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  1. I got mine I think from fehr upholstery I was very good quality fit nice to
  2. been kinda dry here we got .30 rain last night thats about all we get anymore seems like about .25 to .30 of rain would be very nice to catch a rain hard to believe this spring we had 4foot of water on the field and now they are running the pivot
  3. you have ever right to be proud of him you brought him up right shows he takes a lot pride in his workmanship very hard to find that in todays world. I always kind of enjoyed finding problems when other techs could not find but that was many years ago now I just open the hood put in washer fluid and then close the hood got lost around that stuff
  4. went to look at it when it was in Omaha very impressive work very big would have liked to see it working in its day
  5. I used to run a sprayer for years and sprayed a heck of a lot of roundup still spray some today just for myself never hurt anybody that I saw just like everything else use the recommended rates and its fine
  6. what do the expansion tanks look like for the 66 series and how do they fit
  7. b&c farms

    9745 agco

    trying to help my brother out while he has some medical issues the pto stopped working on his agco 9745 found that the wires fell off the switch I figured the red wire is power goes to the + terminal just would like someone to tell me where the green and yellow wire goes to on the switch there is a P and a F on the switch I just don't want to hook them up wrong and burn something up thank you guys for all your help
  8. b&c farms

    trimble gps

    can I use the receiver AG15 L1 on a CFX750 I have this one in my toolbox and would like to put it on my planting tractor the one that came with the 750 is a AG25 GNSS I was kind of thinking it would be great if it would work the dealer I bought the kit from had know idea if it would work or not
  9. was thinking about it very expensive to plant sounds like good money to be made not much info on it sounds like it could be very labor intense
  10. did someone replace a hose on it and now you have air in the lines try to cycle it several times and hold your lever to force it up and down a few times see if that helps
  11. I think baum iron and hyd. has u bolts or central supply both out of Omaha good people to work with
  12. going to try it next Tuesday if we do not get much rain over the weekend
  13. b&c farms


    I have an old ih refrigerator that needs to go to someone else I just need more room it ran when I unplugged it a couple years ago would love to give it to someone hate to put it in the iron pile way to good for that
  14. does anyone know where a good place is to buy a trimble 750 gps system or parts of one I have one in one tractor but would like to buy just an antenna for the other one i'm getting older and not so sure climbing around from one tractor to anther to switch antenna or maybe find one that is not so high priced the dealer I bought my first one from is gone and the other two have not been to helpful they want to sell me a new one this one is not that old
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