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  1. Looks to me like they left the straw windrows... Could you imagine baling that.
  2. A new one is between 6 and 11,000 depending on what you get. Have a 325 on the truck in my avatar. Gave $2500 for it with 500 hours and 2 years old but it does not have any options on it
  3. Have seen a lot of beat up toolboxes on short beds from gooseneck trailers
  4. Daddy, where you goin in that dress? Im goin to mow the yard
  5. Can't say for sure but proto is owned by Stanley/ Black & Decker which is not American owned. I buy mostly Cornwell Tools these days but also buy a lot of Wright tools. Both of those brands are owned and manufactured in the US. I have not found an American power tool company but I have never been disappointed with Milwaukee tools
  6. I know several that weren't able to make it due to wheat harvest myself included. Glad to be done with wheat but was kind of hoping we would have gotten the big rains earlier in the week they were calling for so we could have come down on the rain days. A couple guys I work for were wanting to bring a couple loads of tractors down but had too much going on. Really wished it would have been a couple weeks later. Middle to end of July probably would have gotten more locals to attend.
  7. Oh how badly I wish I would have been there. Which neighbors dog made it over? Gonna have to go rehome it. My kind of dog!!
  8. I ha e been getting mine through AP Air in Iowa very good prices and fast shipping. Also very helpful over the phone https://www.apairinc.com/
  9. I used to have a trailer I pulled behind my old service truck that I had set up for big welding jobs that I made from another old service truck so basically it was a utility body trailer. Had a platform on the front that my big blue 600 was welded to and anywhere between 6 and 8 bottles in front of bed between oxy/acetylene propane and other welding gasses. Never had a jack on it because I would just use the crane on service truck to pick trailer up and set on ball hitch. I left the trailer tongue sitting flat on the ground at a customer's fenced in yard one weekend and came back Monday to a missing trailer. My insurance refused to cover any of it because they said since the trailer was not attached to my truck I left it unsecured. How much more secured could I have left it? They cut the lock to the gate and then had to get the hitch up in the air that was flat on the ground. I did wind up getting trailer back but they cut welder off the front and half or more of my tools were gone. I never wanted to reach through a phone and choke someone out so bad in my life. I now have a new insurance company but so far have not had to use them
  10. Inland marine policy on homeowners or renters. I will never rely on an employer to insure my lively hood. Have pics/ serial numbers recorded of everything. Any item over $1k is listed buy itself and everything else is lumped together.
  11. I have had good luck with heat and candle wax. Heat the nuts and while they are still hot hold a candle on it and the wax will melt into the treads
  12. Do you mind me asking what those books cost you? I know how much they are new from CNH. I did a search on his site but they weren't listed. Also does anyone know if he does pdf versions I am guessing he also does parts and operation/maintenance manuals. I searched for several items last night but nothing I searched for came up. I work on a lot of Cat equipment and didn't see much there which isn't that big of a deal though because I have Cat SIS but sometimes you just can't replace a good paper book
  13. I currently have a 1/2" drive 1" deep snap on impact socket in the belly pan of a D6R. Been there about a month now. Customer knows it is there since he is the one that dropped it. I'm just worried about the condition of the socket when I get it back. Dozer is at a sand plant and runs in waist deep water when they run it
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