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  1. X3. Goes under the seat on the right hand side. 706, 806, probably lots of others.
  2. One consideration - has anyone else noticed that in very dusty conditions the LEDs just seem to reflect back and blind you? LEDs are great for most things, but seems like for dusty work, halogens are still superior. Just my observation.
  3. I know we have Canada, Great Britain, France, Finland, Germany, Australia, good ol NZ, and even South Africa. Wondering if we have any members in Ireland?
  4. That replacement set will come with the three cushions. #1 should have a metal bottom. #5 will have a metal backing. The kit will not come with the three brackets between the base and curved cushion (3 and 32) and between the curved cushion and top cushion (6). One suggestion - as nice a restoration as you are doing, I might suggest spending more for a better quality cushion set. I bought that same economy set for my 706 maybe 7 or 8 years ago. It's not held up well, and tractor is always inside when not in use. It's okay for a using tractor, but I bet you'll be disappointed in that seat set in a year or two.
  5. So I can see how Russia would get their hands on one...but how did Germany and Japan manage to do that? I would have thought we would have done all possible to prevent that, to the point of destroying them if necessary. You don't leave good equipment behind for the enemy to get their hands on and use against you, if you want to win. And back then (at least) we wanted to win.
  6. Pulled the square baler and accumulator behind the 706 today. No cab, no canopy, pretty enjoyable, temps in the low 80s. Pulled the Krone round baler behind the 5610. Canopy. Dustier. Cab woulda been nice.
  7. I hear that a Detroit is a popular repower option for those. Supposed to drop in and bolt right up...
  8. That option was only offered in the domestic market, apparently. Not for export, sorry.
  9. I have seen that tractor in person in downtown Boise. Kind of an odd display, those tractors behind glass. Not much else around them us promoting ag. Not sure what it IS promoting. I found Boise to be an odd town. Not bad, just...some odd folks there.
  10. Probably a 2300 series Holley
  11. Glad it went well, hope the total exceeds your expectations!👍
  12. Local fair pull was last night. We decided to go big, took 5 tractors this year. Didn't do too bad, took a 2nd in the 5500 stock with the Super M, and a 3rd in 4500 stock with the 901 Ford. We also pulled the Super M and MTA in the modified class, just for fun. They held their own okay against those modified tractors. His some pictures for you.
  13. Well worth saving, good for you. We love our Super M.
  14. Actually I get that. I sold a Bronco for the same reason. If I'm NOT using something, and it's going downhill, I'd rather see it get back on the road. The Bronco got a restoration by the new owner, lookes great. It would still be sitting in the fencerow if it were here. So I understand that.
  15. And for the record, I'm going with that tracked swamp cat thing from the other thread.
  16. Is there room to get the center lid off and work on the valve?
  17. I'm still waiting for one of you talented guys to build the famous Farmall R. @DirtBoyz07 ? Or perhaps the mad genius of @AngrySailor? Somebody explain to him the R, he could build it!
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