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  1. Indy Farmer

    JD 30 series vs 40 series

    Having to look at this post while planting literally killed me. I am posting from the grave to remind everyone about how dangerous these first world problems are!
  2. Indy Farmer

    Front wheel colors

    They look better with two tone.
  3. Indy Farmer

    Of all my tools...

    This has to be by far the most enjoyable to use. The farm has been overrun with autumn olive and saplings since the livestock left. Bought the tree puller from earlier this year when it was on sale and have zero complaints. Just wish the bobcat had more power!
  4. Indy Farmer

    Deere starting em young....

    I grew up in the rear window of a 1486 and was in one until I was big enough to drive. I remember going LOTS of rounds with a 5 bottom plow. I also remember lots of long walks out of the middle of the field back to the truck because something else broke. Also lots of time in a 3588 pulling a 5 shank ripper as a kid. I spent a lot of time waiting for somebody to pick me up in that too. Call me a greenie weenie if you wish, but exactly 50% of my shed is red until I can get a red combine and trade the 4640 for a magnum. Until then, I'll keep running the 4640 because I can't afford the down time. I'm not bashing IH. I'm stating hard truths. If you can't see past that, that's your problem. Here's my cube at work, does this look like something an IH hater would have hanging up?
  5. Indy Farmer

    G706 - need more power

    Oh I fought that a few years ago where I could make it out of the shop and into the field, only to have it bog down to nothing but limp back to the shop. Tons of floaties over the years finally let loose and kept plugging the port.
  6. Indy Farmer

    G706 - need more power

    That goes against everything I know as a man. More power and filled to the brim!
  7. Indy Farmer

    Deere starting em young....

    Are you really that ingrained that you can't admit that JOHN DEERE had some features that were better than IH? I am truly color blind, I can admit that some companies did things better than others. Does JOHN DEERE have issues? Sure they do. Did IH have issues? Well, let's just as IH... oh, right. They're no longer in business. Everyone knows IH had weak rear ends. Everyone know IH had T/A issues. Go on over to Ag Talk and take a poll like which would you rather have to run all day, a 1486 or a 4440? Or go out and look at the old tractors people are still using to farm with. Get over it.
  8. Indy Farmer

    G706 - need more power

    T/A works just fine (we think). I have considered dropping in a diesel if I'd gain anything from the swap. I've already gotten rid of this tractor once and bought it back, so it's not going anywhere. It's in great shape and fits my needs, minus being just a hair short on power.
  9. This is my money maker until I can pick up enough ground to justify a boxcar magnum. Just a great all around tractor.
  10. Indy Farmer

    G706 - need more power

    I have a gas 706 that runs pretty well. Starts up easy and never had any issues. Will be getting valve seals this winter. I'd like a few extra horses, maybe 10? I pull a 500gal sprayer and there's a few hills I can just barely get up with a full tank. Any tips? Also, the PTO brake went out yesterday. Will I have to split the tractor to replace?
  11. Indy Farmer

    Deere starting em young....

    Truth hurts.
  12. Indy Farmer

    Let's see your custom IH toys!

    Looks like the one I've been meaning to dress up. IIRC, the castings on the sides are for a loader. I took the loader off when I was a kid and it looks just like yours.
  13. Indy Farmer

    Elizabeth Warren's Plane nearly crashed.

    That's a Comanche, no wonder they tried to take down the fake Cherokee. As for drag, it wouldn't be a concern anyways as the wings are mostly fuel tanks.
  14. Indy Farmer

    Deere starting em young....

    I could see a red one too, "baby's first, second, third and fourth T/A replacement play set" for ages 1-4. Additional accessories "rear end replacement" and "pump screwdriver to keep up with green tractors" sold separately.
  15. Indy Farmer

    She said "enough is enough!"

    I'd say most of your problems would be solved by getting rid of the horse!