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  1. where can I rent or buy the seal and wear ring installation tools for a dt466 ih engine i need them to istall the front and rear engine seals thank you
  2. i went to the bank and got my rate locked in for another 6 years I remeber the 80s way to well
  3. I have a 1660 combine that I just got done doing a major overhaul on it should I take to someone that has a dyno that can break the engine in or just put it in the combine and run it what does everyone else do thank you guys
  4. boothill tractor parts is where i got some parts i think they are in Missouri
  5. this is very sad to hear my prayers go out for all the victims i just wish they would never mention the shooter name he should not be made a name that people remember lets remeber the victims those children will never forget what happened it will not do any good to outlaw guns because the shooters will always find a way to get a gun I know first hand how this works I was shot because a shooter was stealing my car and i got shot just remeber lets all pray for the victims and the people that are left that had to go home without there loved ones tonight life will never be the same
  6. i have to pull the engine on my1660 combine it;s an IH engine what is the easiest way to get it out what stays in the combine and what all comes out with the engine
  7. its been several since i did mine but that's where i bought mine if i remeber right the price was not to bad i think the pins are hardened
  8. has anybody ever rebuilt a sequencing valve on a planter if so did you have good luck what is all inside them mine works sometimes but not all the time are there any secretes to make them work good or does a person just have to bite the bullet and buy new one found out they are very pricey this is all on a 5100 white planter
  9. i checked the oil nothing on the dipstick never checked the anti freeze it only run at best a half hour not sure when it started blowing out the oil from the breather i just hope that the crank and cam are ok
  10. i start all my engines around the first of every month there is always a warm day around the first tractors all started and ran fine the combine started and ran fine i thought till I walked behind it found what looked like milk all over the ground so now what is the best thing to do buy a used 466 engine to put in it rebuild what i have or buy a rebuilt engine if I rebuild it what does everyone replace as such the turbo have the fuel system rebuilt new water pump thank you for any input anybody can give me combine is in excellent shape but a new engine is worth what the combine is
  11. just wanting to talk my wife was always complaining her hand was loosing feeling i told her to go to the doctor told her nothing wrong just old age i got her to go to different doctor for something else and he asked her what was wrong with her hand because she was rubbing it and she told him about it what was going on he said i think we should do some test doc ordered a mri and a cat scan last friday doctors office called today said they want to see her as soon as possible so tomorrow we go in for the biopsy to see what is going they found two masses one in her neck the other one in her back its hard to keep my spirts up thanks for listening
  12. what causes the shovels to crack between the two bolt holes on my field cultivator ive had both the 7in and 9 in do it is there supposed to be a spacer between the shovel and the shank or i'm i tighten them to tight I'm in the process of putting new 9 in shovels o and I would like them to last awhile I only get about 500 to 6oo acres before they start to break any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. what does everyone use for shovels on there field cultivator 7in or 9 in which is better does the 9 in make it pull harder it's time for replacement on mine was just wondering which way would be better thank you for any info
  14. I had the titan come up to look at it they found the wires chewed off in a little compartment that i did not open up the tech got it all fixed up on the problem now my amp gauge glows all the time it is charging so i kept going a fix is after im done just getting old i guess and can not see as good maybe sometimes that may be a blessing please everybody have a save harvest thank you
  15. on a 1660 combine with a 1020 head the header height control does not work when in auto it will not go down unleess you hold the down button and as soon as you let it go it raises all the way up and keeps the hyd. pump under presure i have unhooked the head still does it all the other hyd. work fine any help would be greatly appercaited thank you
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