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  1. Here in the South on a tractor with fixed axles, but rims that could be turned in or out, the rims were turned in on the right side to get the correct setting for moldboard plowing. Thus the right tire that rode in the furrow would be backward. Nobody apparently wanted to take the time and effort to swap the rims from side to side. The rims were normally turned out for a wider stance for the rest of the year. Not something I saw in Iowa growing up. Bill
  2. A 966 was Dad's last tractor. Bought it from the dealership in Dyersville. Supposedly came off a dairy farm with about 900 hours on it. Finally got rid of the early 706 gas. He was happy, and I was happy. The last big tractor I plowed and disked with before I went into the Army. I really liked the 5 bottom semi-mounted plow. Made finishing dead furrows so much easier. Within two years after I left Dad moved off the farm and started custom work. He kept the 966 with all it's implements, the 715 and the Ford 350. Everything else was sold. Bill
  3. 96.9 "The Legends" is not out of Florida. It is an FM station from the Dothan, Alabama area. It is one of the many country stations in this area. Bill
  4. Dad bought a new 706 gas when they first came out. Was our "big" tractor. Narrow front with 15.5 x 38s. Had just a swinging draw bar. Dad also bought a 4-16 IH plow to go with it. It "ate" an exhaust valve at less than 1000 hours. My Dad was not happy! I was plowing in bean ground on the 706 with my brother on the Super M-TA when it "ate" the valve. Turned out the use of low ash oil was required for long engine life. I don't believe he ever got much over a 1000 hours between overhauls. It was traded off for a used 966 diesel in the early 70s. Bill
  5. The 235 is a Mitsubishi built tractor that was built in Japan and assembled in the US and rebranded by IH. The CaseIH parts site has very few parts available. Your best chance of finding parts is through one of the sites that sells Mitsubishi parts or salvage yards. I owned a 244 for 6 years. The 235 Hydro was a rare bird when it was new. There was also a gear drive version. I have seen one hydro a couple of years ago in a dealer's salvage area. I do not know if it was a 234 or a 235. The differential lock is supposed to be spring loaded so it stays unlocked. But, if the spring is broken or missing it could be getting locked without any input. Bill
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