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  1. Hood latch was junk. So we got two truck hood latches. Just pull the rubber straps to latch or unlatch easy peasy
  2. Lost 5 more yesterday and two today,.
  3. Walked out to the coop looked in the door a saw dead chickens seven in all. Shook the door and either a mink or weasel ran out thru a hole it made in some chicken wire. Swear it had a body as big around as a beer can. Wish my Boxer would have been with me. Although they probably would have torn up some soybeans
  4. I would recommend Trojan to protect your deck.
  5. Watching the sows dig into a pile of the neighbors pickle rejects. The place will smell like cucumber salad. Or feeding the sows the left overs from canning peaches. Man can they grind up pits like nothing.
  6. 856 given the way this year has been I was not really motivated to go to that sale. No idea what it went for.
  7. Correction to my post Chapter 6 is not a sponsor. They were invited to the show my mistake.
  8. Sponsored by chapter 6 this year. So come out and see some RED tractors. My Legion Post 295 will be taking ticket money as a fund raiser. So come on out and see a great show and help a local Legion Post.
  9. If that is the case I hope the brothers were deceased prior to the grinder.
  10. Just watch out the tree does not barber chair on you. Those ash trees have a tendency to split.
  11. Have a friend the farms a bit in Monroe County Ohio which is down by the Ohio River across from W. Virginia . He bales hay on stuff that I would give back to the Indians.
  12. Smoked Swisher Sweets for a time. Started at 99 cents and got to $5 for five cigars. Quit on New Years don't even remember what year. Belong to the local Legion post as a SAL member normally have a 7 up or Sprite when there. Couple weeks ago decided to have a Bud. Place got quit when people saw me drinking a barley pop. Would of thought I was EF Hutton
  13. Don't know about you guys but I think the guilty party should be thrown in a pen housing a bull with anger issues.
  14. Big red area on radar and we get squat.
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