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  1. Combine alternator question

    I have a Case IH 1640 with a Motorola alternator. It went out, so I got a Delco style replacement, because that is what was available. The wiring is different between the two. The Motorola has a battery wire, and a singular red wire going to a separate stud. Then then the two prong plug underneath. The new Delco has a battery post and a 3 prong plug. Does that singular red wire go to the third prong on the Delco?
  2. IH 5288 question

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks all.
  3. IH 5288 question

    I have an IH 5288. I went to move some wagons to the other end of the field tonight, shifted it in medium, and it wouldn't move. Tried it again, wouldn't move and Sentry light came on. Tried it a 3rd time, and it went. Hopefully there's not an internal issue. Thanks all.
  4. Building a Sentry Module

    Looks good so far! Let's us know how it works out.
  5. Case IH 1640 electrical

    I have a 87' Case IH 1640 combine. While running close to dark, I switch the lights on, and a few minutes later the lights and separator turn off. I've checked almost every wire, and can't find a broken one?
  6. IH 5288 issues

    Hello all, I have a 5288 I've been hauling grain to the elevator with. Problem is, it'll blow oil out of tge transmission breather while I'm in high 5 or high 6. Only does it going down the road. I used it in the field pulling a soybean planter last spring, using multiple hydraulic functions and it didn't do it. I replaced the breather thinking the old one could have been plugged, and it still does it. But only while going "fast" down the road.
  7. Building a Sentry Module

    If you look up the patent on the US patent office website it explains the sentry pretty well too. Just another resource.
  8. 706 at Ven Wert Ohio JD dealer

    It's a diesel.
  9. 706 at Ven Wert Ohio JD dealer

    Seen it just today. Looks pretty nice. Missing the grill insert.
  10. Lawn Tractor Brand Decision Time

    We ran exclusively Simplicity mowers for years. Great machines. Lost our local dealer and went with Deere garden tractors. We looked at new Cub Cadets but the quality was questionable IMHO. Have had good luck with Deere mowers.
  11. Installation of AutoPilot Hydraulic AutoSteer on 5X88 Series

    Thank you very much for taking the time to post this.
  12. sentry module

    I wish there were more options for replacement sentry modules. Case IH wants 2k for a new one. And some of the old ones can't be rebuilt.
  13. Mechanical K&M seat

    I have a 986 that needs a new suspension. I was looking at the air ride and the mechanical suspensions from K&M. I really don't want to spend the money for an air ride. So I thought I'd save some money and go with the mechanical. Are the K&M mechanical suspensions any better than the stock 86 series mechanical suspensions?
  14. Decal Removal

    I've used a heat gun or the wife's blow dryer to success.
  15. 5288 radiator

    Looking for a new radiator for my 5288. Local dealer says NLA? Any other places to buy one?