way sometimes heading to Kent City.
  17. Last Call :)

    Looking good!!! Good luck with Your season this Year!!!
  18. 1256 Cummins Conversion

    Looking good!!! Been fun following Your conversion!! Makes a Guy want to find a project tractor.