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  1. I have thought about asking that question. As the 826 was sold new over here. All them I have seen got the same setup. Adjustable wide front with 11.00-16 or coleman 38" rears normally 18.4-38 100" axles 3pt Dual hydraulics Dual pto Hydro or gear. gear's always with TA Foot throttle Cab, as rops was required by law Got a few # for you. #8788 Running tractor.As mentioned above, 2wd, gear drive. #9258 Currently not running, waiting for a D360 implant. As mentioned above 2wd,gear drive. Will get fenders when it's back and running #14051 Currently not running, need engine and tranny work. As mentioned above 2wd hydro #16642 Part tractor will never run again Was as mentioned above 2wd, gear drive #8707 Running tractor as mentioned above 2wd, gear drive All these is located in Denmark, Europe Andreas
  2. "New style" mounted in a 86. Pics follows the connections from pedale to pump. No connection to the original cable in dash. I think if one got a sticky trottle cable like me it would be annoying to have foot trottle go through those connections. The "new style" shaft/rod connections is straight to pump and very comfortable. I'm a short leged guy so it's okay for me, but don't think a tall guy would like it in this position.
  3. Yes Ed, you can borrow it no problem. Pm me your adress. Tried the part no. here too without luck. I tried my best to put it in a 86 without removing any of the original parts. Can't se why it should'nt fit. A bit difficult to take good pics.
  4. Could this be the missing link ?? Even got a part no. on it 2779090R91 Not the best light, I know.
  5. Took these "old style" parts out of a 1086 that was updated to "New style"
  6. This is how it was done in Sweden. From the 33-3788 parts book. This is "old style" first picture and "new style" second..
  7. "The salvage yard I work in" A bit off I know but do you get your payment in tractor parts ?? I know I would ๐Ÿ˜ Must be hard to handle all these parts over once you've gotten the red fever๐Ÿ˜†
  8. Ed. About a year or so ago, there was a topic about this manifold was about to be produced. Riley`s or somthing like that was mentioned. Is this the final result ?
  9. https://madison.craigslist.org/grd/d/ih-100-hydro-black-stripe/6282924167.html I have no connection to this tractor.
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