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  1. Before and after

    Hey Guys Can't tell a lie. the farm is my brothers. He gives me some space to hobby in. The big place is a museum in our town called Heartland Acres. The 1456 lives there, but we broke it out for the 4th parade. I don't own it. I restoed it for a good friend. it came with a cab and 1st owner removed to make it a chore tractor. He bought new fenders and this one had that back corner bent down so the 2 were uneven when mounted. split it and pulled it back up so they were even and welded back up.
  2. Before and after

    I added a bunch of pics. old phone quality not as good.
  3. Finished it a year ago but never put a pic on here.
  4. 1456 oilpan

    Thanks much appreciated
  5. 1456 oilpan

    Do I need to drop the wide front axle support to remove the oilpan on a 1456?
  6. Tractor cab Mystery

    like me. I'd like to see that as a 53 super c is the next project.
  7. Got the gold ones out

    Great looking pair. The fun part is using them.
  8. Sweet Corn Setups

    sorry its the wrong color Allis Chalmers air planter
  9. Cab edge moulding?

    Its called pinch moulding. I got it by the foot from McMaster carr. Except in black. looks pretty good though.