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  1. Here in my area of Ohio they are at it constantly this time of year with veggie crops.
  2. Now mother nature is breaking her foot off in a butts rain .wise Can't by a good rain. Crops look like crap.
  3. It over heated bigtime yesterday. Don't wish this kinda stuff on anybody.
  4. Not JD but the farm upgrader to a newer 1063 head. All poly, brush gathering chains , hyd deck plates etc. Was rebuild old head or penciled out what you were getting with this other head.
  5. Either alu or stainless that folds in middle. Sorry no photo not enough thumbs. Any body ever seen such a thing
  6. That year the corn was really early. The saying was if it was brown it was down. That pretty much covered it.
  7. Gonna have some virtual show. What the **** good is if you can't eat popcorn. get a free meal that cost ya $20 grand, kick tires on a machine the costs more than all the land you bought in a life time. Let alone drive a 100 miles to see the neighbor across the road. all the free magazines an trader papers. Plus I get to see some of my FSR alumni from back in the 80's
  8. Don't call the man that just broke you from stuttering a Dirty SOB especially if its John Wayne.
  9. Anyone on here actually converse with Andy? Just throw this out to him. Harrnless Farmer Fan Club shirts profits could go to cancer research.
  10. Like to froze my butt off driving shuttle buses but the show went on.
  11. Place got tore to **** by hurricane winds and the show still went on.
  12. Has bit the dust for 2020. No rain outs. no sleet, no snow just some F-ing virus.
  13. Prayers to Andy. Never met the man but would sure like too.
  14. Found many 88 series tranny stuff is NLA.
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