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  1. My daughter and her husband gave me the book one year for Christmas. I hope the movie is as good as the book. He disobeyed a direct order when he crash landed next to his wing leader in an attempt to rescue him. Bill
  2. Dad's SMT-A had 15.5x38s. I drove it a lot of miles between the various farms we rented growing up. It was the fastest tractor until the 706 showed up. Definitely faster than the 52 John Deere B. God knows how many miles I put on it cultivating the two summers I cultivated every bit of the corn and beans on the over 300 acres we farmed then.
  3. All it takes for evil to flourish in the world is for good men to do nothing. Words all of us should live by. However, good men are often shouted down by the mob, who have been lied to by evil men. The more I study Paul's letter to the churches and Revelation the more I see what evil men are capable of in the name of "progress" or "humanity". Bill
  4. Well, do you want original IH or just want some coulters? I believe Howse has a coulter kit that would work. I have two of them on my John Deere PB-1002 2-14 3pt. Bill
  5. Here in the deep South with any of the Live/Pin oak varieties the leaves fall from now until about mid-March. I end up cleaning up leaves at Thanksgiving, Christmas and then late March. The wife wants the front, with it's 5 oak trees to be clean when the family shows up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have a 14 bushel bagging system I can mount on the mower. I also have a cart I can pull behind the mower. I have a powerflo for the 48" and 50" decks.
  6. I learned how to plow with a 52 John Deere B and a 2-16 John Deere pull type trip plow. Then on to the 54 Super M-TA with an IH 3-16 Little Genius plow. The 3-16s didn't have a lot of trash clearance and could plug in undisked stocks. I enjoyed plowing with the 63 706 gas with it's 4-16 pull type IH plow. The best was the 5-16 3pt semi-mount IH for the 966 Diesel. The semi-mount made plowing dead furrows a breeze. I enjoy turning the soil. Bill
  7. Mine was bought in late 13 or early 14. Hard to believe it's been that long. Mine is supposed to be stainless. Use of a coulter also makes for a cleaner furrow wall as well as cutting through the trash. I added coulters to my John Deere 2-14 3pt plow I pull behind my 790 compact. The front bottom frame really needs to be lengthened about 3" to properly mount the front coulter. The coulters were sourced from Howse. They do help make a clean cut though. Sorry for being the wrong color. Finding anything red down here is next to impossible.
  8. I have one on my 12" 3pt Brinly. Probably got it from the same guy you did. It looks just like yours. Is it stainless? Mine works really well.
  9. Yup. I learned to hover in the Mattel Messerschmidt. I took instruments in the 2B24 simulator and UH-1s. Then transitioned to UH-1s, don't ask, before going through tactics/nights in UH-1s. The good old days! Got an AH-1G transition right after flight school, then the AH-1 TOW course before going to Germany in January 1977. I was assigned to the 11th ACR at Fulda. Anyone ever heard of the Fulda Gap? Spent three years in the 11TH on the border, flew UH-1s, OH-58As and AH-1S. I was a Tri-Border pilot by the time it was all over. Still have my Border maps. Bill
  10. The John Deere pickers, both styles, are about the only ones you see here in Southeast Alabama. The round bales save having to have a cart to carry the cotton from the picker to the module builder and having a module builder. The module builder is what compresses the picked cotton into the long rectangular bales that used to be the standard. The cart enables the picker to be dumped in the field without having to drive the picker to the module builder. In the picture above the picker drove to the module builder to dump. The new picker's are super expensive, but the claim is you don't need any support equipment, just the picker. Bill
  11. My point is the trucks are not comparable. 700 miles no load range does not equal 400 miles no load range. I understand physics very well. That is my point. Being forced to go electric by some politician and not by good economics does not make sense. Did the government force farmers to get rid of their draft animals between about 1915 and 1925 when tractors were just being established? No!!! If they had the nation would have starved. My father didn't buy his first new tractor until 1952. He farmed with used tractors and a team of Morgans before that. It has to make economic sense to make the change from one method to another, not be forced by a political agenda based upon "junk" science. In the military and government service for 40 years I saw way too many "we gotta do this to save money" or "this is the new way forward". Most of it was based upon some junk research where the results were written before the actual data gathering began. I have a Masters in Business, so I understand statistics and economics. I also have undergraduate degrees in History with a minor in Political Science. The focus of my Masters was Information Management, so I understand computers, their programming and the networks they operate on. I have sat through way too many snake oil salesman briefings not to recognize one. This "we gotta do this to save the planet" is one.
  12. So, has anyone seen the adds for the new GMC Denali EV? Gee it's got 750hp and claimed 400 mile range. Based upon what my wife could find it will cost between 40 -45% more than the current Denali. However, it can only tow about 9500lbs. Is that range with no load? What is the range pulling a 9500lb load? My 2015 GMC 2500HD, SLE, Double Cab, Z71, 4wd, Duramax has a 700+ mile range on an full 36 gallon tank. Pulling my 10,000 5th wheel RV I get 400+ on a tank. So, the Denali EV cannot pull my light weight 5th wheel, even though it has more hp than my Duramax. So, the EV cannot replace my 2500 for my purpose. I am sure there are a lot of others here who pull loads much heavier than mine. Oh, and if the Green New Dealers get their way there will be no ICE vehicles allowed in the future. The market will not make that decision, some politicians will. Through out history that has never worked out well. "Those who fail to learn the lessons of History, are condemned to repeat them".
  13. The Government building I oversaw the construction of and then worked in for over 15 years had pneumatics for hvac. What a disaster! After about 10 years all the actuators for the chilled water controls started to corrode and there were no replacements available. Used the SWAG method to manually position the chilled water valves to obtain a comfortable temperature. A lot of what I see you doing is what is being done here in the South in the poultry houses. They are every where around here. There are four large houses just over a half a mile up the road from us. When I went through flight school for the Army here in the mid 70's our training maps had to have all the chicken houses plotted and a 1 kilometer circle drawn around them. It was forbidden to fly within 1 kilometer of them. If you flew closer than that to the chicken house the chickens would panic and run to one side and smother each other. During the tactics phase we always flew less than 500 feet and had to know where we were on the map. I was especially good at low level map reading. I got the nickname of "NDB Barker". Lot's of stories.
  14. The width of the cut per bottom is measure the distance from the heel of the landside to the wing of the share. Here is an image that I think will clear it up.
  15. Some trees can be cyclic or weather affected. The pecan trees here seem to do the best when there is a dry year. My peach trees this year were loaded and I didn't think last winter I got enough chill hours, but apparently I was wrong. A late frost hammered my fig tree. It did not produce a lot of figs this year. I need to fertilize my peach, fig and mulberry trees. Bill
  16. It rained just under 2 inches here yesterday afternoon and evening here in South Alabama. That was the first rain we had in over a month. July and August it rained every other or every third day. Then in early September it just stopped. Peanut guys loved it as long as the ground didn't get too hard to dig the peanuts. A friend needs to plant his fall/winter oats for his cattle, but needed some sub soil moisture for germination. Hopefully this will get the oats up and the rain will start again. Bill
  17. It is indeed implying prayer is the way to getting back on your feet. Some of us need a lot of it daily!
  18. Growing up my Mother always bought Colorado peaches from the MeToo grocery store. This was in Marion, Iowa. Now that I live in south Alabama, I grow my own peaches or get them from Chilton county, Alabama. I have been to and eaten Peach county, Georgia peaches. I prefer the Chilton county peaches if I don't have my own. I grown yellow and white peaches. This year was bumper crop year for my peach trees. The first picture is my yellow, Early Alberta tree. The second is my white, Georgia Belle. You rarely see white peaches commercially because they bruise easily and do not ship well. They do however, have a different texture and flavor my wife and I love. Bill
  19. Dad used a used 203, then a new 205 to combine oats, beans and corn at home. Usually had 20 acres of oats, about 40-50 acres of beans - plus some custom beans, then did about another 60 - 80 acres of corn each year. Eventually went to a 715. The 203/205 had two row wide heads, i believe they were 227s. Both had 13' grain platforms. Both did a good job on oats and beans. Dad did quite a bit of custom beans in the fall. You weren't going to combine a lot of corn with a 203/205, but it got the job done without a lot of problems. We still picked a lot of ear corn to feed to the dairy and beef cattle. Bill
  20. It's been in the mid-80's during the day and upper 50's at night. We are 90 miles north of the Panhandle of Florida. Shoot, sometimes we have to turn on the AC at Christmas! Usually the first frost is between the 10 -20 November. But, some years we don't have a real killing frost until around Christmas or later. Bill
  21. Probably one of Bill Gates projects.
  22. Dad was drafted in late December 1941, he was 33. He went through basic training in Montana, then to California. Departed San Francisco in early February 1942 for Australia. He was in a transportation unit that hauled bombs and gas for the 5th Air Force. He was in Port Moresby, New Guinea in 1942 when the Japanese were bombing it every day. Said his unit was on one side of the airstrip (20 Mile airdrome) and the ammo/fuel dump on the other. The Japanese regularly missed the ammo/fuel dump and hit their camp. Later he went to the Philippines and Okinawa. He was on Okinawa getting ready for the invasion of Japan when the war ended. He came home in October 1945. My Mom has some friends in Iowa National Guard the who were called up in early 1941 to fill out a Tank Battalion that was sent to the Philippines. They were captured when the Philippines fell. They died on one of the **** Ships that was torpedoed in 1944 by US submarines. Mom said she was told one of them weighed less than a hundred pounds when he died. She said he was a big man when she last saw him. Bill
  23. The picture of the SMT-A with the 2MHD brought back a lot of memories. We picked a lot of ear corn to feed the dairy cows and fat cattle. In the early 60's Dad broke an axle on the SMT-A while picking. I remember the tractor and picker in the field across the highway from the house. I believe they swapped the axle in the field. Neither I or Dad ever left the seat with the picker running. Too many things that can grab you. Bill
  24. A friend of mine has an 850. They are very basic tractors. Parts are available from John Deere, jdparts.com, or from numerous salvage vendors. They are very popular down here in the South. There are always several on Craig's list, E-Bay, Facebook Market, or other web sites for sale. Much better parts support than for the IH rebranded Mitsubishi's of the same era. Bill
  25. When my Dad died in 1985 my brother-in-law started making a comment about "there should be some money somewhere". I never really liked him before and after that comment I have had nothing to do with him. I am civil, but I have as little contact with him as possible. My feeling was that everything was Mom's now and the kids had no right to ask for anything.
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