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  1. Here is the 1456 my dad owns. Just happen to have a pic with the 1466 in it as well. The 1456 was restored in 2015 and the 1466 was 2017. Both of these will be at red power in Duqoin this year.
  2. Thanks all I noticed the plastic headliner has had some adhesive on it I was wondering if these 4-post canopy’s has some foam headliner from factory to help with noise?
  3. Just brought this home today. Bought from original owner, original paint, 6000 hr machine. As I was loading it up he walks over and hands me the tire wrench’s and cheater bar that would have been strapped to the frame rail! I have only ever seen pictures of those usually the are long gone! Then he gives me this cast iron piece and says he believes this goes with the tractor but I’ve never seen one and not sure where it would even go on it. Thanks in advance for any info!
  4. Looking for a long shot here but my Father in law has always wanted to find his dads 560 diesel. With out knowing serial number there was next to no chance. Just yesterday he found the original owners manual with engine and chassis serial number. Chassis is 51982. It was bought new at Holtgrave Equipment Breese Illinois (southern IL) in 63 and traded back for a 1066 in the 70’s. Dealership has been gone since the 80’s so that is a dead end. Is anyone keeping track of 560 #’s on here by chance ?TIA
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