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  1. Had mouse plague last year poisoned grain, water traps and baits work very well.
  2. I am going to tell you a story without any opinions I know an old friend whose daughter was at the forefront of the first school shooting in Australia about 50 years ago. Her daughter rebuked a boys advances, he brought to school a gun he ended up shooting himself, every person in that classroom committed or attempted to commit suicide that is every person in the classroom, including her daughter So can anyone tell me what should happen, this happened 50 years ago. Hate just brings on more hate. I have been shot at and I am still an advocate of gun control.
  3. The biggest issue nobody wants to wear their big boy pants, blame someone blah,blah. Get the SOBs from behind their computer screens and get some Vitamin D and get a sweat up. Mental illness is a state of mind it is the person decides how they want to deal with it.
  4. At the moment is Australia we just have the bikie gangs, rat bag muslims just shooting each other up. Guns are not always the answer, was putting up bars in windows of my office after indigenious people broke into my office twice in 2 weeks (have been caught), now youth officer wants me to tell offenders how they caused my business inconvenience, I suggested to put me in a locked room with them with a baseball bat ( since my stroke tolerance for stupid human beings has diminished). When I finished putting bars on window 8pm was going to my ute, 2 indigenous people yelling to a couple with their daughter calling them cocksuckers get out of Dubbo. They (couple) were walking to wards me I asked them if their car was nearby I told them to get in their car. I slipped jimmy bar behind me then they concentrated their abuse to me brandished my jimmy bar and they told me they confused me with somebody else, I told them that I was not confused about them dirty lying black ******** and chased them with the jimmy bar, would have loved to heard that jimmy bar hitting their black coconut heads
  5. Do not forget the 22cents rebate
  6. Got a long way to go. It is only about $10 a gallon in Australia.
  7. Bought a Subaru Forester hybrid in January did 5000kms and returned it for conventional one, I was begging for my old car back at 1000kms dangerous POS under powered and no range, no spare tyre only goop and compressor to fix tyre. How can you call it a hybrid when it uses more fuel. Electric vehicles have a long, long way to go
  8. I am sure that John Deere or Case can fit a ICBM or cruise missile somewhere on a tractor or harvester, to sneak it into the Ukraine
  9. Look we got a small angus calf
  10. I had to soak mine in WD40, I am sure there are better ideas forthcoming
  11. Wait until you are paying $10 a gallon that is how much we are paying now, should be like Bosnia they were fighting for 4 years, when US and NATO came in it was over in 2 weeks. Sounds like a bloke a few years ago who only wanted a part of czechkolslavia.
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