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    steel price

    Blame it on the Covid, would make a good song to I think
  2. That gauge would not be big enough in Australia.
  3. We had 3 years of drought from beginning of 2017 till end of 2019 last 2 years had twice our supposed average rainfall. Usually dry spell around here lasts for 9 months to 12 months
  4. Has anyone ever seen one of these
  5. I will say it once and I will say it again how the **** do you get milk from a soya bean
  6. I think we might be out numbered, the stupider people seem to be increasing in numbers. Do you know how uncommon common sense is. I am an accountant they now have courses to teach people how to talk to clients not just email them.W**
  7. Worst part it might get worse and NOT get better, everything seem to be done in bloodshed
  8. 5288IH

    Had a stroke

    It is the bad cholestrol you have to watch out for strokes as plaque can cause it
  9. 5288IH

    Had a stroke

    Blood pressure is fine taking statin for cholesterol and clopidogrel and aspirin for blood thinning LDL Cholesterol reading is 4 mmol/l not high at all but recommended rate is 1.8 mmol
  10. 5288IH

    Had a stroke

    Not fast enough, getting old
  11. 5288IH

    Had a stroke

    It is scary when it all happens in 15 seconds
  12. 5288IH

    Had a stroke

    Loss of vision, extreme headache, droopy face and cannot lift arms and sweating profusedly also feeling a bit off for an extended time before it actually happens
  13. Hello all, I have not been on site for 3 weeks, the reason is I had a stroke lost the left side of my body temporarily which was regained with a tpa it came back 18 hours later that was scary got given tablets regained use of left side again. I had only 15 seconds warning, the thing that saved me was my phone, I now realise how important it is to set it up for emergency and the importance of a check up and not to ignore certain signs. Eight months ago I got dragged to emergency by ambulance as I collapsed at work and the doctors put it down as a migraine (I do not get migraines) in fact my specialist told me it was a TIA the warning. Blood pressure is good cholesterol up a little bit but not dangerous. So boys get checked a keep an eye out if you are bit off.
  14. All I have to say is this group is ok for a bunch of Americans cranky or indifferent, it takes all kinds to make this world. It would be boring world if we agreed on everything?
  15. It it the rams that are leaking? or is it the hand pump as it sounds that the hand pump was not correctly aligned when reassembled see if there are any scribe marks on hand pump.
  16. My eyesight not that good I thought it was a kangaroo Officer. As Kangaroos cannot read the signs in regard of biosecurity.
  17. If it done 12k hours in the 90's probably done 25,000 hours, poor thing
  18. How many wives have you gone through
  19. Do not forget he had no place to call home in his early years as most family members said he was like a dog looking for a basket in his younger years, so he did not go to bad for a homeless guy
  20. His happiest days were on a warship in the company of men especially in Malta, that is the reason of his warped sense of humour. Imagine if you had to keep a few steps behind your wife
  21. We do not find many of those where we live but got plenty of brown snakes Yes still there now, moved to a dog (dingo) proof fence, but no walls
  22. Hey Lorenzo everything is bigger down here even our grasshoppers?
  23. I like straight pipe but in this case I go muffler
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