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  1. 856 did you get dumped on yesterday morning? We got a tenth.
  2. Might get some corn planted tomorrow .
  3. That is the supply shutoff . Will try closing it to see what happens.
  4. There are companies that sell the rim and tire put together. The rim has to have the correct bolt pattern and offset.
  5. You need wider tires. I would suggest getting some airplane tires on rims for your tractor.
  6. The drill is listed in the auto trader. Anyone ever see a 750 with notill coulters mounted on it?
  7. Need to replace the short section of hose that goes from injector returns and hooks into the return line behind the fuel filters. Pulled the hose off the tee in the line and had fuel come out. How do you change this with out making a mess?
  8. They can be turned on and off. Must be stopped to do either.
  9. Prayers to those near the Missouri River.
  10. Why did they just drag the anaconda out of the water with the horse?
  11. Lot of good movies with Terence Hill and Bud Spencer.
  12. hanniedog

    The Dog Thread

    Next it will be herding cats.
  13. Was lucky enough to see Tim and Harvey at a small theater near me. They could get you going till you about wet your pants. RIP fellas.
  14. Run Silent Run Deep with Gable. Lancaster Rickles and many more.
  15. About got my zero turn stuck too. The grass was dry enough to mow but the ground wasn't. Will give it a try after noon today.
  16. Well from last Friday til today we have had close to 4 inches. Needless to say it is wet. and was wet prior to the rain. This being north central Ohio.
  17. Not a bad price for a tractor that had meaning to you. Glad you got it. Was gonna go but decided not on day of sale.
  18. I have to ask how much did it cost ya? Where was the sale? There was a 70 at auction near Marion back in March.
  19. My mom who was born in 1930 grew up around work horses. She said they had one that like to lean on you. When brushing her down you had to mindful not to get pinned against the stall.
  20. Between Thursday till today got about 3 inches. Prior to that the fields were like walking on a sponge. Really soggy now.
  21. Thanks Will check that out
  22. Engine will start and run a few seconds then shutoff. The fuel shutoff solenoid goes to run but drops out after engine fires up. She started right up yesterday and ran fine. Now this.
  23. hanniedog

    The Dog Thread

    She went out with her boots on so to speak.
  24. During cold weather allow the tractor to warm up some. The powershift will last longer.
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