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  1. Hello, I was going to see if anyone has a hydraulic filter extension for sale for a 1086 IH or could get me specs to have one made or know a place that still can make them ? I tried contacting Allied precision and I believe they are no longer. Thank you for any info.
  2. Yes I am thinking the pump is starting to get weak my self. I will check the fuel lines next chance I get. The tractor was used very few hours a year the last few years the original owner said. He was a elderly man that had to give up farming. I have owned it about a 1 1/2 years but have noticed it being sluggish from day one, once I got it home and got to use it some. I know letting equipment sit is hard on them. I will double check the normal checks again, but I am afraid it will be going to the injection shop soon. Thank you for the responses.
  3. Also when I bought it, I serviced it. I put all new filters and fluids using case IH filters. It starts easy and revs good and had good fuel flow to fuel filters, but when loaded it seems to lose more rpms than I would think is normal to me ? It also seems sluggish feeding hay or somewhat lower rpm taking off and stuff. Someone mentioned adjusting the droop screw in the injection pump ? I would like to get opinions about the droop screw. Thank you
  4. Hello, I was going to see if I could get some opinions on my 1086 IH. It's a Late 1086 I believe 1982 model. 3,6xx original hours. Bought from original owner that seemed to take good care of his equipment. This is my first 1086 I've operated. The problem is it seems like the governor is not kicking in ? It seems sluggish to me for what it is, when I clip pasture with my 15ft brush hog it drops RPMs quite a bit going up hills and never seems to fuel or puff any smoke when it loads the engine ? My last 685 case Ih seemed to have a quick strong governor ? I did not know what the nature of the 1086 is if that's normal with out driving others. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  5. Ok, yes I did not want to install a turbo if the D239 does not have piston cooler nozzles, that's my main concern really. I was hoping someone on here might have opened one up before to know for sure. I know even without them, under normal circumstances, I probably would not have a problem. I'm thinking about trying to use this tractor to pull a 15ft brush hog. Once a year on 80 acres. My land is some what level mostly, with acouple decent hills. If the tractor struggles very much I will look into trading for a bigger tractor.
  6. Hello, I have been trying to do some research on engine differences on the D239 vs DT239 4cylinder diesels. But have not found 100% answers. I have a case/Ih 685 with the d239 non turbo. I am strongly thinking about putting a turbo on to help clean up the smoke/alittle more power when lugging down. I was wonder if the regular d239 have piston coolers/oil squirters. Some of the major stuff a turbo engine needs. I would not be trying to get crazy power. I would like for it to lug a little better like my dads JD2555 with 3.9 turbo. I understand apples to oranges but same displacement. Thank you for the replies and opinions in advance.
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