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  1. How do I get in touch with him?
  2. Ok, thanks for the information guys! I'll work on getting a pump for it.
  3. I have ran into a situation, the tractor starts amd about a minute later is slowly looses rpms and dies. I have good fuel flow to the pump. I was reading something about a return check valve, is it part of the t on the top of the pump? Is there a way to check it? Thanks
  4. Thanks for your help, ill check that out
  5. Where do I check lube pressure and what should it be?
  6. Doesn't work, replaced bulb but didn't help, must be a bad wire.
  7. Regulated pressure? Need help with this. Steering wheel turns but very hard.
  8. Tractor won't hardly steer, put in new thrust bearings, can rotate axle back and forth by hand but the steering wheel will hardly turn it. Put pressure gauge on ateering cylinder, can only get gauge to 500 psi, pulled orifice out of mcv, clean, replaced preasure relief valve. No change. Any suggestions greatly appreciated
  9. I know this is a total long shot but willing to do some leg work to at least try, I am looking for a Farmall H, most likely in Central Iowa, I dont know the serial number but this is what I do know. It was teaded in to Rueters Red Power, Grand Junction Iowa in the fall of 1989. (Maybe 1990) it has a front hitch under the grille, it has the 5 spoke front wheels (cut offs I'm sure) at the time it has straight bar rear ttires.and darker than normal red paint. If anyone has any leads or information I would sure appreciate it. I grew up around this tractor and didn't have the m
  10. Thank you very much for this information. I will examine it thoroughly. I wondered what the theory of operation was in this type of hyd system . I did manage to get what's left of the screen out by taking a tap and threading into the screen enough to catch it and get it out.
  11. How do you collapse it? What do you pull it out with?
  12. Has this ever happen to anybody? I pulled the threaded safety plug out (which is plugged) and the screen decided to break off and stay in the housing. Any advice how to get it out? I used the smallest and longest needle nose i have and couldn't reach it. Thanks
  13. Is there any reason a 12 row hyd pump couldn't be used on an 8 row? Going from a power steering type with reservoir to a larger type pump with a separate reservoir and flow control. Thanks
  14. I believe it is transmission related. Won't shift over 13th defaults to 6 and won't go up or down, shuting off and restarting it causes a forward jolt without it even in gear.
  15. Tractor had just had clutch pack put in transmission a few weeks ago, once tractor is put under a load a huge plume of white smoke belches out and very little power. I first thought coolant, distinct shows engine oil god and clean, coolant level is good, any ideas?
  16. I've got this cylinder head that has absolutely no common ih casting numbers. I'm guessing it is aftermarket of some sorts as theengine had an m&w governor and a few other odds and ends. Any ideas? Thanks
  17. It is important to mention that i forgot to include in my original post that I had added in a flow control to the system with the new pump.
  18. This planter originally had the Eaton power steering type pump, the pto input shaft kept breaking, we went through 3 pumps over the last 6 years and last year we put on the heavier pto pump. We started planting this spring and the fan motor blew apart. Has anyone else had this happen and suggestions as to what to do about it? Thanks
  19. Might be a bit of a drive. I'm located in central Iowa.
  20. It jumps out of 2nd and sounds like a concrete truck mixer when moving.
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