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  1. Any news on this subject ??
  2. IHC-DK

    Nice 1486

    Looks sharp. Resently painted tough. Paint on rear window and exhaust manifold. Rim clamps half red half silver. Black stripe no longer on roof only on rear posts.
  3. Just some data from Neuss. http://www.ihace.de/02_motor/02_motoren.htm
  4. I would like to know that too..
  5. I used the CI9802112 relay in my 10. Used it in some 7200 magnums as well. I would buy the kit CI84206668 witch includes two relays for a lower price then you can buy one single relay. Just to get the most for my money. At least that's how the price is here in Europe. I made a few other changes while I was in there 😁
  6. IHC-DK


    Three weights in each rear Wheel ?
  7. I know govenor reaktion is not the same Between the MW truck pump and ag pump. But can someone please light the details on why a pump shop can't readjust or change internal parts to make it ag specs ? Andreas
  8. Miss and I agreed to buy our own chrismas gift this year. So I went right on IHGEAR's webshop 🀩 Got me an IH field jacket. Thank you honey
  9. Once again... https://m.facebook.com/groups/914109752001751?view=permalink&id=2596415013771208
  10. Just seen this. Gas Hydro #9581 https://www.facebook.com/groups/714194692016595/permalink/1979602158809169/
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