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  1. Tires and Rims

    I'm hoping to get this tire and rim project done this weekend and I will try to post some pictures after it's done.
  2. Tires and Rims

    Here are the tractors. They have plenty of leaks and things that need attention. Seems like all I can afford is to keep them going, but some day I would like to fully restore all of my tractors.
  3. Tires and Rims

    Got the rims ordered and on the way to my tire man, who has the tires ordered. The 756 had clamshell fenders on it when I got it, but I never cared for them. I took them off and snagged the flattops off of my 706 and put them on. If I ever fix the 706, I might put the clamshells on it. Not getting much done at the time as I am working night shift off farm and getting a few hours in around here before bed. I put wd-40 on the wedge bolts yesterday and today and pulled the 826 up next to the 756 as close as I could to get a idea of how much taller the 18.4s on the 8 are compared to the old 15.5 on the 7 now. Looks like about 2.5 inches. I realized today that I have two different styles of axle wedges. Does this matter at all? Is there a better or preferred style? As far as I know I have always had the older style ( I think) with the four cap bolts. Am I right in thinking that the one bolt style is newer and is the same as the 66's? I have not had time to look at my 1566, but I think the one bolt ones are on my Uncle's 1466. I will try to post pictures.. Cotton1
  4. Nice truck! I have recently bought a 86 F9370 to eventually replace my 95 Freightshaker. The data plate on my engine is broken off and I cant get any info on it. I know its a 855 Cummins but have been wondering if its a big cam or little cam( fuel squeezer as my Dad calls them). I never considered the different eras of the 855, but can tell that the cooler on mine looks like the top picture listed on page 2. I used to be under the impression that a big cam 855 would have "Big Cam" in the block casting, but not sure. Other than the engine and the 9speed, I don't know how similar my new to me truck is to yours OP but I sure like what you did with your truck. One thing that caught my eye was the IH on the foot pedal.I was happy to go back to all mechanical engine as I think the problems I have been having with the Cat in my Freightshaker is ECM related. One other thing, I cant get the shift pattern down on the 9 speed yet. It seems touchy compared to the 10 speed. Any changes since the posts last fall?
  5. Tires and Rims

    Like has been said here, I probably will leave the 10.00 x 16 fronts on the 8 and see what they look like with the 38s on. They look tall with the 34s, forget the brand without looking. I think I have 6 bolt hubs/rims on the 706 and 756 and 8 bolt on the 8. I will look when I get the chance, but if that is right I will likely try the 11L x15 fronts on the 7. I have never seen 11Lx15 fronts on a tractor as I know of, but hopefully they would work with the rims I already have. Too bad about the combine rims, but thank you for saving me some trouble! Right now everything is on hold for a few more days. Tax appt is Friday and we did not do as well at keeping things caught up to date in 17. Hopefully all that will be behind me in a couple days and life can go on. And hopefully I don't have to pay back all my tire/rim money! Does anybody have pictures of their tractor with the 11L x 15 fronts they would share? Cotton1
  6. Tires and Rims

    1086Plowboy- the combine rims will not work with the tractors? Dumbfarmer- my 9.5 x 15 were snagged off of a 966 a friend of mine bought at auction probably 15-20 years ago. He put 10.00 x 16 on it as best I remember. Your post reminded me that I need to see if those are 6 or 8 bolt rims. Bitty- 11.00 x 15 might be what I need. Thanks for the heads up. Cotton1
  7. MCV gasket for non-ta 826

    I did most of the repairs today. Answered my own question about draining the oil, looked like I only lost about 3 gallons or so. When I finally do the complete fluid change I will take every plug under the tractor out and let it drain for a couple days. As noted earlier the oil looked really nice and clean and I do hate to change it out. It was nice and clear/golden coming out. My pump drive gear was in great shape, and almost cant be the original gear to the tractor. I reinstalled it happily! Anyways, today I got the MCV off, and the pump changed out. New gaskets installed and the unit installed back on the tractor. I did not have the new fluid I needed so I did not try to start the tractor up. I plan to start it up and see that everything is sealed and working properly after topping off the hydraulic fluid. If everything is good, I have the new springs to install in the MCV. I will replace those one at the time probably and make sure everything is okay after each one in case there is a problem. Sorry I don't have pictures. I thought about it, but my tractors are not as nice as most posted on here. That plus the way it was parked when the gasket blew out was not really ideal for a picture. So with this repair I have replaced the pump, and the MCV gaskets for a non-TA tractor as well as changed the hydraulic filter. I will report how it acts when I try it out, but have to work the next several days off the farm so it may be a while. Cotton1
  8. Tires and Rims

    Made a call today on the rims. I'm going to go ahead with the 18.4 x 38 on the 8, and put the 18.4 x 34 on the 7. It might take a while for me to get my money right to do it, but I will try to post pictures when I do. FWIW the 16 x 38 rims were $235 each and the step up rims were over $400 each. Now I wonder what is the best front tire combo with the rears. I have always thought that the 18.4 x 38 worked best with 11.00 x 16 and 18,4 x 34 worked best with 10.00 x 16 but my 826 as it sets today has that combination and the front looks too tall in my opinion. The fronts on the 8 are brand new as of the fall of 17 and I plan to see what they look like with the 38 inch rears. My 756 which will receive the 18.4 x 34s currently has 9.5l x 15 front rubber. I think they will be too small. What do you guys run with what size rear? I may need to buy some new rims for the front of one of the tractors as well as new front tires to get things straightened out around here. I just have a bunch of mismatched stuff here in my opinion since I bought them like that and used the tires up instead of changing them out immediately. As mentioned earlier, I would go to a big front tire on my 1566 if I new what that was and what size rim it needed. It currently has 11.00 x 16 on it. I also have a 1440 combine with 11.00 x 16 rears that could be changed out with one of the tractors. Like you may imagine, I will do what i want to in the end. I do want to hear your opinions and they don't have to coincide with mine! I don't get upset too easy. Just wanted to throw that out there since I am not a regular name on these forums. Thanks again to all who have chimed in so far! Questions: Is there a such thing as a 10.00 x 15? If so will they fit on the rims my 9.5l x 15s are on? The only other tractor I have had with 34 inch rears was a 4020 JD. It had 10.00x 16 fronts I thought, but they looked right together. My 8 looks tilted to the rear so to speak, and I don't like that. I will try to get some pictures of it when I get the MCV gasket repairs completed and the tractor moved to a better position for a picture. Cotton1
  9. What is the deal with the exhaust on the 806? First one I have seen like that, but that's not saying a lot.I'm not a collector or anything and never learned about all the different options. The 806 we used to have had the exhaust coming straight up like the 10s you have there. All of those machines you have look excellent to me. I enjoyed looking at the pictures. I also will want to reference this thread for the cab seals if I decide to fix the a/c in my 1566. I would like to have a nice 856 like that some day. Cotton1
  10. Tires and Rims

    Hey, thanks for all the input! I now have a lot of information to work with. I'm not sure what I messed up on the Google search, but I was not getting any leads on the rims. I will be calling Cross Machinery probably- thank you rsscott! The 16.9s are something to consider I guess. I could keep my rims and put 16.9 on the 7, but what I really want is 18.4x38 on my 8. I don't think I will ever go to a tire larger than 38 inch on my farm. As far as the work load goes, the 706 is down for mechanical failure. The 756 mostly uses PTO hp working hay, plus it's my loader tractor. The 8 also uses PTO power mostly with the sprayer and the batwing bush hog. I have a disc that is 16 ft (496 center section)but it is too heavy really for the 8.I sold my 13 ft field cultivator I used with the 8 but still have a chisel and some bottoms for it. I don't plow any more but if I get the notion to it will be with the 8. I'm probably going to stick with the 20.8 on the 15. It's job's are a 20 ft disc and a 19 ft field cultivator, maybe a subsoiler. I may have to keep running what's on it for a while, depending on how my money holds out. The 756 has to be addressed this spring. I would try to get some pictures but right now I am pulling 12 hr shifts off farm. Still need to get the pump and gasket repairs done on the 8 from New Year day! Thanks again! Cotton1
  11. Tires and Rims

    Thanks for the feedback! I really would like to find some 16 inch rims for the 18.4s, but don't know where to find them? I have not had much luck with the google finding new rims, and I did ask my local tire man when I was talking with him about the cost of the new tires yesterday. Even he couldn't tell me who to ask and 2/3 of his business is farm or logging. I used the 756 this evening to put out hay, so I was within walking distance. I went out and counted, they are indeed 12 hole centers on the 756 with just one weight per center. My plans are for bias tires. I tried radials in the past and just didn't see the benefit for me. Most of my land is within 5-6 miles now, and even when some of my fields were 20 miles apart I still didn't move enough to wear the tires down too quick in my opinion. I also didn't like the way the radials rode on the highway, which seemed backwards to me. In fact I took some decent 18.4 x 34 radials off of the 826 and replaced them with the 23deg Firestones (biased ply) several years ago. I have been happy with that set and thus want to put them on my other tractors now. Guess its needless to say, but I will be using tubes. I may consider tubeless with new tires on new rims if I can find them, but with these old rims they all get a tube. I wonder if the 15 will look weird with the 18.4s on it instead of the 20.8? If they will work and I do put the 18.4 on, I probably will just stick with the 11:00 fronts then. I probably didnt mention, but the 15 has factory rims as well as factory hub duals. I am guessing they are 18 inch rims but don't know that for sure. Cotton1
  12. Tires and Rims

    I need to buy some rear tires for several tractors. I also want to change tire sizes on several tractors when I do buy the new tires. The time to act is now since Firestone is giving a hundred dollars off on their tires from February 1 until the end of March I think. That is important because I like the 23 degree rears on my 826 and would like to put those on all of my tractors eventually. Now this is going to get a little complicated so please be patient. Here is what I have currently: 826 has 65-70% tread 23 degree Firestone 18.4 x 34 rears with brand new 10.00 x 16 fronts. 756 has 15.5 x 38 Goodyear rears that are completely bald and 9.5 x 15l fronts that are 80%. 1566 has 20.8 x 38 Safemark rears that are bald and 11.00 x 16 Goodyear fronts that are 50%. What I want to do : 1. Take the 34 inch rears off of the 8 and put them on the 756. 2. Put the 38 inch centers on the 826 and put 18.4 x 38 23 degree Firestones on. 3. figure out which front best works with which rear, but thinking of going a little bigger on the front of the 1566 and putting the 11.00's on the 826, and thus the 10.00's on the 756. Now here are my questions : 1. Do I need 16 x 38 rims for the 18.4's? I think the 15.5s are on 14 inch rims. 2. Will 18.4 tires work on the 1566 that currently has 20.8 rubber ( not sure if these are 18 inch rims or what)? 3.what size fronts work best with which size rears? 4.What size tire is the next up from the 11:00 and what size rim do I need for that?(14L?) 5.I need a good place to buy rims from that are durable- I do all of my farming with these old machines.Any good experiences/suggestions? If the 18.4s would work on the 1566 I might get a better deal for buying 6 of them at the time, other than that the 20.8s are about 300 more each than the 18.4s. I have always hated the 15.5 x 38 tires but had them on my 706 and they were what was on the 756 when I bought it 5-6 years ago and I just got the good out of them. They are not good for me though since it makes the rear so close to the ground. I mostly work hay with the 756 and the ground clearance is a pain when the windrows are full. The hitch pen drags in the hay. I am sure the 18.4 x 34's will pick the rear of the 756 up enough to cure that problem( thinking 4-6 inches taller?). I also have always thought the 34's looked too small for the 826, probably since my Grandads 806 and 1206 both had 38 inch rears when I was coming up. Not sure how 16.9's would suit me, we have never ran them on any of the tractors here. They seem like they would be too narrow for a 826?? I believe the axles are the same on the 826 and the 756 so not too worried about that part. It would be good for my bank account if the rims that the 15.5s are on would work for the 18.4's, but I dont want to live with a mess for years to come either, would rather have the correct rim for the tire. Thanks in advance for any help, Cotton1
  13. 1586 and vacuum planter

    I ran a 7300 vacuum planter with my 1086 and a PTO pump back when. It was just a 4 row planter, but hooked up to a strip till rig. I just made a bracket and mounted a small tank to the frame of the planter, maybe 8 or 10 gallon, and a Prince pump on the 540. The regulator was already on the planters when I got them. Everything worked great until I got into a real hard pull and the RPMs dropped. The vacuum had a small operating window for the planters to work like they should and it would cause inconsistency in my stands of cotton in those places. I bought a 4640 for a reasonable price and used it to pull the planter with then and never had anymore skips,running through the tractor. I did not try it on the 10, but would guess that the operation of the planter would be better running through the tractor vs the way I tried it with the pump. That said the PTO pump may not be a problem in a no-till situation, or when pulling the planter only on fairly level ground.As others suggested, if you do use the tractor make a direct dump for the return side. Cotton1
  14. MCV gasket for non-ta 826

    Had just a little time to start on the pump today. I went ahead and put the new filter in and started looking over the MCV, and I had planned to go ahead and drain the oil. I have a question about that though. My service manual is sorta vague(IT) and doesn't really tell me what I want to know. My tractor does not even have the threads in the housings to drain the axles like my 706 so it must be updated(factory?). Under the bottom there are 3 plugs that I know about: One under each axle and one in the middle above the draw bar. I cant remember if I have to remove all three or can I just remove the ones on each side? When I changed the filter the oil looked nice and clean mostly, but the filter did need changing. There was a bit of metal in there which makes me wonder what else could be going on, reminded me of a chip off a gear tooth. The tractor was in the edge of a cut over I had been bush hogging when the seal blew out and I was sorta thinking to just drain the center section, get the new pump and seals in and do the oil change later on with another new filter. I would prefer to get the oil nice and hot before draining for one thing, and the bush hog is hooked up for another. That will make getting the center rear plug out kind of a pain, but it was the only one I was thinking about before rolling under and remembering the axle drain plugs. Just doing the center section for now makes sense to me but I would like to know what you all think. I'm wondering if the drive gear on the pump is chipped. I was planning on flipping the gear over if it looked worn on the one side but maybe I should just go ahead and get a new one here before removing? Any suggestions? Cotton1
  15. MCV gasket for non-ta 826

    What I can tell you about mine: 358 diesel, gear, no T/a, wide front, 34 in rears, dual remotes and dual PTO, 3 pt hitch and drawbar, open station. What all of that was factory vs changed out/ modified over time I can't say. I would like to swap out the rear hubs with my 7 since it has 38in. Go 34/10.00 on the 7 and 38/11.00 in the 8. Not sure if the axles are the same, but I'm thinking they are. Cotton1