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    Have a 135 acre cattle ranch. Love restoring tractors and anything really. I have a Ford 5000 that my great grandfather bought new in the restoration process right now, a Ford 5000 with Massey loader that's next on the list, and the new to me first red tractor, Case IH 7140. Love God, Jesus, and Family! And looking forward to retirement at the old age of 38! HA!

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  1. I sold my CIH 7140 and bought I smaller NH TD5030 MFWD with TL810 loader. Kicking myself everyday for that. Long story short, I have an injury and row cropping after retirement is out of the question. But hay and cows are not. The NH doesn’t have enough power for hills and is severally lacking in weight. I’ve slid many a times last year down hill with the JD baler. Local dealer has a 2004 MXM 190 MFWD with 3300hrs. They sold it new and it has been extremely well taken care of. The owner has quit row crop operations and is selling on consignment. I’ve searched and found most have had electrical gremlins and transmission issues. Dealer is working on pulling the service history for me. But I’m assured it’s only had minor work recalling from memory. I’ll be looking at it in a couple days. I’d use it for baling and general ranch chores. Nothing real taxing at all. Should I give it a look over or pass? Any feedback is very much appreciated. Pics attached.
  2. Thanks everyone! It's been a fun project! Stronger800 nice yard of Ford's! I was looking for a TW-15, 8670, or 8830 for a cab tractor. Found the Case IH 7140 and couldn't turn it down. Rainman that tractor is my primary mowing tractor. I use a Howse 8' HD pull mower on it. It gets the job done easily. Eason it's funny you mention the hours. The valve cover was opened on my grandfathers Ford 7700 2 years ago for a new gasket only lol. It has over 14,000hrs and still going strong. When I popped the valve cover on this one and it was extremely clean. My great grandpa was a mechanic for Ford/NH for over 40 years before he retired. After he got ill, the tractor sat outside for 15 years at least! The original tin was in bad shape and hard to find. So I put newer sheet metal on it and have the flattop fenders to go on. Here is what it did look like when I picked it up.
  3. I'm new here. I own 2 Ford 5000's and just bought my first red tractor, Case IH 7140, couple months ago. I love to restore tractors and just about anything. Thought I would share the progress on one of my Ford 5000 tractors. My great grandfather, 95 and still kicking, bought it new in 1968. It ended up with my grandpa who raised me. After saving for many years I bought my own 135 acre ranch getting ready for retirement from the Army in 3 years. My grandpa gave me the Ford 5000 with just 2300 original hours and I have been working on it the past 3 years when I get time. It's almost finished with just the rear hubs and wheels needing some paint. And after that I'll install the freshly painted fenders. It was a fun project and when this one is finished I'm going to tear into my other Ford 5000 as big red can handle it's duties until then.
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