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  1. That's what im wondering, there's a magnum in town at the dealer I can measure off and turn one of mine tight and see what gives.....It may not work! Very good point though, MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  2. That is sweet!! I think I can do that on my 2+2's!! Will buy a set next time im at Worthington trator parts!! THANK YOU for the pics!!
  3. Is there any chance you could send a pic of those magnum steps installed? Sounds like a slick idea!! Thanks!
  4. Im stuck on that KW...… Any chance you could see if its a '74 and if so send me the guys number?? I have always wanted a W9 from that year as that's when I was built!! Thanks in advance!!
  5. twood, you are so right!! Bought a Kenworth set up for pulling.....OMG, I cant get enough of the sport!! Trying to get my wife to do it once, you just cant explain the RUSH!!!!!
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