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  1. Thank you dale560. I’ll have to check that over about the fan and belts
  2. I take that back. It was the 1460 that we had before the 1640. But as far as I know it was the stock setup. That’s been a while ago but we slowed the rotor and did some adjustments but never actually changed any parts
  3. We have a 915 combine we use to harvest wheat with. We disabled the chopper and spreader so that it lays the straw in a windrow ready to square bale. But we’re having problems with the fan not blowing the chaff out very good. I’ve tried adjusting the fan belt but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. I think it’s a poorly designed fan system and should have a fan blowing straight in from the bottom. This system has a fan pulling air from the side and blowing down and then back up through the ductwork. We’ve been thinking about redoing some of the ductwork and using a high speed 12 volt fan mounted closer to he bottom of the machine tp really push air through and hopefully get most of the chaff out. Has anybody done this or anything similar? We only do about 30 acres of wheat per year. The machine is in good shape otherwise so I hate to spend the money getting another combine. We have a 1640 for corn. We tried it on wheat but it absolutely destroyed the straw. I’m just curious if it’s possible to get a dc powered fan to blow that much air for the amount of time.
  4. I have a hydro 186 with a York compressor that broke the ac compressor belt. I put a new belt on and ran it but the clutch wouldn’t kick it. I checked the wire and it is getting power to the compressor clutch. I took the clutch off and tried to turn the compressor shaft but it will only turn about 3/4 of a turn either way and it seems like it catches hard either way. It will not turn past that point where it catches. Does anybody have an opinion on rebuilding or working on the compressor? It is only 3 or 4 years old. (thinking of fixing for a spare) I use this tractor to bale hay so I need it fixed yesterday. I ordered a new compressor and clutch. My main question is can I use the service valves to shut off the system and replace the compressor without losing all my refrigerant? Like I said, the system was redone about 4 years ago and doesn’t have leaks. Just a faulty compressor I believe.
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