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  1. it does not say i was thinking a ih engine all the bill gives is the serial # 170277
  2. there is a farm sale coming up that is near me that has a 1660 combine on it the hydro is weak but the engine was overhauled 300 hours ago do not know much else about what does everybody think it will bring. i'm kinda interested in just for the engine
  3. after 2 spine surgery's i'm trying to get out of the maintenance field you are right concrete floors are hard on the joints got 5 years to retirement and just want to find a job that is a little bit easier on my joints hard to find a job when you get close to retirement now is the time if you are going to make a change it's hard to do but when you look at working hard like you are doing do you want to regretting it in few years when you start hurting more i learned the hard way wish i would have found a job a little less hard on my body
  4. b&c farms


    I finally made the decision to take the hubs of my 560D have not put the duals on in a very long time and the tires are bad what would a fair price be for the set just trying to get an idea what they are worth
  5. b&c farms


    welcome to Nebraska i'm about an hours drive north of gretna, we go down to nebraska crossing nice outdoor mall
  6. b&c farms

    White 5100

    better seed placement also when the seed disk are off check the brushes inside I always take my plates off when I'm done with it for the year
  7. b&c farms

    White 5100

    I have a 5100 white 6row 30 inch works good run between 3 1/2 to 4 lbs air on it plants very good run about 3-4 miles an hour make sure your disc measure between 131/8 to 131/2 and it will plant good my seed disc take a 9/16 wrench but it seems to plant good with most seed sizes and yes it dose work better with IH gauge tires
  8. I have a 2011 chevy pickup with the 5,3 afm in it been a problem ever since I had bought it used with 14000 miles on it check engine came on ever other oil change was changeing oil at 3500 miles complain about dealer said nothing they could do now at 120000 miles they said to solve this problem they want to put a new engine it for just about 9000 dollars I can not print what I told them they could do
  9. b&c farms

    cab arm

    does anybody have an idea on how to fix the door arm on a 1066 the one that holds the door open mine is getting worn and i priced a new one kinda got sticker shock 104 dollars I think the part number is 539118R1
  10. will the cylinder head from a c fit a super c along with the crankshaft how many parts will interchange between the two tractors. I bought a c to restore because my grampa farmed with one and then I bought another c for parts unseen and when I got it home I discovered it was a a 1951 super C which is what I really wanted but it is missing alot of parts just wondering if I can make The super C run with a bunch of parts off the C thanks for all your help guys this is a great place for info
  11. how does the power steering come apart I took the four 7/16 bolts out it comes out part way and stops I've got all the lines unhooked just comes to a stop
  12. almost forgot that they had a dealership in those towns if I remember right I think his name was Hans Nelson he passed away about 20 years ago was super nice guy the towns were smaller towns they also had JD dealership in Lyons that closed that is now Northeast tractor salvage
  13. what would be the best thing to do for a 1660 combine with the IH engine it needs some help would you overhaul buy a reman or buy a used engine from a salvage yard what would be the cost roughly to do each one thank you guys for any help you can give me on this how hard is it to pull the engine on this combine
  14. prayers for you and your family my dad went to the hospital and was diagnosed with heart frailer was very tough on the family but mom asked me what we should do when the doctors wanted to put him on life support. very hard decision to make but I told mom lets let dad go with dignity everybody that mom and dad were friends with still know him and was well respected in town very hard to do but days I wish dad was still here but that would have been if he was still ok life support was not wanted what dad would have wanted split some of the family up but when I look back it would have been a lot harder to see my dad laying in bed not knowing what is going on in the world
  15. I just put a continuous duty solenoid on just the field lights on my 560 years ago never had a problem since then
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