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  1. Gov surplus bins in Iowa

    6 smaller bins near Storm Lake Iowa. They are on govdeals.com. Just passing the info along.
  2. Case IH 1660 Combine

    The farm went from a 1460 to a 1666. You might get 3-3.5 mph from the 1460 in good corn. The 1666 would go 5mph all day long.
  3. 986 won't go into park

    On your shifting problem.. Lube the heck out of there moving parts under the range shifting lever. Then push lever upto the park lock gateway. Find yourself a hitch pin that with fit thru the slot and tap on the linkage right in front of the shifter lever. If you shine a light in there you will see the end of a spring tap on that. Hopefully it pops into park.
  4. 86 series flasher/turn signal.

    Is there an after market source for those units instead of the high dollar CNH ones.
  5. 2+2 from concept to the field

    From my perspective IH would have stood a much better chance of surviving if the86 series would have been power shifts
  6. Case ih 1666 rwa questions

    Call the parts guys at Burkharts in Bucyrus.
  7. Case ih 1666 rwa questions

    Which dealer did you try?
  8. Will I be committing sacrilege?

    Where are you located?
  9. White 9700

    Went to an estate several years back that had a 9700. Seems two bachelor brothers had plugged the thing. Instead of getting it unplugged, they just went out and got a new 2366. Seems they had come into some money via a land sale. Shame it was so late in their lives that they did not get to enjoy it.
  10. Thinking about a new toy

    I would want 350 hp to pull a 24ft turbotill.
  11. Super Parts People!

    The farm used to do business with a dealer 15 minutes away. That was until the farms co-owner went to get a part. Told her exactly what was needed and the owner of the dealership told her she was wrong and needed a different part. That was probably 20 years ago now. We use a dealer about 45 minutes away but knows their stuff. This dealer moved nearly a million dollars of parts on one day during their parts sale. These guys also farm and have been known to take parts off stuff they are running to get a customer going again.
  12. Narrow fronts

    Would love to see some 14l-16.1s on the front. If it could be done
  13. Grain bin collapse in Ohio

    350,000 bu or so.
  14. Grain bin collapse in Ohio

    Thanks for the up date.