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  1. Bitty will turn that road apple into a runner with couple zip ties and a few ft of wire.
  2. That has to be a Swift driver. Most that companies drivers got their skills herding cats.
  3. What a waste of welding rod'.
  4. A hydro 84 would be my choice to use my self. But gear drive are much cheaper .
  5. 80 pound Boxxer type dog kill everything.
  6. Best critter rifle is Remington 700 BDL in 222. Have not fired in probably 40 yrs. 52 grain hollow point turn critters to jelly inside. One in 22-250 turn them in side out so to speak. 22 hornet also very good round
  7. Don't call the man that just broke you from stuttering a Dirty SOB especially if its John Wayne.
  8. Anyone on here actually converse with Andy? Just throw this out to him. Harrnless Farmer Fan Club shirts profits could go to cancer research.
  9. Prayers to Andy. Never met the man but would sure like too.
  10. If it doesn't rain much I say cement.
  11. MTO try wasp and hornet spray. Might just make it leave
  12. My late grandfather used to pasture a few sows. One day they are throwing what looked like plastic pipe around. Turns out is was a black snake they were tenderizing prior to consumption.
  13. MTO just make sure he listens to the Doctors and above all do what the physical therapy person tells him to do.
  14. MTO if this young man needs some encouragement go to youtube and look up Harmless Farmer.
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