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  1. Are the outlets the original international ones where you put in an adapter to use ISO ends? If so those adapters can cause problems.
  2. Have the outlets been switched to the ISO or do you still have the big outlets.
  3. try putting a different tip on the hose.
  4. The sale is on auctionzip but not Bonnigsons web page.
  5. There is an auction in mid june near Sandusky Ohio that has 1984 5488 with 1271 on the clock. One drawback it slips in odd gears. Bonnigson & Associates has the sale.
  6. There is a 986 around Bellevue Ohio with 1200 on the clock.
  7. Normally use the 1586 to pull the drill. Run in 1st gear at 2000-2100 rpm to go 6-6.5 mph. 1086 in first going about 5mph both turning 150-160 hp.
  8. If the 986 has 34 inch tires pass on it. Instead of going about 20 mph you will be closer to 15 .
  9. Went to local Walmart today and picked as clean as a road kill by a buzzard. Did get a pack of TP and a few other things. This was before the a-holes in Col did the lock down.
  10. Hear that hammering in the distance. That is Waldo Dewine and company putting the last nails in our economic coffin.
  11. The farm has a 1063 at present that needs rebuilt. Well there is a auction with 1063 that has the poly, hyd deck plates, row brushes and near new knives. Thinking why rebuild if we could get that head for a decent price.
  12. Any one who has done this got a ball park figure on cost. Thanks
  13. Silicone it is then.
  14. To those left behind the what ifs never go away. What if I had done this or that maybe it would have helped.
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