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  1. Correct. German built tractors often got double dry clutch. One for driving and one for iPTO, just remember to put leaver by sterring wheel back in front position or you will run the iPTO through out bearing all the time.
  2. Dry axle, no grease points. Colleague of mine told me of an episode with A IH 685 (same axle type) it would'nt move, just killed the engine. Found out outer bearing was so dry it would'nt turn. New bearing solved the problem.
  3. For sale somwhere in Germany.
  4. I have thought about asking that question. As the 826 was sold new over here. All them I have seen got the same setup. Adjustable wide front with 11.00-16 or coleman 38" rears normally 18.4-38 100" axles 3pt Dual hydraulics Dual pto Hydro or gear. gear's always with TA Foot throttle Cab, as rops was required by law Got a few # for you. #8788 Running tractor.As mentioned above, 2wd, gear drive. #9258 Currently not running, waiting for a D360 implant. As mentioned above 2wd,gear drive. Will get fenders when it's back and running #14051 Currently not running, need engine and tranny work. As mentioned above 2wd hydro #16642 Part tractor will never run again Was as mentioned above 2wd, gear drive #8707 Running tractor as mentioned above 2wd, gear drive All these is located in Denmark, Europe Andreas
  5. "New style" mounted in a 86. Pics follows the connections from pedale to pump. No connection to the original cable in dash. I think if one got a sticky trottle cable like me it would be annoying to have foot trottle go through those connections. The "new style" shaft/rod connections is straight to pump and very comfortable. I'm a short leged guy so it's okay for me, but don't think a tall guy would like it in this position.
  6. Yes Ed, you can borrow it no problem. Pm me your adress. Tried the part no. here too without luck. I tried my best to put it in a 86 without removing any of the original parts. Can't se why it should'nt fit. A bit difficult to take good pics.
  7. Could this be the missing link ?? Even got a part no. on it 2779090R91 Not the best light, I know.
  8. Took these "old style" parts out of a 1086 that was updated to "New style"
  9. This is how it was done in Sweden. From the 33-3788 parts book. This is "old style" first picture and "new style" second..
  10. "The salvage yard I work in" A bit off I know but do you get your payment in tractor parts ?? I know I would ๐Ÿ˜ Must be hard to handle all these parts over once you've gotten the red fever๐Ÿ˜†
  11. Ed. About a year or so ago, there was a topic about this manifold was about to be produced. Riley`s or somthing like that was mentioned. Is this the final result ?
  12. https://madison.craigslist.org/grd/d/ih-100-hydro-black-stripe/6282924167.html I have no connection to this tractor.
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