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  1. Not centerlined. Look at the link above..
  2. They are fun toys 😃 https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/132764-got-the-old-balers-out-this-weekend/?do=findComment&comment=1462765
  3. Yes co's in EU is because of length regulations. Shorter truck/frame = more cargo area.
  4. I could ad a little too ? Helped my FIL this summer get some ash out of a pretty swampy area. Only chance to get it out as trail is flooded in winter time.
  5. So the thing about a hardened cross is mostly in my head ? Not necessarily a must. Although I would feel more comfortable knowing that cross and gear surface was the same strength.
  6. I've found your topic from 2008 where you've machined the original cross down to accept the needles. But has anyone taken it further and hardened the cross afterwards ? I see aftermarket crosses with needles advertised on the internet, but can't really find any that says "hardend" ?
  7. Actually got a magnum 380 at the dealer too with the FPT engine. And with big writing on the valve cover it says MADE IN CHINA. And you get one guess why it's in the shop ?
  8. Got the engine out of a magnum 305 (310 in Europe) to put in a new oil pan gasket, and found this. I have seen this before some years back, but at that time I did'nt have a smartphone.
  9. https://www.wilhelmsen.com/product-catalogue/products/marine-chemicals/cleaning-chemicals/cleaning-and-maintenance/unitor-usc-12-x-1-ltr/0 I have used this in my former job as service engineer on ships where we overhauled aux engines while sailing. Most wessels ran on heavy fuel so fuel pumps and everything went in there.
  10. Yeah may be a bit confusing. PTO in pick-up is the tractor part just laying there when not in use. Balers are stored really close so shaft you se hanging is drawbar end from the other baler.
  11. Guy on the Fordson Dexta is at the right pto speed I would say. Decal on the F5-91 says 0-75 strokes pr/min though. F5-112 says 80-85 strokes pr/min
  12. As written above I see F5-91 for the frist time in 1959 brochures and the F5-112 in 1965. I don't do hay at all just keep them as a collectible
  13. Kept inside when not in use I would say. The oldest one looks like it has been repainted at some point. And pictures cheat they are not near perfect when you get closer.
  14. I see the F5-112 in 1965 brochures. https://www.lestracteursrouges.com/prospectus/1965/prospectus1965.htm
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