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  1. Tach has been bouncing around and light also gets dim. Fueled up tractor today and hour meter was same as last fill up and I put about 12 hrs on it.
  2. Dumped an inch out this morning and have another7/10s now. Sure won't be doing a thing in the fields for a while.
  3. Located in northern Ohio about 45 minutes south of the lake. If that matters.
  4. At what point do you say it will not work. There is no crop insurance so that is no factur.
  5. Have 200 plus acres of corn yet to go.
  6. Got finished right as it started to rain again. That's about 25% of the beans
  7. Looked out window toward rain gauge has to be in area of 2 inches. Had rain off and on since about 5 0clock last night until who knows when. Thought yesterday if we miss the rain I will try some beans on Sunday. Well crap.
  8. Got some rain yesterday but this patch got missed by most of it. Got started about 1 oclock and was done by 6-ish.
  9. hanniedog


    Mader a classmate and myself came to the same conclusion that CANCER SUCKS. We both lost our older brothers to it.
  10. Broke the right arm rest today. Looked on ebay $100. Any sources folks?
  11. hanniedog

    856 Custom

    Did you have any storm damage?
  12. Prayers to any effected by this bad weather.
  13. What does the "custom' mean?
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