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  1. b&c farms

    560 grill

    what does everybody do when the screen behind the grill is shot just replace with window screen or is there something else that is a little tougher
  2. i had that happen to me once was one heck of a ride the only difference was that just the wheels came off i was pulling a big round baler good thing it had a cab on it keeps you inside
  3. i'm not sure anymore but i don't think you can weld wheels just don't cross any scales and you will be fine
  4. does IH over a speedie sleeve for the rear axle on a 560 diesel if they do what is the part number or does everybody go down to there local parts store and order one if you did that does anybody remember the specs on it thank you for your help
  5. I was greasing the 560 today and the zerk on the front bolster is shot it looks like it is a press in zerk how do you replace it can i drill it out and thread a 1/4 in zerk or does it have be a press in zerk thanks for any info you guys can give me
  6. they are not that bad to rebuild just a few things to watch for wrist pin keepers check with a vacuum sleeve height and when you run the rack have someone that has rebuilt the blower work on it that has down them before
  7. if i remember right that have quad rings around the water jackets if all you are going to do is replace the upper end on it not to bad sleeve height should be ok the only hard part is setting the rack and injector height it just takes time and patience when you get ready to start it after you are all done have a piece of plywood that is bigger than the blower intake in case it starts to run away put the board over it to kill it
  8. on my 1660 combine the transmission it will not shift in to third gear there is a cable that runs down to it not sure how it all works is there supposed to be a spring to pull the bracket down to slide it in third not sure how this works
  9. it does not say i was thinking a ih engine all the bill gives is the serial # 170277
  10. there is a farm sale coming up that is near me that has a 1660 combine on it the hydro is weak but the engine was overhauled 300 hours ago do not know much else about what does everybody think it will bring. i'm kinda interested in just for the engine
  11. after 2 spine surgery's i'm trying to get out of the maintenance field you are right concrete floors are hard on the joints got 5 years to retirement and just want to find a job that is a little bit easier on my joints hard to find a job when you get close to retirement now is the time if you are going to make a change it's hard to do but when you look at working hard like you are doing do you want to regretting it in few years when you start hurting more i learned the hard way wish i would have found a job a little less hard on my body
  12. b&c farms


    I finally made the decision to take the hubs of my 560D have not put the duals on in a very long time and the tires are bad what would a fair price be for the set just trying to get an idea what they are worth
  13. welcome to Nebraska i'm about an hours drive north of gretna, we go down to nebraska crossing nice outdoor mall
  14. better seed placement also when the seed disk are off check the brushes inside I always take my plates off when I'm done with it for the year
  15. I have a 5100 white 6row 30 inch works good run between 3 1/2 to 4 lbs air on it plants very good run about 3-4 miles an hour make sure your disc measure between 131/8 to 131/2 and it will plant good my seed disc take a 9/16 wrench but it seems to plant good with most seed sizes and yes it dose work better with IH gauge tires
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