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  1. Double Step for 706 - Which Models will fit?

    I just installed one on my 706 yesterday. Bought from ebay through Worthington. $58 and free shipping. It is a new fabricated part though.
  2. What cultivator is this?

    Are these the gauge wheels?
  3. What cultivator is this?

    Been sitting in the weeds for probably 25 years. Would like to fix it up and punish myself with use, never cultivated before. Are parts available? Will need rubber, bearings and springs at least.
  4. Has anyone been able to do any field work

    Got out and picked up probably 150 rocks with my favorite farm vehicle. Dry enough not to leave tracks but not for tillage.
  5. Run Tony Run..... get out while you can

  6. Run Tony Run..... get out while you can

  7. Run Tony Run..... get out while you can

    Huh? What do you base your beliefs on, exactly? It's not a matter of what I believe or not. Science is science, not some random thought or hypothesis. We can see and measure things to collect our data. That data is reviewed by scientific peers and scrutinized heavily. And to answer your ball statement, newton's first law of motion states that yes, that ball will not come down, unless acted upon by an outside force like gravity. This isn't hard stuff. We were literally taught this stuff in 5th grade. I'm really trying to figure out why you're so adamant that you're right despite having scientific proof proving otherwise.
  8. Run Tony Run..... get out while you can

    So our atmosphere can let light in but not out? Interesting. Better let NASA know, I'm sure they would like to know the truth. We've known this stuff even before we had satellites measuring it. Yes, I'll believe what I want because my belief is actually based on scientific findings.
  9. Run Tony Run..... get out while you can

    Suspect, how so? Light travels until it is impeded. A reflection isn't an impediment.
  10. Knife control

    Well I like to think of it as making a little progress then if people start looking at other options. I stopped voting R (and considering myself a republican) when Obama's administration was hounded mercilessly by republicans for doing the EXACT same things did under Bush. I've never made any political donations in my life before this year. Now a proud Libertarian card holder.
  11. Knife control

    You sound just crazy enough to be a Libertarian!
  12. Knife control

    This "solution" will do just as much to solve the real problem as banning knives.
  13. Earth Day's a comin'.

    While I can certainly understand the skepticism of 'doomsday' predictions, there's very little negatives to keeping our one and only home healthy. We can all do a little. I'm just one guy, but I recycle everything I can. We as humans are a destructive bunch. Just in the last few weeks we lost our last ever male white rhino. How many species have we hunted to extinction? How many extinct due to habitat loss? I don't agree that we should make it hard on humanity, but we can certainly do much, much better to take care of what we have left. Farmers are generally the type to want to leave their land in better shape for their kids. Why not the world as well? I'm not old enough to have really seen the acid rain and pollution out west. How often does that happen now? Some will whine and complain, but regulations have largely benefitted and curtailed a lot of pollution.
  14. Run Tony Run..... get out while you can

    I guess since this idea comes from "commieland", then all scientific knowledge of light and heat dissipation can be discounted as "liberal nonsense".
  15. Run Tony Run..... get out while you can

    Do any of you tint your windows to keep your vehicles cooler?