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  1. I agree with others try something light then. Also none +p. Or no FMJ. Could be any of them causing the inconsistency. You might have to buy multiple boxes of different brands to find something it likes. Good luck. Roy
  2. Most likely is the ammo more specific the grain of the bullet. Try a heavier grain bullet and see how it shots. Roy.
  3. Nice video Bill. It was a great day and I was honored to be able to participate. Thanks to everyone involved in this great event. Roy
  4. I have mine in the house in a climate controlled environment. With all the money involved in the safe and fire arms I don’t want to expose it to any More moisture than it needs to be. Roy
  5. It was. Lots of really nice trails with beautiful views. And stayed right off the lake.
  6. Spent a couple days on the trails on the north shore early this week. Had a great time with friends
  7. Just curious what you’re using for powder and how much ? Roy
  8. Yes lots of character for a young deer probably caused by the tight collar. I have all the tracking info from DNR from the time it started and distance traveled. Pitchers 2019 1 1/2 year and 2020 2 1/2.
  9. It was !! He was 2 1/2 yr old when harvested. was collared at about 9 mo. He’s neck was growing in too the collard the results were nasty
  10. Here in se Mn the Dnr has put radio collars on deer with ear tags.
  11. There’s a guy on vintagesleds.com that makes track’s for the older sleds. I would look there for him. Roy
  12. I’ve replaced some and had to re-wire so they had 110 power on one end. I used 5k leds. Way brighter than the old bulbs.
  13. Hy-capacity has three versions a standard duty - heavy duty - super duty t/a. The super duty is very aggressive. That’s probably what you have.
  14. I’ve got one. But can’t tell ya the god or bad stuff about it as I’ve never fired it. Just liked the idea.
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