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  1. (waiting...) (Got to be soon, now...) (waiting...)
  2. This has got to be one of the coolest projects that has ever been on the forum! Practicality be darned!
  3. Glad to hear you got your problem fixed. In the future, I wouldn't check for hydraulic leaks/pressure with your thumb, or any other body part. High pressure, small diameter streams of hydraulic fluid (like from a pinhole leak) can do a lot of damage to human flesh.
  4. Nice! That is a pretty similar rig to mine...IH 1300 on a Fordson Dexta with the Perkins diesel...maybe the same engine as yours? Its been in the field a few times this years, mowing hay. Just used it this evening, in fact. It rained this afternoon. I wanted to mow hay afterwards, but the haybine was getting plugged up. So I went and got this ol trusty rig. Maybe the wettest hay I've ever mowed with a sickle mower. But, good guards, sharp sickle, set right...got the field mowed anyway.
  5. I don't have any idea. It was on there when we got it.
  6. I knew you would enjoy that 4400. Looked like a good one. Glad to hear its doing good for you. They're tough ol' tractors.
  7. That is an 861, recently painted, new clutch, rebuilt injector pump. It is a great tractor, perfect for the baler. The ONLY thing it needs, to make it better, is power steering. We're on the lookout, it will have it eventually.
  8. We started hayin last week, just a few acres to try everything out. Had a few breakdowns, but had everything working good by the end of the week. Thought you all would enjoy the pictures. Three of us put up about 800 bales in the barn, over a couple evenings, with no sweat or hired labor. All gathered with an accumulator behind the baler and loaded and stacked with the grapple. I did load 80 by hand, in a field that was too small and too rough to use the accumulator. And some orchardgrass yet to be mowed. I know some of you are cringing that we let it get that mature before we mow. But we don't have weather to put up dry hay around here until early May most years. So the first cutting gets a little more mature than I'd like.
  9. Nice job! I know skid steers and bulldozers are good at lots of more important jobs, but I've gotten more enjoyment out of building roads and trails in the woods with my dozer than anything else I've used it for. Took these the other night walking to the barn, thinking how much I enjoy my "roads."
  10. Lucas Red n Tacky seems to last pretty well in the sickle head.
  11. Just mowed some thick first cutting orchardgrass with this one. Looks the roughest of my three mowers but it cuts good! You can see my 9' trail type hiding in the shed behind it.
  12. They are great. I have 3 IH balanced head mowers, still mow hay with them. They are pretty reliable if you keep them greased. I've heard that the heads are a booger to rebuild, but I haven't had to rebuild one. Is it a 3 pt, 2 pt, semi-mount, or trailer? I've bought 3 pt machines for $500 in field ready condition. Trailer machines might fetch a little more. Like any sickle machine, check the clearance between guards and knives. It's probably a safe bet to just go ahead and plan to replace all the guards, unless they look pretty new. Grab the pulley on the back side of the head, make sure it rotates smooth, make sure sickle goes back and forth smooth. Check the universal joints in the driveline, and the bearings where the input shaft goes through the mower frame. Check the pivot shaft (connects from cutter bar to the main frame). There are 2 grease fittings that grease where that shaft pivots, make sure there isn't excessive slop there. Make sure trip latch (underneath main frame) isn't siezed up. Thats about all there is to them. I really like balanced head mowers.
  13. Nice job, and good for you for giving that 240 some exercise. I really like that 3 pt adaptor, now I want one!
  14. Looks to me like its based off a 4000. Probably a 3 cylinder. Im gonna say 1970-1970 vintage.
  15. Sorry, pal, I made the shop take them back. You might could have gotten by with using one or two on a truck with otherwise good wheels, but 6 out of round wheels made the truck literally undriveable. And I tried everything to get them to balance. I could see if they could order any more - they sent mine back to the distributor. I think they were...$150 each, something like that. But that was 2 years ago, we know what prices have done since...
  16. I bought a full set of new steel one piece double coined wheels for my 74 F350 a couple years ago. They were hard to find. And so badly out of round, they couldn't be balanced out. They looked fine, but must have been manufactured wrong. I had to put the split rims back on. Good luck...
  17. When mine have done that, it's been something stopping up the oil passage on the bar or the corresponding oil hole in the side of the saw where the bar mounts.
  18. That doesn't look like any IH crawler I know of... ??
  19. Cant see the head shape too good. I would say copperhead, but usually their tails are kinda stubby.
  20. Depends on if you want a project to wrench on, or a machine to use? Tracked projects are tougher by several factors than wheeled projects. If you choose to tackle it, good for you. But better grab the checkbook and a new ink pen... they can get expensive. Pictures would greatly help the folks on here that know these machines to assess the condition and offer you their educated opinions.
  21. Yes I think you are. I have 3 of these mowers. One has a cable, I have the end of it in a big eye bolt that bolts through the hole in the drawbar. One has a chain, I wrap it around the drawbar support. The third has a hydraulic cylinder. You may have to play with the length of the cable or drawbar settinf to get the cutter bar level when the mower frame is the height you want it for mowing, and raises the bar out of the hay enough when you raise the lift a little (but not enough to rub the driveline). Hope this helps.
  22. Can I ask roughly what that alemite gun cost? I understand you may have gotten a discount, just looking for a ballpark idea. I've been really disappointed in the last couple farm store grease guns I've bought. Thanks!
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