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  1. will an engine out of a c163 mower fit into a super c tractor
  2. has anybody used a fifth wheel running gear for a head carrier i have one i made out of a running gear but this one came out of a propane tank just not sure how this would work
  3. i did it to two of my skidloaders best thing i ever did
  4. b&c farms


    no livestock he is 75 years old put the farm in trust for his kids wants me to pay for all the fence i payed for all of when i took it out had trees removed he actually got the better deal he got two more rows of corn after i cleaned it all up
  5. b&c farms


    how many people have line fences anymore i talked to my neighbor about talking the fence out about 25 years ago and clean it up he said go for it i told him that i would no be putting a fence back up but would put wood post back in about 200 feet apart has worked good for all those years till this year i always asked what he planted as to not kill any of his crops always worked nice kept the weeds down and when it flooded had no fence to put back up now he wants a fence back up no livestock or anything like that anybody have any thoughts on what to do
  6. you could try a toy store in lemars iowa not sure what the phone number is
  7. b&c farms


    I would like to take this time to wish everyone on here a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year and thank you everybody for the help you gave during the year
  8. b&c farms


    who makes the best decals for a 1066 that look like the originals thanks everybody
  9. i'll be thinking of both of you in my prayers
  10. b&c farms

    560 grill

    what does everybody do when the screen behind the grill is shot just replace with window screen or is there something else that is a little tougher
  11. i had that happen to me once was one heck of a ride the only difference was that just the wheels came off i was pulling a big round baler good thing it had a cab on it keeps you inside
  12. i'm not sure anymore but i don't think you can weld wheels just don't cross any scales and you will be fine
  13. does IH over a speedie sleeve for the rear axle on a 560 diesel if they do what is the part number or does everybody go down to there local parts store and order one if you did that does anybody remember the specs on it thank you for your help
  14. I was greasing the 560 today and the zerk on the front bolster is shot it looks like it is a press in zerk how do you replace it can i drill it out and thread a 1/4 in zerk or does it have be a press in zerk thanks for any info you guys can give me
  15. they are not that bad to rebuild just a few things to watch for wrist pin keepers check with a vacuum sleeve height and when you run the rack have someone that has rebuilt the blower work on it that has down them before
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