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  1. slide the forks close together and use two pieces of challel iron or square tubing to slide over the forks, weld caps on them so they slide on like a sock and stop. mine has a short chain on it that I hook to main beam to keep the thing from slipping around
  2. Just my opinion but id cut that metal back a bit so the wings stay attached.
  3. That thing looks tough!! I just sent it to my neighbor that restores them, maybe he will buy it and I can get to drive it!!
  4. Our barber here came out to a farm shop and we made a party out of it.....He did over 50 cuts all for cash!! Be sneaky young lady, your loyal customers wont rat you out!!
  5. Looks good!! That's one thing about trucks, they never quit giving you more things to fix! About your lights, before you blank them all out consider that having more than the minimum just might save your bacon.....I had a set of twin 28 dumps with 3 lights per side, one foggy morning I made a turn and had a car dang near hit my pup due to the limited visibility. He chased me down and we had quite the "discussion", nonetheless that winter I added a light to every other post for that reason. Figured if it saves me from a idiot lawsuit from them driving too fast it was worth it!!
  6. We are the same here, the kids have the farm and cattle to work with and I have just kept on trucking. The governor here is just like the one out in Washington state, more worried about her political agenda than fact!! She just extended us out til may 15 and my circle of friends has had enough of her bull####, we are having a sizeable gathering this weekend with BBQ and guns....Lets see her try and break it up!! #getonwithlifemichigan
  7. Theres a place down in ohio that rebuilds fuel pumps for pulling semi trucks, Columbus diesel is the name they go by.. Worth a phone call to see who they know in the turbo business.....Michigan turbo up here in the wolverine carries all sizes and specs also.
  8. I think hes referring to the original "C" channel style pieces under the fender, or the wheel side....Id be interested in 4 of them as well van, just converted a 1566 to canopy style and those ribs on mine are really thin!!
  9. bailey6588


    I personally think that the sooner everyone gets exposed to it and our body fights it off the better..... Its comparable in my mind to a big feedlot, the disease goes thru takes some sickens others and then eventually is gone. This shut down our whole world and hide thing is ridiculous, be safe and logical and carry on.. just my .02
  10. That would be sweet!!! let me know if you ever find a place to remake them, I found and purchased that one of my dads and so shirts would be the icing on the cake!!
  11. bailey6588


    Throw me some pics of that 67!! I also have one, sits on 8 20.8's 3 remotes and the crab claw style lower 3pt arms...It has the catch all caddy above the dash, love that thing! Phone, wallet and coffee all in one safe spot!
  12. A neighbor had that issue after he chain lubed the feederhousechain on left side of machine. "ladder side", we cleaned off the speed sensor located just above the chain and that fixed it.....Felt really dumb afterwards it was so obvious but it got him going
  13. Boy that's no kidding.....When its snowing and nasty I usually just stay put, you get those doubles whipping around on ice you have a real handful getting them back stretched out straight. Plus all the citiots that have no clue how to drive in this state makes it just not worth it!!A lot of my friends go out in the weather regardless but they have crashed too, I only have one rig...Would prefer not to smash it!
  14. I cant convince myself to buy anything newer than 06......All this new stuff is garbage! I will rebuild an older unit all day long over any new one, has to have a CAT under the hood too!!
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