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    Antique trucks, cars, and tractors. Playing guitar, music from before the 80s collecting records, photography with a old 35mm, small engine repair, welding, diesel engines.

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  1. If my A actually can’t pull it but I’m going to try.
  2. Ok I will. I’m going to clean this up, paint it, get it operating and sell it if anybody is interested.
  3. Oh thanks. I get it now. I just need to order the arm for the trip part.
  4. Ok I was confused. I don’t have the hook on my drawbar. I had to tow it with a chain across the yard to where it is now. I guess I need to get the hook to bolt on the drawbar
  5. Thanks guys for all this help. That is cool to know the age of the plow also. Here is a close up of what’s broken/missing and for the hitch how does it work. I can’t get it to move.
  6. Yeah I tried to get it to work but I think it’s stuck or something
  7. And how does the hitch work. It’s like a J shape. It looks like it’s supposed to flip and hook around the drawbar?
  8. Ok guys so I got the little genius plow. It needs the rod that goes to the racheting wheel. I can’t pull it in the forward direction or the ratchet will trip the plow to drop. It almost dug up the lawn and pavement too. I had to pull it backwards to keep it from tripping.
  9. Oh ok. I wasn’t sure but I’ll be buying an H or and M soon so that’ll do it.
  10. Next weekend I will be picking up a little genius for only $75 which is a deal I can’t refuse. The owner says it’s missing a linkage from the rope and a spring at the end of it. Does anyone have pictures or a manual of that part? Also im not sure what year or # it could be and will my 1945 Farmall A be able to pull it? I have already established ground so it’s not packed.
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