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  1. In summary I have one thing to say, why did they not use the test harness originally instead of the module. What would be cheaper to install a test harness or a module so there is a reason they went to module. Yes the module can be a pain but a blown trans is a bigger problem.
  2. I actually visited your Department of Ag in Washington was not that inspiring, especially the people there not seemed to interested in agriculture.
  3. USA is not that insulated it was the cause Global Financial Crisis 2007
  4. I can feel the 80's coming again, worst part about it the GFC in 2007 issues were not properly addressed and they have been kicking the can down the road. Also the fact that people do not appreciate the value of food.
  5. It takes up to 3 weeks for the purchase of a gun in Australia, it is very frustrating when you got about a thousand kangaroos invading your crop.
  6. That is why I use a shotgun
  7. Thank you, that is actually a good answer, it is not about agreeing with someone is not an indication of not liking any one I have visited USA a number of times, it just about healthy debate to get awareness from different perspectives.I do like your line about law abiding citizen this is where it is getting difficult to define a law abiding citizen. I have a number of firearms I also do actually have a semi automatic but it is hidden will only see daylight in a very dire situation (kiss my arse goodbye situation). Everyone who knows me know that I will be the first one there in a scrap, being an ex mechanic and now am a accountant makes me realise there is an underlying issue with our society in general especially when you see gaps in income and lowering of gross profits. This actually causes less unfortunate people to fall between the cracks and sometimes making them isolated from society.. That is why I like farming so much gets me away from the office and people and there are no excuses. Do not worry about Libya the maltese can control them, Malta was one of the first countries that actually do not tolerate terrorists, when they started hijacking planes in Malta in the 80's that got a shock, Maltese actually do not negotiate with terrorists within 2 hours they storm the aeroplanes, there was only 2 hijacks. Thank you once again
  8. Imagine letting off a AR15 in your house what are the chances that you would shoot one of your family member. War and house invasions is not like the movies there are also deeper issues with the tendencies to gun violence. Look how long it took USA to react to Katrina you can barely look after your own people. Is this same America that only allowed 200,000 Jews from 1932 to 1945, and who were scared to enter WW1 and WW2. Is it the same America that let off an atomic bomb so Americans would not have to fight in Japan (yes I know there are other theories) so if someone is going to invade you I think they use something bigger than a rifle. Even the Japanese allowed more jews than America in this period. My parents came from a country called Malta not big on gun culture and its neighbour is Libya and it has been able to fend off attacks from Libya. It was bombed by the Germans and Italians continously more bombs were used than that Battle Of Britain, and they still did not break us.
  9. I will put it in another way why does everyone need semi automatic, even the crazy people? I do know the difference as I have to give references for my clients to police commissioner for them to obtain semi automatics such as the AR15 that it is in their line of work
  10. Could you please point it out as I proved the other IH member he cannot read.
  11. Indy farmer I actually embarassed that you cannot read, this is the biggest problem with people like you. Where did I say that snipers had machine guns and have AR15 and automatic in the same sentence.
  12. I am not mocking your rights, so you want every psycho in America have access to a gun. Our last massacre was in 1996 and we have had only one since gun laws came in. I think there are more sophisticated weapons to invade a country. So you have personally stopped a bad guy with a gun, have you ever been shot at.
  13. Actually Lorenzo we can get AR15s as a primary Producer (Farmer) but it is difficult it has to be passed by the police commissioner, references and psyche test
  14. I never assume anything because it can make an ass out of u and me. You assume that I cannot shoot I probably at the moment shoot about 100 kangaroos a month with a 223 bolt rifle I have had people with automatics on my property, the automatic does not make them a better shot as I can shoot more roos than a lot of them, I have almost been killed by these idiots. We have had a Port Arthur massacre that ended in 35 People dead tighter gun laws were brought in and we have had no massacres of that calibre after that. You have been fed bullshit along with your 2nd amendment, so where are you likely to get shot in a church, shopping mall, sporting venue do you carry your AR15 at these venues, your firearms industry is multi billion dollar business of course they want people to have guns. I get more satisfaction about hitting a target but not how many bullets that come out of the muzzle maybe it is an ego thing, do not see many snipers with a machine gun, they can strike more fear with a single bullet.
  15. I would have more fun beating the crap out of an intruder with a baseball bat as I say the difference about the law and justice is a baseball bat, especially trying to find the keys for the gunsafe.
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