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  1. did someone replace a hose on it and now you have air in the lines try to cycle it several times and hold your lever to force it up and down a few times see if that helps
  2. I think baum iron and hyd. has u bolts or central supply both out of Omaha good people to work with
  3. going to try it next Tuesday if we do not get much rain over the weekend
  4. b&c farms


    I have an old ih refrigerator that needs to go to someone else I just need more room it ran when I unplugged it a couple years ago would love to give it to someone hate to put it in the iron pile way to good for that
  5. does anyone know where a good place is to buy a trimble 750 gps system or parts of one I have one in one tractor but would like to buy just an antenna for the other one i'm getting older and not so sure climbing around from one tractor to anther to switch antenna or maybe find one that is not so high priced the dealer I bought my first one from is gone and the other two have not been to helpful they want to sell me a new one this one is not that old
  6. have lived here for all my life and the worst flooding I have ever seen had water over the one field for several days roads are closed for a week already part of highway 275 is closed because the approached is washed out was stuck in town for 4 days no way to get out all the roads were closed feel sorry for all the livestock producers the yards look in bad shape I really fell sorry for all the people that lost there homes and along with there personal belongings has to be very hard to start all over again
  7. It always hurts to loose a little one prayers for you and your wife
  8. they only thing I can see wrong with a lot of the gun laws is that if you commit a crime you should be punished like there is no tomorrow I was the lucky one twenty years ago someone was trying to steal my car I was in the shower when my wife told me about it told her to call the police I went to the backdoor and told him to get the f out of my car he responded now I said yes now we both had different ideas what that meant I wanted him to leave he decided to shoot me 182 entry points in me we went to court he admitted to shooting me was ok that I had lived but the best part was that it was his birthday and he felt like blasting someone jury found him guilty of attempted murder sentence was 30 years 2 years later he won an appeal was found not guilty and was released moved in with a lady for awhile and then did the worst thing anyone could do he killed her strangled her first then he hung her up with his belt then he twisted her head to her back and threw her in the road ditch got paroled in 2018 on our wedding anniversary
  9. has anyone tried the glowplugs form hayshaker2016 said they are hotter and will handle 12 volts and made in the USA after reading all response on here I'm sure I smoked mine has had an alt. on it for over 20 years and always held the button on the glow plugs after it started till it run smooth always did on my dads 706 and never had a problem that I knew of that was the way the told us to start it and always did it that way getting smarter ever day just don't have enough brain cells left to hold the new information that I get
  10. I used to get all fired on some stuff but never tried to make anyone feel like they don't anything like what is going on here. an old guy told me one time that if you think you know everything there is to know you better go back and read the book one more time and the funny thing about that he was so right very smart guy he always gave you the best answer he could everybody is smart in there own way maybe not on a tractor maybe its building something or teaching our children I always told my kids that I always wanted someone that was a lot smarter than I was to teach them and it was up to them to learn and understand it the only dumb question is the one that is neve asked
  11. what scares me most about all of this is are we going to have good drinking water and at what cost I think we will always have water but how good or safe will it be to drink
  12. they are talking 8 inches of snow here but we had so much wind got a lot of 6 foot drifts never tried to move any today just to windy will go at it monday
  13. b&c farms

    more snow

    now that we are in blizzard like conditions all the traffic in town has stopped even the snow plows are gone for the day I think we all will be out tomorrow with the snow blowers and loaders wish I would have plugged the loader in the other night before I came home going to be very big drifts the way it's looking
  14. b&c farms

    560 hydraulics

    on my 560 I just put some adapters on the front ports to go jic fittings and then run my hoses to the back and put breakaway couplers on them worked out very nice a couple clamps on the hose and the stay put. I never liked running hyd lines through very many couplers if you would like some pic im me
  15. b&c farms


    they always say it will get better and I try to stay up beat but the last month has been tough 6 months my back was giving me so much pain I could not tack it anymore so I go to the doc he said muscle very tight and need phy therapy did not help so I go to the doctor that did back surgery on me about 5 years ago he said I have a bulging disc looking at surgery again at one of the visits he asked me how long my leg has been shaking told it kinda been doing that off and on for awhile doc said thats not good need mri to see what is going on the results come back need surgery on the neck soon or would never walk again got everything lined up did the surgery everything worked out ok thought that this is not to bad I can handle it then I found no longer have a job no insurance still tring to get cobra but that is another story then my nephew called me yesterday and said my brother had a mini stroke he lost his wife to cancer 10 months ago I get to still have surgery on my back yet we got to get some corn out of bin to help pay the bills it just seeming to overwhelm me at time my wife is very good at helping but it seems like i'm asking her to do an awful lot never asked her for a lot of help because she took care oy the house and kids kind feel like someone took the breeze out of my sail sorry about the long post just feeling down and out tonight
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