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  1. kitz

    120 sickle mower

    Thanks for the replies
  2. kitz

    120 sickle mower

    here is a pic of what I have but it sounds like I this is what I have if you can see it ok but I guess I will get the individual pcs thanks
  3. kitz

    120 sickle mower

    it is a 7 foot mower the plate I need is as long as the knife
  4. kitz

    120 sickle mower

    yes full length wear plates cant seem to find one
  5. kitz

    120 sickle mower

    Hi I have a 120 sickle mower it has a plate with notches in it that supports the back of the knives mine is broke would anyone know where I can get a replacement ive looked at a lot of sites but cant seem to find it thanks
  6. kitz

    IH 444 Tractor fuel pump

    Check your float real well ive had problems with it binding on side of carb
  7. kitz

    c200 manifold

    Hi I have a 574 with a c200 gas engine and a underslung exhaust anyone have a vertical manifold they would want to trade tia
  8. kitz

    574 govenor

    would anybody know where I can get a governor for a c200 gas engine thanks
  9. kitz

    clutch disc

    Hi I have a 574 I am putting a clutch disc in. What side is flywheel side thanks
  10. kitz

    424 hyd control valve would anyone know what size fitting number 1 in picture is I need to install a 90 here for aux valve tia
  11. kitz

    C-200 ih engine

    where did you get a rebuild kit
  12. kitz

    c200 gas rebuild

    needing to overhaul my 574 gas c200 engine where can I get a decent overhaul kit thanks rick
  13. kitz

    How far would you drive a tractor home

    My older brother drove a 666 220 miles to a new residence
  14. kitz

    424 diff lock

    I got it finally just what Bernard said. it was filled with gunk thru the years it just needed some soaking. then pull bull pinion with cage at same time then remove bearing race off cage to pull the bull pinion out to get to the seal. you would have thought they could have figured out something easier to replace that seal. it was easy but a lot of work for a 7.00 dollar seal