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  1. Thanks Will check that out
  2. Engine will start and run a few seconds then shutoff. The fuel shutoff solenoid goes to run but drops out after engine fires up. She started right up yesterday and ran fine. Now this.
  3. hanniedog

    The Dog Thread

    She went out with her boots on so to speak.
  4. During cold weather allow the tractor to warm up some. The powershift will last longer.
  5. Seeing where the gun is mounted remined of a friend who was in Pattons Third Army. He said he hated it when an infantry guy would get on his M4 Sherman and fire the 50 cal.
  6. Dealers say Chevy Colorado has a 5 cyl engine. Whats up with that?
  7. You are treating a symptom of the real problem the washouts. Perhaps you should spend some time fixing this problem.
  8. Sells in the morning Bitty. Have not decided if I will go or not. Talking below 20 to start sale.
  9. You know as much as I do about it.
  10. Open station , 1100x16.00 fronts ,20.8x38 rears with clamp on duals ,ISO conversions. Front and rears 50% or so. Overhauled ? to how much and when. What kind of value would you put on it? It is a Don Sweeting sale on auctionzip with a few photos.
  11. If you would run that thing on the street you would hear that guys voice from White Lighting telling you to keep it between the ditches a bunch.
  12. That would go nicely in a 1970 340 Duster
  13. how warm is the ride on the 560?
  14. hanniedog


    Friends wife posted that they are having calves now. Had posted a photo of one that was looking at the camera saying it's bloody cold. Please send some prayers to Dave Shinkle and his calves during this bitter weather.
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