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  1. Vintage Aerial

    Wish you all hadn't shown me this...
  2. 706 leaking oil at pedestal

    So I was using the 706 today to move some hay equipment around for servicing. The 706 has pretty much sat in the shed all winter. After running for several minutes, I noticed what looked to be hydraulic oil leaking onto the from tires (narrow front). The oil (or whatever) seemed to be coming from where the pedestal mounts up between the frame rails, under the radiator. There is a grease fitting just below or above that place, the one to grease the front steering pedestal, sort of behind the weight bracket. Sorry, I didn't have anything with me to take a picture. Does this lead sound familiar to anyone. It seemed like a fair amount of fluid, and I don't remember seeing it before today. Thanks!
  3. 706 leaking oil at pedestal

    Thanks, guys. That seems reasonable, just didn't have time to investigate it further today. I will pull the grill and check those lines. When I came in today and told my wife about my day, and the new leak on the 706, she said, "Well, just ask your Red Power friends on the internet. They always come through for you." You're dern right they do! Your quick response to my problem is why RED POWER FORUM is so great!
  4. 350U overheating until it's not

    Had a vehicle that did that. Thermostat was staying shut until it was very hot, then opening. New thermostat fixed the problem.
  5. HT International on Dallas Craigs list

    Nice body! And how bout the shine on that 70 year old chrome!
  6. SOS in Vienna, Illinois

    Got a friend broke down in Vienna, Illinois on their way to St Louis. Any of you guys located near there?
  7. Local craigslist post shows some 100 lb suitcase weights, he says are for IH. Look right to me, but no "IH" stamped in them. He says he has several, and is asking $100 each. What do you all think about that price?
  8. Need off-color electrical help!

    Need some help, guys. The Fordson Dexta I acquired in the fall has electrical issues I can’t figure out. Can I just say first that I hate electrical problems? I sort of understand hydraulics and fuel systems and such, but I don’t understand electricity at all! Anyway, here’s the deal: The tractor is very hard to start with the starter. With the old battery, which tested good, the starter would turn too slow to start the engine. At first, you could hook jumper cables to a vehicle or another tractor and start it, but soon that didn’t work either. So I put a new battery in it. Started great...for about 4 days. Then, you couldn’t start it if you hooked it to 3 hot batteries! Next, I took the starter to a repair shop to check it out. They said it was bad, and I bought a rebuilt one. Didn’t fix the problem. Then I thought maybe the ground and battery cables were too small (4 gauge) so I replaced them with 1 gauge, with all ends soldered on. No better. I have now pulled the new interstate battery to swap it tomorrow with another new one! I suspect it will start good for a day or two, then be right back like it is. I understand the generator may not be charging right, but why can’t I jump it off at least? By the way, if you roll it off, the engine is running before it’s made two revolutions. My uncle told me when I picked it up, “The charging system on this thing isn’t the best!” Boy, was he ever right. Anyway, thanks for reading all this. Any suggestions?
  9. Need off-color electrical help!

    To answer your questions first - The rebuilt starter appears to have the same bendix as the old one, which had been on the tractor for a long time, so I think we are ok there. The charging system seems to work. I have put our alternator tester from work on it, and it runs between 12.5 and 13.5-14 volts. Also, when I start the tractor, it usually runs 30 minutes to 2 hours before being shut down. I would think that is plenty of time to recover the battery. And that is in the daytime, so no lights on. I have replaced ground cable and the starter cables with 1 gauge. So since I've been on here... The battery, which I put in new in December, tested bad. So I have a new battery to go in it. My question is, do you think I just got a bad battery (which is certainly possible) or did the evil Lucas charging system kill it? I am going to put the new battery in, start it (if it will start), let it run an hour or so, then shut down and take a battery cable off as described above to see if there is a drain on the battery. Thanks for all the help so far, and I will let you know what happens next.
  10. Pick One To Restore

    Radio works, but its missing the antennae, so it doesn't pick up good if you aren't stationary.
  11. Need off-color electrical help!

    Good suggestions so far, folks. The tractor is a diesel with 12v positive ground. I have tried running a second ground cable (jumper cable) to other points on the frame, but that didn’t seem to make a difference. I will try that method to the starter body, though. I will check to see if there is a drain when the tractor is off, but if that was the case, I should still be able to jump it off, right? You could be onto something with it being something mechanical causing hard cranking. I wish it had a hand crank so I could get.a feel for what’s going on. But to answer your question, it won’t even turn over the first time at speed. Just “grr, grr, grr” from the get go. It has an external solenoid (replaced, didn’t help a thing) and a lever type contact on the starter.
  12. Pick One To Restore

    Not long after we got it. Keep in mind I had just washed it - the tractor is not shiny when dry. But still, I think its a pretty nice old machine...
  13. Pick One To Restore

    I have studied over that 404 in VA...tempting. Also, I have a NF 706 gas 2-pt. It shows low hours (<2000) on a working tach, had good tires all the way around, and decent paint. I considered it a fair deal at $4500 a few years ago. And I really like it. Since you have a 756 gas, the 706 gas would be a very similar tractor. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing to you.
  14. horn seeder

    Sorry what is a horn seeder?
  15. Letter Series at Work

    Few more pictures.
  16. Letter Series at Work

    Couldn't find much on short notice. Here's the Super M waiting to do its customary job - pull hay trailers. In the background of the second picture you can see the C at its regular task - pulling a rake. I'll see if I can find some more. Like you guys, we use the old ones for things they can do.
  17. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    My grandpa - You’re doin fine, but we’ll be done quicker if you hit that nail a little more frequently. My FIL when you ask him for a 9/16 wrench because you can’t find it anywhere. He picks up the 9/16 wrench that was laying on the ground by your left foot, hands it to you, and says, “Just use this til you find one.”
  18. Deutz

    We had a dealer here, so there are several around. Like some have said, they have a good reputation around here. Folks that have them, keep 'em. I think the earlier ones are better thought of. Seems like some had a fully synchronized transmission. We have a wheel loader now with a duetz air cooled engine in it, works good.
  19. park lock pawl pivot pin under cover 886

    When we put the park upgrade kit in the 706, I think we tacked it in about 3 places with a 7018 or 6011. Like Travis said, I don't think there is much pressure on it in a horizontal direction.
  20. Anyone seen a IH 66 series cab like this

    What are you thinkin on it, Danny?
  21. Anyone seen a IH 66 series cab like this

    That sure is a puny lookin loader...
  22. Need a good line drawing of a Farmall

    I'm have some receipts printed up for the farm, and thought it would be nice to decorate them with a simple image of a Farmall. Does anyone have a nice, simple line drawing of a letter series, 06 series, or something that would look nice on a receipt that you would be willing to share? I tried to edit some of my own photos, but couldn't come up with anything that I thought would show up well enough. Thanks.
  23. Need a good line drawing of a Farmall

    Timbo, how would you feel about me using one of these OS-6 pictures?
  24. Need a good line drawing of a Farmall

    Thanks guys. I would say they could make that “450” or that H work fine. It will just be a small image in the corner of the receipt, so I don’t think you will be able to see a lot of detail anyway.
  25. Ag census

    Now, I fill it out and send it back. And this year I got the long form, not the little simple one. The only reason I bother, is it might save me $50. See, a couple years back there was some federal drought relief money around here. If you went to the FSA office to sign up and you hadn't sent your ag census back in, you had to pay $50 or something before you were eligible for the relief money. So, I figure I can take a few minutes and fill it in, since it might save me a few dollars down the road. But other than that, I don't know if I would bother or not.