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  1. Make him pay the repair cost and help install the new section in exchange for not reporting it to insurance.
  2. There's quite a bit of difference between voluntarily working as an employee and someone claiming authority over another person. Sheesh
  3. Did the monarchy and redcoats in the 1770s demand the same respect you advocate for today? What's your suggestion for Hong Kong citizens today? For some reason, people have an almost religious need to worship the boot of authority as long as it's their parties' boot on the necks of their neighbors. Once that boot is on the other foot, then it's time to resist authority. Authority is to be questioned, not welcomed. I do not recognize anybody's claim to authority over me.
  4. Respect is earned. Unless you're a trump supporter, then it's to be demanded. Is "Mr. Idiot" formal enough?
  5. Well we know for sure that "pro" farmer will piggyback off of the USDA and then change their numbers once harvest starts.
  6. Being the ATF, I'd assume it's the best way to shoot dogs and sniper tactics when your target is women holding children.
  7. The simple fact is if Obama or the Clintons did what the left is claiming trump did, the right would be beating down their doors with pitchforks and torches in hand.
  8. HOW DARE YOU post facts contrary to dear leader's tweets! Do not pass go, do not collect $200,000,000 from china.
  9. It really is hard being the smartest guy in the room. So tiring.
  10. How about this. WHO are you to question the need of others? It was stated earlier and I'll repeat it - nobody cares what foreigners have to say about our rights here. Need has NEVER been a prerequisite to exercise a right. Look at the protests in Hong Kong. They are literally fighting for freedom from an oppressive government. Do you have any doubts as to why China doesn't want their citizens to be armed? You who are quick to criticize others for wanting to protect their constitutional rights will be the first to cower in fear when you need that right but don't have it. It will already be too late.
  11. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!
  12. Not everyone can be a hero.
  13. It does, actually. The closer to green you get, the better!
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