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  1. Found quite a few of them this year doing roadside mowing at work... thank goodness for enclosed cabs. About half of the time I don't see the nest and the hornets are bouncing off the glass after it gets obliterated.
  2. I see there's an 826 Hydro not too far from me in the PA listings.... if only cash wasn't in such short supply.
  3. Bates Corporation has them as well. Believe this is where I got mine.
  4. New member here, and started on my 51' Super C project in the garage here at home ( my wife has to park outside for a while). Replaced the head gasket a few years ago, and all the valves looked good, so that's one less thing to do. Mechanically, the tractor runs great, but the exterior needs attention along with some gaskets. It's not going to be a show tractor, and will be put to work along side my 460 when it's time to make hay this year. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures up when she's completed.
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