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  1. Only essential stores open, no body allowed to visit your house, no face to face when doing business, ring before you purchase items. Living in a ghost town
  2. I thought Covid 19 disappeared when the government opened up, should have seen the people lining at department stores at midnight in the lower socio economic areas
  3. How you blokes coping did you go through many lockdowns
  4. Had stroke on 2nd May, went to Covid 19 Lockdown on 10th August
  5. Out of lock down after 2 months any one got any suggestions, thinking of taking a drive out west. Been the crappiest 4 months of my life had a stroke In May then lockdown
  6. ogt to hvae eimaghination
  7. Would never go back to a 2WD have not used one for 19 years
  8. 5288IH


    Masonry drill bit will do the job at a slow speed, have done this before
  9. Thanks that makes sense as it would be hard to get from inside tran
  10. It does run from the centre it was the 45th last one built
  11. Has anyone replaced the seal on the transmission side that drives the FWD shaft, how is it done.
  12. Do not worry Mike when we are out of this lockdown in NSW I might come and have a cuppa with you, so get those ANZAC biscuits ready (this will get them guessing)
  13. Got its bigger brother 5288 the 88 series were not that popular due to exchange rate and high interest rates
  14. I see you are waiting to hold back the flash flood
  15. Yes the IH is a better engine, starts and pulls better
  16. 5288IH


    It is bothering me or my stock treat it like any predator
  17. Ever seen International 466 against a John Deeere 466 eerily similar
  18. Mate I gave up ages ago, when I was in ICU 3 months ago I realised we would not be able to cope, last week when the prime minister said we were turning a corner just forgot about the cliff face around the corner. Never give medical person or a politician to lead to work out a solution in a pandemic it is a numbers game, here in my home town the doctors did not want to do vaccinations because they thought they were not being paid enough until the pharmacists took the vaccinations up they got on board.
  19. Sorry I meant field, KILL IT
  20. Rule of thumb if it is the only green thing in the paddock, KILL IT
  21. Has Pepe been banned
  22. Print more money that is the answer
  23. They brought as CKD and assembled in Australia as RHD in GM factory subsidary Holden
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