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  1. b&c farms

    560 hydraulics

    on my 560 I just put some adapters on the front ports to go jic fittings and then run my hoses to the back and put breakaway couplers on them worked out very nice a couple clamps on the hose and the stay put. I never liked running hyd lines through very many couplers if you would like some pic im me
  2. b&c farms


    they always say it will get better and I try to stay up beat but the last month has been tough 6 months my back was giving me so much pain I could not tack it anymore so I go to the doc he said muscle very tight and need phy therapy did not help so I go to the doctor that did back surgery on me about 5 years ago he said I have a bulging disc looking at surgery again at one of the visits he asked me how long my leg has been shaking told it kinda been doing that off and on for awhile doc said thats not good need mri to see what is going on the results come back need surgery on the neck soon or would never walk again got everything lined up did the surgery everything worked out ok thought that this is not to bad I can handle it then I found no longer have a job no insurance still tring to get cobra but that is another story then my nephew called me yesterday and said my brother had a mini stroke he lost his wife to cancer 10 months ago I get to still have surgery on my back yet we got to get some corn out of bin to help pay the bills it just seeming to overwhelm me at time my wife is very good at helping but it seems like i'm asking her to do an awful lot never asked her for a lot of help because she took care oy the house and kids kind feel like someone took the breeze out of my sail sorry about the long post just feeling down and out tonight
  3. b&c farms

    tool pouches

    now that I'm back from surgery decided to try and clean out my tractor toolboxes my wrench sets that I bought years ago came in those plastic pouch will they are shot wrenches fall out all the time so what are is everyone using to roll there wrenches up in or where does everyone else use to keep their wrenches in a nice bag was thinking about going to a upholstery place and see what they would charge to make something to hold them in place
  4. b&c farms

    Woman In Care Center Gives Birth!

    the one I feel really sorry for is the child I hope the relative's that have him now treat him like a grandson should be treated he did not have a say in how he was conceived hopefully he never learns about his father I have other words for the sob but can't say them he should be cut with a dull knife and left to bleed to death on a cold street wish the best for little boy hop3fully he will always be in God's good graces
  5. b&c farms

    You tube links for dad

    prayers for your dad spend as much time as you can with him you will never regret that time you spend with him
  6. b&c farms


    check the light switch i've replaced mine several times till I took the working lights off the switch and put in a solenoid inline to take the load off the switch never replaced it after that
  7. b&c farms

    Recovering from surgery today

    wish you well and a very healthy recover I go in next week for neck surgery
  8. b&c farms

    Suspicious barn fire kills horses

    I hop they catch the sob that did it and make him pay for a new barn and the vet fees and then put him in jail for a long time and then shoot the sob when he gets out
  9. b&c farms


    if memory serves me I think orgen parts had parts along with chainsaws and small engine parts
  10. b&c farms


    does IH have a replacement rubber grommet for the dipsticks on a 560 and a 1066 or does a person have to buy a new dipstick
  11. b&c farms

    farm home turn over

    I wish I could help you but I'm going down the same path don't know what to do with the farm we got they are 110 acres for the home place and 112 acres on the other place we have two kids but not enough ground for them to farm full time I thought that each child would get a farm but the one told me that when they get the farm they are just going to sell it I told them they could rent it out and make good money for the rest of there life must be to hard to cash that check every year now I don't know what to do or who to talk to about this mess good luck on your part and wish you well
  12. b&c farms

    Farming low ground

    it's a plastic pipe with slits in it that you bury under the ground to drain excess water off the field and run to a ditch or creek to git rid of the water maybe not the right definition but that is all I can tell you
  13. b&c farms

    Farming low ground

    we put some tile on our ground about three years ago they knifed it in the ground instead of using a trench to lay it in we did it the fall next spring I wondered if I did the right thing now i'm sure I did for once in my life we went from 50 bushel corn to over 200 bushel when I talked to the tile installer he said it takes about one to two years to get it to work the thing about knifeit in it does not ruin your soil structure we did another 70 acres agin this spring made a world of difference on that ground
  14. b&c farms

    wiring diagram

    does anybody know of a different place to get a wiring diagram for a 1660 combine than from IH
  15. b&c farms

    electric connection 1660 combine

    does anybody know where I can get the pins and holders for the electric connection on a 1660 combine they are on the left side down by the hyd valves. I priced them from oem and all you can buy is the complete harnass for 2200 dollars looks like they got wet and are looking bad wireing looks good going to them thats why I thought I could just replace the plugs and pins thank you for any help you can give me