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  1. hanniedog

    13,000 hr 1466 at auction

    Sells in the morning Bitty. Have not decided if I will go or not. Talking below 20 to start sale.
  2. hanniedog

    13,000 hr 1466 at auction

    You know as much as I do about it.
  3. hanniedog

    13,000 hr 1466 at auction

    Open station , 1100x16.00 fronts ,20.8x38 rears with clamp on duals ,ISO conversions. Front and rears 50% or so. Overhauled ? to how much and when. What kind of value would you put on it? It is a Don Sweeting sale on auctionzip with a few photos.
  4. hanniedog

    Interesting little v8 block

    If you would run that thing on the street you would hear that guys voice from White Lighting telling you to keep it between the ditches a bunch.
  5. hanniedog

    Interesting little v8 block

    That would go nicely in a 1970 340 Duster
  6. hanniedog

    Northern guys ready for the cold?

    how warm is the ride on the 560?
  7. hanniedog

    What do like for lunch on a cold day today❗️

    Whats the temp in Texas.
  8. hanniedog


    Friends wife posted that they are having calves now. Had posted a photo of one that was looking at the camera saying it's bloody cold. Please send some prayers to Dave Shinkle and his calves during this bitter weather.
  9. hanniedog

    Utility ATV-What to buy?

    You might look at a Polaris Big Boss 6x6 atv.
  10. hanniedog

    RANT! Lost, missing, mis-placed tools

    Did you stop to pick him up?
  11. hanniedog

    Ih 3688 vs JD 4240

    Tire size would be a big factor in comparing the 986 and 4240. 34" tires made the 986 a real dog.
  12. hanniedog

    They haven’t given up yet (pics)

    As of Jan 1 this year we had 100 ac of corn to shell yet. Had a cold clean stretch of weather the first week and got it done before the snow on Sat afternoon came. My sympathy to anyone that still has any crops to still harvest.
  13. hanniedog

    Gonna be a sad day today

    Sadly they don't last for ever. I have had the vet put two of my Boxers down due to cancer. Last one I took to his office. Went to pick her 80lbs off the floor and he said we have a cart you can use. I said I carried her in here in the beginning of her life and will carry her out at the end of it. Sorry to rattle on you have my sympathy on your friends passing.
  14. hanniedog

    What Conveyors are used Brock grain bins

    In most instances augers are used to unload any make bin.
  15. hanniedog

    You may be a Farmer or Rancher if..........

    Yep some of those buggers are like setting a bear trap.