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  1. Also in the movies it is the wrong house
  2. Sorry to hear that mate, prayers go out to you and your family.
  3. Was this in the planetary?
  4. Where the yoke goes into the axle housing NOT the planetary housing.
  5. Replacing axle seal on front axle of FWD 5288 (late model) any tricks I have to look for. Would it be wise to replace bearing also?
  6. One thing that haunted me was watching American Sniper, here was Chris Kyle that took out a sniper 2100 yards and then he gets shot in the US by a Veteran I think there are bigger issues in society. It actually proves that even though you can shoot or have a gun I can guarantee you will get shot when you haven't got a gun, I have never heard of a civvies shooting down a gunman. At least in Australia we do not have the mass shootings.
  7. It sound that cab solenoid is playing up also if you have no AC and radio
  8. Check the fuse I think it is a 5 or 3 amp fuse, that is what the pronged wire was for. Check the solenoids under the floor to make sure they are not leaking.
  9. Hello Mike just keep your head down and be careful what you say and put on the internet. I agree with you but there are more stupid people that should not be able to get their hands on a gun that easily.
  10. When you are the boss is easy you just yell at everyone and act as a bad ass, that keeps everyone in line. Then my receptionist tells my clients he is just a big softy, then I say why do I keep a samurai sword in my office.
  11. 5288IH

    5288 vs 1586

    Pick the 88 i think it will be better traction, but I have never driven a 1586 but I think the 88 would be a heavy tractor
  12. I am an accountant in Australia, for commercial buildings it is usually 9-10% and residential 5-6% gross.
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