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  1. It is simple, it works and that is what counts.
  2. Headed west towards its home.
  3. N&S steam engine passing by just a few minutes ago about 1/2 mile north of me.
  4. Don't really know anything about a 9700. Just heard when running right they were a real hog when came to eating crops.
  5. Watched a 5288 with 4200 hours,duals and full rack of weights sell today. Brought $22000. Really nice paint too.
  6. hanniedog

    My $10 barrel

    Paid under 20 bucks for a near full barrel of 15-40 Rotella at an auction. Even had pump.
  7. Car travels of I70 near Brookville and hits corn picker and cart. Killing said driver. Machine was idle at the time.
  8. Not the easiest thing to fix. Got remove everything under the deck in order to remove the gearbox.
  9. One gearbox is leaking oil. Think about putting corn head grease in it till we can get mowing done. Any ideas folks. Also how full should we get it?
  10. Before my time but friends dad talked about A Little Wonder Plow. He said it was a wonder it could plow.
  11. Think our corn may require the maytag wringer attachment on the combine.
  12. Surprised nobody has mentioned Fords selecto speed tranny. Why they put free wheeling gears in it is beyond me.
  13. hanniedog

    Auger repair

    Get a good closeup we want to grade those welds.
  14. What you need is Hurst Rambler with a 390 and 4 speed. Fast little cars.
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