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  1. Any idea what the adapter is worth.
  2. Have bale spear with pins, bucket with pins and pallet forks with pins
  3. Will one from a 2250 fit a 2350 loader?
  4. Any sources for 7/8 fine x 2 1/2 inch tapered dual bolts? Case Ih is like 50 bucks a bolt. OUCH
  5. Will it hurt to pull a 706 for a mile or so.
  6. Funny part is was running just prior to pulling batteries.
  7. Randy if you don't have the right size 8 point socket give Roger Lange a call. He has a good sized selection of them.
  8. Stopped in its tracks shows an e-33 error code when shifting to 3rd gear
  9. 11 shank Sunflower cruising in 6th gear and all stops. Checked tranny oil, put in forward can feel tranny engage go to second go to 3 stops with e-33 showing . Could get it into 4&5 by using skip shift.
  10. I say when person is convicted of their deaths take them out and throw them into a tub grinder
  11. It is simple, it works and that is what counts.
  12. Headed west towards its home.
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