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  1. I just put a continuous duty solenoid on just the field lights on my 560 years ago never had a problem since then
  2. b&c farms

    IH radiators

    on my equipment if the radiators leak bad I just have them recored not cheap but if the first one lasted 30 to 40 years I hope the recore will last that long to most new ones are not going to last as long as the original one they are just made cheaper
  3. it is coming out the breather tube the tube comes out of the rocker arm cover or valve cover this engine ran great during harvest never got warm that is what is scaring me normally I always put everything in the shed at night because of some vandalism I had last year I left the combine in the field overnight just once now i'm scared someone did something to it
  4. what would cause a 466 to blow oil out of the breather tube after an oil change it runs fine has plenty of power I just changed oil and was filling with fuel when I noticed oil running out of the breather tube
  5. my vertical tube on my unloading auger went to heck so to get finished I just combined with it out because I could not get it to swing back in we took the horizontal auger off so we could replace the vertical tube now we got the tube in and the elbow on and it will not swing in got power to the coils you can hear the pump deadhead when you try swing it in or out it will swing in if you change the hoses around on the cylinder in the grain tank what am I overlooking
  6. b&c farms

    auger tube

    has anybody tried the upright auger tube from Worthington salvage for a 1660 combine part# 192830c92 was just wondering if they fit just like oem or do you have to modify it to fit the one from case IH is 1100 dollars and Worthington is 500 dollars big price difference I just want to bolt it in and not spend a bunch of time trying to make something kinda fit
  7. is your fuel tank vent open sounds like it creates a vacuum and starves it for fuel
  8. used to work on them a lot 4-53 6v71 they would neve blow just started to leak oil 

  9. prayers sent hope everything goes good and a speedy recovery
  10. b&c farms

    1660 brakes

    how good are the brakes on a 1660 combine mine have good pedal but don't hold the combine from rolling downhill they act like they don't have any disc inside if you have it in second gear and try to stop it it does not have any effect on the hydro at all not sure where I should start looking I've run it this way for a few years but now my daughter is going to combine this year because of medical issues I have and just want to make sure that it is safe for her thank you for your help
  11. I have used tempo in the liquid form works really good on spiders crickets not sure what else it kills got rid of the label safe to use around the house and pets
  12. this is a very good forum everybody here is willing to help you out no matter what only one person on here wants to make everybody else feel stupid I went another forum to try and get some answers still waiting for the answers 8 months later this is a great site
  13. b&c farms

    allis 9745

    working on my brothers 9745 ac pressure is 40 low side and 240 on high side I can get the compressor to run if I bypass the relay by the fan and it will cool also can get the fan to run in front to run doing the same thing replaced the relay did not help replaced the thermostat and knob in the cab could not hardly turn the thermostat with a pliers and they broke the knob got all that done and it still will not kick on check the grounds for everything there and got grounds don't know where to check next not very familiar with an allis thank you guys for any help
  14. b&c farms

    Plow parts

    you can try shoup ind they carry a lot of stuff like that
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