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  1. AND THE FINAL DISTANCE WAS?????? Lol, its a truck pulling thing..... Most don't get it, smoke...Wheres the smoke??
  3. That right there is more hillrod than the edgewood folks and the shoe tree people combined!! Bladerunner will be so impressed when he sees this you will be maple rapids famous!!!! LMAO!!
  4. That should help me a lot, I will call him just as soon as some of this mud leaves and I can see exactly what all I need! THANK YOU!!!!!!
  5. bailey6588

    super ih

    I am wondering if you are the guy that has advertised IH 800 planter parts on craigslist in the past...… I ended up buying one recently and am needing some pieces/parts... My name is beau bailey (989)620 1175.... Any help is greatly appreciated, the ad said barryton MI so I was thinking it may be you. Thank in advance!!
  6. You did a very nice job on that 37 for sure!! looks great!!
  7. I sure hope that's all true!!! This world needs to hear and understand WAY more of this.... #DONT BE A RICHARD!!
  8. Where exactly are you at spike? Have to be darn close to ben gordons shop on 46.... Its really that bad out in tater land??? We have some drifting but nothing the Duramax couldn't walk thru.... Kids were disappointed, we just got back from a tour checking roads around baders john deere…. not much to be concerned with.... they had higher hopes.
  9. bailey6588


    My go to is a 2 liter full of diesel with a really small hole in cap, spray on the logs and light!! plowboy boyscout!! lol
  10. That's how it is here in central Michigan.....Sledge I feel your pain, daddy daycare cause of man made panic! I have decided that my kids will be absent for the school "count day", have told a few board members of this also..... If hitting them in the pocketbook doesn't get their attention nothing will!! We went to school in this type of weather and it was fine, now its widespread panic over any small snowstorm!! ridiculous!!
  11. What a "jackwagon"...……. I can get a set of Michigan trains turned around in that space ahead of the pickup and not damage anything...… swift driver for sure!!lmao
  12. I can relate to that.... When I brought home a semi built just for the big rig truck pulls my wife said "I want shutters, rain gutters and a cement patio" !! Have bought several trailers since but the broken down 1566 I hauled home took the cake...…… All that's left to buy are batteries for the 15.....AND SHUTTERS she says!!!! LOL
  13. I think I may have just puked in my mouth a bit!!!!! WOOOF!! LOL
  14. All 3 of my 6x88 have the same front grill surround as db1486 cover photo, fiberglass surround with mesh wire screen screwed in from behind. They are painted red and black is only difference I can see. The super 70 fronts are sweet looking in comparison, but my checkbook is way too small to ever own one!!lol
  15. bailey6588

    K&M steps

    That's what im wondering, there's a magnum in town at the dealer I can measure off and turn one of mine tight and see what gives.....It may not work! Very good point though, MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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