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  1. It has no click when I crank it over now. It's a f4 on a w12 roller. I will invest in the book. I have had a couple apart in the past to clean up, but haven't dealt with the impulse before. I will make the puller and go from there. I really appreciate the pictures posted, that will help a lot. Thank you.
  2. Well the impulse was clicking like usually does when it started, then clicking stopped and the tractor died. It has plenty of fuel and magneto is hot. I'v been bit with it. What else could have happened to cause this?
  3. I have a f4 magneto that the impulse quit working right after starting the tractor. It has no snap. I suspicion a spring problem. Has anyone taken one of these apart? I have the impulse pulled off the magneto and wanted advice before proceeding any further? Thanks in advance for your input.
  4. I was looking at the Waukesha f12 tractors on the Don Hershey auction and was wondering what serial number did they move the serial number tag from the hood to the front fuel tank support? Correct me if I am wrong, but weren't the very first ones on the rear fuel tank support before going to the hood? Thanks for your input in advance. Some nice tractors on that auction.
  5. See if you have a Minneapolis Moline collector or salvage guy in your area. A lot of them ran that tire size. I found a pair that way. Chances are if you do find them, they won't be cheap. Good luck.
  6. markat


    We are getting into bees for the first time also. We have a group of experienced and fairly new bee keepers that meet once a month. The information we have gleaned so far is valuable. I would bet there's a group meeting somewhere around you .My wife and I took the beginning course also. Books also help. We got into it because of having swarms showing up at a maple tree in my front yard. I've given away several swarms and asked the last guy, who picked them up, how to learn about it. This is the direction he steered us. Good luck with your bees.
  7. I agree with R190, the dealer I visited with years ago said the same thing, white cap white was used.
  8. One thing to keep in mind, if any animal or plant diseases exist within the country, of origin, getting farm equipment might be tough to get in this country. I know of one instance of this happening. That guy got to know his congressman and senators real well. He did get his tractor in here. It took the better part of a year to get it.
  9. Clearing customs would be the biggest hurdle. That's a nice collection. Love to have any of the old titans or moguls!
  10. How many hydro 86 tractors were there built? I have a friend that has a hydro 86 high crop, he was curious on total number built and, if possible, the number of high crops built. Thanks in advance.
  11. There would be a rise in unemployment if racism didn't exist. Lot of people collect a lot of money from it.
  12. Make sure that the fuel passages and air have no restrictions. A small spider nestled in a passage caused mine to do the same thing and a mud dobbers nest in an air cleaner caused issues with my buddies 620 John Deere lp. Good luck
  13. Isn't behlen still in business? I see bale spears made by a behlen company? Isn't it the same company?
  14. Thanks for posting. Looked like the place to be.
  15. Were there any super m lp or super m diesel tractors built at the Louisville plant? I've never seen any and I saw someone advertising for one. Had my curiosity up. Thanks in advance for your input.
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