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  1. How can you tell? Every GM vehicle I've ever owned had the dash lit up like xmas...
  2. What's funny is I went to school to get my A&P, learned every little minute detail about aircraft and exactly how everything can fail while relying on outsourced maintenance from Mexico, yet I was in more danger just driving or walking through campus than I ever would be in or near an airplane.
  3. If you're insinuating that kids are too lazy to build a paper airplane, then either you look past the fact that: either a kid invented this machine to do it for them, which would have taken a lot of work to build; or an adult is perpetuating the laziness by automating the process so he himself doesn't have to do it either. Which is it?
  4. Everyone freaks out about a rare plane crash but doesn't bat an eye at the roughly 1.3 million auto deaths worldwide.
  5. Auto MFGs chase what the market wants. Right now it's wanting SUVs and trucks. Government mandates certain safety and economy rules. Engineers must design within those boundaries. Blame your government if you must blame anyone.
  6. With a shirt like that he should be hugging the tire.
  7. It's not a dumb idea if it works!
  8. So do you know who and who does not have a gun? You just going to go house to house through 320,000,000 citizens to find those who have guns? Yeah right. Come back to reality. Seems to me a group of desert goat herders gave the world’s best military force a **** of a fight for a long time. If it was as easy as a simple drone strike, wouldn’t we have won a long time ago? What a ridiculous contention that the US military would send drones to kill a single guy in a few ten thousand instances over a gun. Heck, why not nuke them instead??
  9. Without question. Lets do some math though. There’s around 90,000,000 gun owners in the US. Let’s say only 0.1% fight back. That’s 90,000 previously law abiding gun owners shooting back. How many thousands of cops (military too?) getting shot and killed to raise some flags? How many cops (and military) will refuse to play along? There’s already “2nd amendment sanctuaries” popping up all over the US already. Like I posted above, “say when”.
  10. That's just it though, our rights are guaranteed against the mob and government. They were written exactly for the reason that rights shouldn't be up for debate. I do not concede my rights to the whims of a fickle electorate.
  11. You put forth a pretty convincing argument for why people should accept having their rights infringed upon. Count me as part of the 0.000000000001% that doesn't give a crap what others think I should and shouldn't have.
  12. Like buying an IH tractor?
  13. I've heard this argument before about firearms. Regarding the first amendment, they also never envisioned internet, computers, video, satellites, smartphones and social media. Yet all of those enjoy nearly unlimited freedoms. You can't use that excuse to make an argument against the 2nd while at the same time supporting the 1st. Hypocritical at best.
  14. For air to go in, it MUST have a way to get out. Load it up and go.
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