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  1. IHC-DK

    Who makes a good 14 L 16.1 4 rib front tractor tire

    What was the price on a BKT tire this size ?
  2. Ed. About a year or so ago, there was a topic about this manifold was about to be produced. Riley`s or somthing like that was mentioned. Is this the final result ?
  3. https://madison.craigslist.org/grd/d/ih-100-hydro-black-stripe/6282924167.html I have no connection to this tractor.
  4. IHC-DK


    Here in Denmark, Europe the 966 was the only model from the 66 tractor series that was offered. The same in Sweden as well. The 966 was A big tractor then, only sold to the big farms or contractors. This makes them rather rare today. I,m doing a slow restore on one myself. Andreas
  5. IHC-DK

    Clearance light ??

    Thank you. The VSM will be okay for me. hope you can find me a link. Thanks Andreas
  6. IHC-DK

    Clearance light ??

    Are these lights sold in any internet stores ? I`m from Europe and would like some. Thanks Andreas