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  1. I had 31-13.50-15 on one once. I used the ordinary rims and tires that were off our NH 900 chopper that we had upgraded to 16.5-16.1 . Pulling an old IH #10 granidrill it was nice to float anywhere
  2. I have wanted to put a 15' wide star on top of one of the flush towers. I figure it could be made out of some 1/2" round stock all trussed together and install it. LED lights would be the best way if I ever get around to it.
  3. I wish Red was in charge of the direction of the way the next generation is coming along. My neighbor growing up had a rumour that was said by kids in school that he loaded rock salt in the shotgun and hit kids when they trespassed on his property via the power line that went through. I asked him about it and he laughed and said don't correct the fact that it wasn't true
  4. We had one at the barn but it seemed to not work with the slightest bit of oil in the water. We went back to manually draining it. It then goes through a refrigerated drier . We have a pair of Kaiser screw compressors that run a lot
  5. Euro tractors went between 22 to 27 on the boxcar Magnums from what I've seen depending on how new it was. Newer ones are faster by changing the constant mesh gear ratio
  6. bitty


    You have the serial number for trying to find it ......
  7. You live in a bubble ..... I know people that could do that very thing and NEVER notice it. So many people as a matter of fact I can't count them on my fingers It wouldn't take very much of an angle if the front PTO U-joint is almost above the drawbar pin hole to make a bad chatter. That would require a CV at the front to properly set up. Biggest thing that shortening the drawbar up is it will jackknife the hitch against the tires much sooner than the proper geometry set up from the factory
  8. We have a snap-on 1/2" cordless impact that has been going bad somewhere in the trigger or battery connection. Today we took delivery of a new Ingersoll Rand 20v to replace it with. I am impressed with most of it besides the made in China label. Hopefully it will work as well as the air ones that we have from Ingersoll. It's the same lbs of torque as the air ones that we are using. Package deal including the charger and 2 batteries. Wasn't cheap but I think it will be used a lot.
  9. Is this the type with banjo bolt fittings on the hoses? I have seen the neighbors tractor that didn't run because the fittings were switched and the one has a check valve to maintain pressure in the injection pump
  10. If slid in the PTO geometry gets incorrect fast also while turning
  11. You can remove the accumulators from the tractor and take to the dealership to service them . I would suggest you mark them and put them back the same as if you have any issues with the one leaking slowly it will show up the same problem as it would theoretical have now .
  12. We only bought a few of the old flouresent light style that convert to LED. We found you can get more LED for the dollar buying a stand alone LED light from the beginning. The fact that in the instructions you gut the housing, take the ballast out and discard it was a waist of time and money to me. We got some lights on Amazon that have worked nice so far
  13. It sounds like it going into 18th then slipping. The gear indicator just compares speed and engine rpm or determine what gear it's in
  14. That's hunting. I thought it was a 5-10% chance he might be on us compared to where I was seeing him. I tried what I could. We had our mechanic at the end of the the property, me covering the other end hoping one of us might get lucky enough to see him.
  15. These are two pictures of the one I was looking for. He was about 3/4 mile from where I was the first day when he was gotten. First one is the guy who got him. He looks like he's nicer than I thought he was . I had many pictures of him from July through just before archery started . I saw him twice chopping corn, once 300 yards from our one place and once mowing oats right after archery ended 60 yards from my stand . Lol
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