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  1. I went up the road yesterday to get fuel. Turned the flashers on and everything worked fine. When I got back home the flashers weren't flashing - they were staying lit. Turned the switch to check all other lights and they worked fine. Turned the switch to the off position and the flashers stayed on (not flashing). Had to unplug the switch to cut them off. Is the switch bad or is it something else?
  2. Should have been titled the incomplete history of the machines that built America with the omission of International Harvester. Makes you wonder how much more is not told in these "documentaries".
  3. I heard that on Hee-Haw. It was a little ditty that was done by Buck Trent.
  4. He was absolutely the man on acoustic & bluegrass guitar. He set the standard for all that followed him and still no one has equaled him. I was lucky enough to see him play live on several occasions. He could amaze you with that Martin D28! Look up Tony Rice Strawberry '86 on youtube.
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