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  1. By the way the rest of the house looks, that truck may have done the homeowner a favor.
  2. Indy Farmer


    Boy if only I had one of those crystal balls... I bought MSFT and Apple earlier this year and I've made a heck of a lot of money from them. Vanguard index funds are good too but would have liked to get more of the blue chips. Thinking I may sell out, take my profits and wait for a correction. I've been loosely following the Buffet model and buying big companies when everyone is freaking out. Now that all the talking heads are yelling BUY BUY BUY I'm going to SELL SELL SELL. Your results may vary. Warren Buffett — ‘Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful’
  3. Shoot first, shoot second, then empty the second mag just for fun and ask questions later. The union will protect them and they will get a sweet paid vacation on our dime.
  4. How do you like that fat cat? I’ve always been intrigued with the floater tires. Looks like a good crop checking bike.
  5. Name one single libertarian principle he espouses. Just one. This ought to be good. Methinks you have no idea what a libertarian believes.
  6. Hey man, liberty, freedom and equal rights for all! That includes all of you special snowflakes! (even if you do erroneously prefer 86 series IH over 40 series Deere)
  7. Huh, looks to me like, despite a recent ban imposed by the current administration, these people DO serve currently. A few stipulations to follow just like any other candidate. Like I was saying, it appears for the most part, if they can do the job, no issue. Do you fine, patriotic Americans support ALL of our troops? Or just the ones you agree with? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Directive-type_Memorandum-19-004 Provisions[edit] Describes transgender military service as "special accommodations" No person, solely on the basis of his or her gender identity, will be denied accession, involuntarily separated or discharged, denied reenlistment or continuation of service, or subjected to adverse action or mistreatment within the United States military Transgender service members or applicants for accession to the United States military are subject to the same standards as cisgendered people When a standard, requirement, or policy depends on whether the individual is a male or a female ( e.g., medical fitness for duty; physical fitness and body fat standards; berthing, bathroom, and shower facilities; and uniform and grooming standards), all persons will be subject to the standard, requirement, or policy associated with their biological sex A history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria is disqualifying unless: As certified by a licensed mental health provider, the applicant demonstrates 36 consecutive months of stability in the applicant' s biological sex immediately preceding submission of the application without clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning; and The applicant demonstrates that the applicant has not transitioned to his or her preferred gender and a licensed medical provider has determined that gender transition is not medically necessary to protect the health of the individual; and The applicant is willing and able to adhere to all applicable standards A history of cross-sex hormone therapy or a history of sex reassignment or genital reconstruction surgery is disqualifying The accession standards will be reviewed and either maintained or changed no later than 24 months from the effective date of this DTM May consult with a military medical provider, receive a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, and receive mental health counseling, but may not obtain a gender marker change in DEERS or serve in their preferred gender The United States Department of Defense and the United States Coast Guard provide equal opportunity to all Service members, in an environment free from harassment and discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation Separation processing will not be initiated until the enlisted Service member has been formally counseled on his or her failure to adhere to such standards and has been given an opportunity to correct those deficiencies, or has been formally counseled that his or her indication that he or she is unable or unwilling to adhere to such standards may lead to processing for administrative separation and has been given an opportunity to correct those deficiencies Separation processing will not be initiated until the enlisted Service member has been counseled in writing that the condition does not qualify as a disability"[3] Exempt individuals[edit] Individuals are exempt from the ban if they had before the effective date of this DTM: Entered into a contract for enlistment into the Military Services using DD Form 4, "Enlistment/Reenlistment Document Armed Forces of the United States," available on the DoD Forms Management Program website at https://www.esd.whs.mil/Directives/forms/, or an equivalent, or were selected for entrance into an officer commissioning program through a selection board or similar process; and Either: Were medically qualified for Military Service or selected for entrance into an officer commissioning program in their preferred gender in accordance with DTM-16-005; or As a Service member, received a diagnosis of gender dysphoria from, or had such diagnosis confirmed, by a military medical provider[3] Let freedom* ring! *Some restrictions apply
  8. So in other words, you have no proof that trans people can't do the job, you just don't want them to have the opportunity because of your prejudices against them. You used the word "think" a lot and not one "know". Despite your fragile (snowflake?) feelings on the subject, you can take solace in knowing that your opinions carry no weight in military matters. They are the ones who make the decision on who serves, not you. For somebody who lists jesus in his interests, you sure don't seem to follow his teachings very well. I suppose you'd better start coming up with a good excuse for when you're judged.
  9. You guys keep playing on emotions to prove your points, some which I've already addressed. I'll say it again for the audience - YES, I KNOW MENTAL ILLNESS IS A DISQUALIFIER FOR SERVICE. What I'm saying is that not every one of them shows signs, just like not every straight and otherwise sane soldier shows signs of PTSD until after they are discharged. You are justifying the barring of a class of people based on preconceived notions of their mental stability instead of their ability to perform the duties required. It was noted earlier that 22ish veterans commit suicide per day. Using your same reasoning, we shouldn't let anyone serve because there's a historical possibility that they may have or develop a mental illness during their employment. That sounds crazy, right? In any case, it doesn't matter what you guys think. The gov (and subsequently the military branches) set their own guidelines based on law, not emotion. https://www.af.mil/Equal-Opportunity/ https://www.usar.army.mil/EO/ https://www.army.mil/standto/2017-05-15 https://www.navy.com/equal-employment-opportunity-statement https://military.findlaw.com/administrative-issues-benefits/equal-opportunity-policies-in-the-military.html
  10. I've already acknowledged that. Why don't you answer the question?
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