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  1. Those are some great pictures! Thank you for posting them.
  2. I have a few friends that worked for Hershey Estates.. they're helping me. I'll post when I get some more info.
  3. Made my inquiry with the Hershey Historical Society, and they allowed me to post the building that the dealership was in a few years later. Still digging. Photo was shared with permission of the Hershey Historical Society.
  4. I managed to find quite a few places I know on that web site, including my Great Grandfather's farm which I now make hay off of. Thanks for posting that link!
  5. If I get a chance, I'll go over to the Hershey Historical Society and inquire. The main reason for my inquest is the 1946 Farmall H my former boss owns that was purchased new from this dealership after his father was honorably discharged from the Navy after WWII. In their day, Hershey Estates provided more then enough milk to sustain Milton Hershey's Chocolate Plant, and the surrounding community, and had hundreds of Farmall and IH tractors and various other equipment up until the mid '80's. I actually used to own a Farmall 460 that was a former section 4 tractor, and still hav
  6. So as not to hijack someone else's thread on old dealership pictures, I was curious if anyone out there would have pictures of the IH Dealership that used to be in Downtown Hershey, PA. I know the address, and where the building used to sit ( it's now a parking garage, and multiple shops now) but I seem to be striking out when looking for pictures. All the old photos of Hershey only show the square, and the Chocolate plant. http://www.ihdealerspast.net/states/pa_ri.pdf Any help would be appreciated.
  7. When I was running with the Fire Department I helped with a body recovery of a man that was last seen 5 days prior by his neighbors... he lived in a single wide with no A/C. It was July, and he had 3 dogs. I didn't make it past the front steps and ordered all my people to wear Breathing Apparatus. Makes you wonder how those guys that fought in the Pacific Theater on prolonged battles could even function with rotting corpses all around, in tropical climates, and flies. God bless them.
  8. I just went through the same thing in my 806D. There are actually 2 O-rings on each end of that fitting.. and the parts that I got from CIH didn't seem to be the correct rings even though they had the correct part number. I ended up getting some out of an assortment set that worked. Just make sure the elbow is clean when you reinstall it.
  9. You're pretty close to me then. I have Stauffers work on my 806 occasionally.
  10. Bates Corporation has them as well. Believe this is where I got mine.
  11. New member here, and started on my 51' Super C project in the garage here at home ( my wife has to park outside for a while). Replaced the head gasket a few years ago, and all the valves looked good, so that's one less thing to do. Mechanically, the tractor runs great, but the exterior needs attention along with some gaskets. It's not going to be a show tractor, and will be put to work along side my 460 when it's time to make hay this year. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures up when she's completed.
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