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  1. changed hydraulic fluid and cleaned screen on side of engine , still very weak in reverse, guess I will take off skid plate and check for air leaks in hoses , cant think of anything else at this time, any ideas would be great, thanks
  2. thanks for the info, anything else you can find would be great
  3. maybe I need help with what I actually have, id tag has IH 500 D-855, ser. # H-1319 P , the manuals I have don't have exactly same machine listed, try to find reverse hydraulic screen to see if it needs cleaning, thanks to you guys that no more than me about these machines. As I said, forward is very strong, reverse is so weak it tries to move but not enough flow I think, thanks again for any help or suggestions.
  4. reverse got weak ,quit turning left so changed steering clutches, now reverse wont back over a little pile of dirt. I was wonder if there could be a hydraulic problem or what? any suggestions are appreciated. I'm out of ideas
  5. td1958

    500 Crawler no reverse

    I have a ih 500 diesel also with similar trouble, changed steering clutches, still something wrong will barely move in reverse. did you ever fix yours?