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  1. 656 hydro wide front row crop 856 5088 2wd C/H/A
  2. Got mine out and used her this evening just for you all.
  3. Ext cab short bed for daily driver. Prefer the maneuverability and looks. Regular cab flatbed if I need to haul much. Or daily driver and a trailer. But that's just me.
  4. Man who run behind car get exhausted?
  5. (Won't see nothin like that in a "Tennessee Country Store." Just sayin...)
  6. Whatever you do, don't hang them off the front of your canoe or you'll break the front axle!
  7. Best pics I could find on short notice. '64 with 263. Really like it. 26xx hours.
  8. "Golden Corral" syndrome?
  9. We watched it. We liked it. Language was bad, everything else was enjoyable. I liked his kid helper who lived only 75 km from London, had only been there once, with no interest of going back!
  10. (Man I wish I could find that "beating a dead horse" emoji...)
  11. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt! How about the ones with the brand new Dodge or Chevy diesel, fancy living quarters trailer, and they write you a bad check or an IOU that they never bother to make right? I am still doing it though...
  12. Are you referring to the one on the roof or the one in the fridge?
  13. Interesting means of transferring power in the electrall setup. Funny that it never caught on like PTO and hydraulic power.
  14. Just one hill of cantaloupes on the end. Usually they don't do as well as the watermelons, but this year they look really good. 12 or 13 cantaloupe setting on.
  15. Thats where the fill plug is on mine. No fast hitch, though.
  16. Here's our watermelon bed. Same way we've done for several years. Hills are formed and fertilizer added before we stretch the plastic. Then roll out 16'x100' plastic. Then cut holes where the hills are and set plants. After it all gets rained on a time or two, and the plastic has sort of settled into place, we go through and punch holes in the "ponds" where the water stands. This way, no pools of standing water to get stagnant, and free simple irrigation. We usually figure 5 melons per plant. Used to be more when we had more pollinators. I need to get the electric fence up around them today to keep out varmits and watermelon theives!
  17. Yes, sorghum syrup is still a thing. Several on here have made or still make it. I am in the "have made" category. Lot of work.
  18. I got some from the CIH dealer for me 706 last year. Don't know if they are the same lines or not. Rusted through under the radiator?
  19. Those headlights are round...and on... But I agree, the truck has '79 headlights.
  20. There is a combine 153 advertised in the August Red Power, if anyone wants to replicate Bitty's puller project. (I know I do...)
  21. Can't answer that, Todd. Used to, there was a DG in every little town, like you said. That started changing about 10 years ago, when DG started building stores like there's no tomorrow. Now, they put them on the highway near turnoffs to rural communities. Every one of those you saw, nearby would be a road leading back into the sticks, where there is a rural community. For example, to get to our DG, we go 8 miles out the main road (basically one way in or out where I live), then a mile down the highway. So it services a couple communities plus some campgrounds out by the lake.
  22. They used to make them near here, in Knoxville. Employed a lot of people. I still have a blanket lined jacket made there. They were my go-to pants for years. 505 and 517. They moved production to Mexico, but quality was still okay. Got just a few pair of the Mexico ones hanging in the closet that I only wore to church and such. Last few times I tried to buy, they're thin, cheap-made, don't fit right. After all this in-your-face mess, I think I'm done too. May even throw out or give away the ones in the closet.
  23. Here's the one I built. 135 gallon tank. 28' boom. Could use a bigger tank...
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