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  1. If everyone can keep Uncle @Alan Dinan in your thoughts/ prayers. He has been battling covid for the past week. He is doing better off than a lot who have had it and I believe he is on the down hill side of it but still a terrible thing to deal with
  2. @Steve C. How was Waterloo last night? Radar looked pretty rough up there.
  3. @Alan Dinan do you remember grandpa's ser#
  4. I have 4 boys from ages 12 to 8 and I constantly use Rip's line "If you're going to fight someone, you fight me" Lol
  5. Here are the 2 from work. Both still get used pretty regularly but the 2wd with loader more so
  6. These guys would be out of business if it were illegal. https://www.bestwayag.com/retriever-transport-hitch One of the dealers here has a platform on back of truck with a few of the big concrete blocks on it and a big hitch on the rear for pulling planters and carts
  7. @Alan Dinan there is or was a 4100 a few miles from your house
  8. Sorry for your loss. Losing friends or family and even good pets is hard to deal with. They say time heals all but I don't think you ever completely heal from the loss of a loved one. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
  9. There is no problem whatsoever with an Allison as long as you have enough power in front of them. There is some extra power loss through them but I have seen them turn drivelines into pretzels on tandem trucks. They are like an IH and are particular to their specific oil but will last forever if maintained. Some people like to shift them manually but the best thing to do is put them in D and don't be afraid of the skinny pedal. Have 3 of them at work and you can load the truck right up to 100k lbs and it doesn't care. One is a Mack pinnacle one is a 359 Pete with an N14 red top Cummins and the other is a 4900 IH with DT530. The Pete and IH have 3000 series Allisons and the Mack has a 4000 series. Autoshift transmissions are a totally different ball game though and you couldn't pay me enough to have one.
  10. I know they are actively looking for a 3088 2wd and fwa so they can complete the straight frame set and then plan to move onto the 2+2's and possibly a super 70 or two
  11. I'm the nephew lol. Several of these tractors and the TD18 would have been at RPRU this year but they scheduled it right in the middle of wheat harvest. I will have to get a few more pics but here are most of the 88's. They have a lot of letter series and hundred/fifty series also
  12. I am guessing there is no stirring machine? Grain vac is about your only option if it is bridged over. Could maybe try a sewer auger with a big root cutter bit. Just come though the manhole in the roof and run it down in several directions towards your center sump and intermediates
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