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  1. ACFarmer

    Will it pull it?

    Not sure how different they pull, but I have a neighbor that pulls a 16/31 kinze with a 4630 Deere. Engine went down in it and he rented a 7130 fwa this year to pull it. And we aren't flat by any means.
  2. Beautiful truck! My favorite body style of Ford. Need to find a single cab to go with my ext cab and 4 door 79's.
  3. ACFarmer

    Good, Bad and Ugly on a 7140

    Found a 7140 yesterday. Haven't every really looked into magnums much since we are mostly orange. But this one is priced right I do believe. Has around 9000 hours I believe. In decent shape. Supposed to run good and shift good. Whats the scoop on this model? Any good? Would be used for tillage mostly I would guess, maybe some planting. Do these have a 540 pto option? Trying to weigh my options out at the moment.