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  1. ACFarmer

    Bought my first Magnum 7130

    Came from my home town. Bought it from Bane Welker I'm guessing? Looks like that's where its at in the picture.
  2. ACFarmer

    Will it pull it?

    Not sure how different they pull, but I have a neighbor that pulls a 16/31 kinze with a 4630 Deere. Engine went down in it and he rented a 7130 fwa this year to pull it. And we aren't flat by any means.
  3. Beautiful truck! My favorite body style of Ford. Need to find a single cab to go with my ext cab and 4 door 79's.
  4. ACFarmer

    Good, Bad and Ugly on a 7140

    Found a 7140 yesterday. Haven't every really looked into magnums much since we are mostly orange. But this one is priced right I do believe. Has around 9000 hours I believe. In decent shape. Supposed to run good and shift good. Whats the scoop on this model? Any good? Would be used for tillage mostly I would guess, maybe some planting. Do these have a 540 pto option? Trying to weigh my options out at the moment.