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  1. I have a 2019 F350 dually. Crew cab 4x4. I average 14 around town but I have 4.10 gears as well. Put the 35 foot gooseneck behind it with a heavy load and I get around 9. I'm fine with that kind of mileage. More power than you need, handles trailers great.
  2. We moved a 40 by 60 steel span barn about 10-12 years ago. Has insulation and also an overhead crane in it. Cost us 10,000 to have it torn down, moved and put back up.
  3. Thanks for the replys, sounds like the master cylinder shouldn't be a big deal. Next step after that is the charging issue, which sounds like might be a problem. Hope to get it in and start going over it here in the next week or so.
  4. My wife has a late 70's Scout 2 diesel. When she first bought it, brakes didn't work well and pedal was somewhat hard to push. Now the pedal just goes to the floor with no braking whatsoever. Figuring it needs a new master cylinder at least. Where are you guys getting parts for these at? Any auto parts store or is there somewhere that specializes in parts for them? Need to get the brakes working again and them address a few other issues it has.
  5. A 40 series Detroit is not just a rebranded dt. There are quite a few differences.
  6. Great looking trucks, I have a 79 door long bed 2wd F350. In the plans to 4x4 convert it. Have a single cab, super cab and 4 door 79 fords. Love that body style.
  7. Still have the 1974 Allis Chalmers 7050 my grandpa bought new in the barn. Turned over 2,100 hours last summer mowing hay. It will never leave this farm.
  8. I love the 78-79 ford trucks. Have a single cab, extended cab and 4 door model of them. But its hard to beat the 2019 F350 Im currently driving around lol.
  9. Watched it a couple weeks ago. I thought it was a pretty good movie.
  10. Check" N out is a beautiful tractor. Ive seen it a few times out at the Midwest winter nationals. Runs as good as it looks as well.
  11. My cannon has the 5 cylinder in it. Has decent pep and averages 17 around town. Gets around 21-22 on the interstate. Im not a GM fan but I love that little truck.
  12. What are the specs on this building? I like the looks of it. Looking at building a new shop for my semi's and this looks like it might fit the ticket.
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