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  1. I have RadarNow. And a local one on my phone.
  2. His rack has all kinds of stuff. Lots of character. The collar is from are great Mn DNR. They’ve been tracking Deer because of CWD. We will get all of the tracking stuff in a few weeks from where and when he was collared to all his movement tell the battery went dead. Roy
  3. My cousin 12pt. 20 minutes in opener morning. Have pitchers for two years of him Roy.
  4. Around hear everyone is getting there results in 24 hr. That’s se Mn rochester area. Roy
  5. Yes blackhorn is a cleaner burning black powder with a lot less fouling. And claim more shots with out swabbing Barrel But seams expensive 40$+ for a 10oz can.
  6. Has anyone used Blackhorn 209 powder. And what is your thoughts on it. I just bought a new muzzleloader and was thinking about giving it a try. I’ve used pyrotechnics and 777 in the pas but want to try something different. The gun is inline with a 209 primer 27” stainless barrel with 1:28 twist. Thanks Roy
  7. That tow package is available at your local big box home improvement center. And the best part it doesn’t have max tow rating.
  8. In Minnesota we can register year of manufacture plates to a vehicle. Pay for them once and done just like having a collector plate. I have a 34 truck plate on my Ratrod. Roy
  9. Looks similar to the one I have just adjustable. And I believe that they had something to do with horses shoes. For removing ice cleats or something like that. Roy
  10. My dad’s 706 grandpa’s 1206 my dad and his brother on a H i believed then my dad and uncle having a little fun
  11. Two I’ve got. It’s fun seeing all the different versions
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