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  1. Indy Farmer


    See, there's a distinction I made when I said "a lot". Notice I didn't say "every". It's not far-fetched to think a portion of the old timers here couldn't write code, build a website or figure out how to copy and paste without using a mouse. It's not a put down, it's an observation.
  2. Indy Farmer


    Devil's advocate here. What he said isn't inaccurate. Farming IS easy. Every year I get corn and beans growing in the gravel driveway just testing the planter. It's not hard to plant and grow corn. I know people who can barely tie their own shoes but can farm. What makes farming more difficult is trying to make money doing it. Doing it well is the hard part. As far as the tech stuff goes, there's a lot of posters here that is proof of what he says about gray matter. Man, some of you are fragile.
  3. Extendable slinky Seminole option for extra pax.
  4. Watched the game with some friends. One turned to me during the halftime show (which was great, btw) and said "there's going to be a ton of angry old white guys complaining that there's Spanish in this song". Boy was he right. What a bunch of fragile snowflakes. Roughly 15% of the US speaks Spanish. Personally, I'm glad that these talented singers have the freedom wear what they want without having to adhere to the opinions of old prudes.
  5. I sincerely hope that person did that on purpose. I chatted with a dude at a college bar years ago that had a Chinese symbol tattooed on his arm. Naturally, I asked what it meant. He responded "I don't know". Now, you'd all have the same response I did and question him further. His response was that it actually was the Chinese symbol for "I don't know", and he got it just for the ice breaker for meeting girls at bars. Brilliant!
  6. You can’t say gold ‘colored’, that’s racist!!!*****
  7. "Mom's gonna fix it all soon - Mom's coming round to put it back the way it ought to be"
  8. That has nothing to do with the pressure generated by the explosion though. You don't have to be hit by a grenade to die by one. It's the reason people used to use dynamite to get fish like oleman said.
  9. Ever seen the movie Idiocracy? I know it was supposed to be a comedy, but man does it sure seem more like a documentary.
  10. Now THAT is good stuff. But why stop at firearms? Go all the way!
  11. If one believes in biblical principals, then yes!
  12. This is exactly why the left wants to get rid of the electoral college.
  13. Not that you'd even care to know, but I have more red powered equipment in my shed than green. And that's pretty rich complaining about pushing atheism when you can't hardly make a single post without mentioning your religion. Maybe I should be like you and put my atheist beliefs in my "interests" section exactly like you did. Remember what I said earlier about you folks and hypocrisy? ❄️
  14. Yeah, imagine actually having a life outside of RP and actually sleeping!
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