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  1. All I have to say S K I . Spend Kids Inheritance problem solved you enjoy it sell the farm you cannot take it with you.
  2. In the past 6 years we have had the 3 driest consecutive years and 3 wettest consecutive years go figure.
  3. Do not worry Mike you are not alone, we are getting to stage we cannot go in paddocks and have to be careful not to stray off roads, truck drivers have a hard job doing this as per picture. we have 2mm of rain it starts running again
  4. Just check for cracks in Tappet cover especially near turbo.
  5. How you blokes and gals handling rise in interest rates.
  6. Now on a more serious note in Australia, Premier digit grass, bambasti, gatton grass, phalaris but that is in Australia also depends on Australia
  7. Just have a Covid injection that will solve the problem
  8. 5 litres of petrol, match, problem gone
  9. I recommend Tempur, pricey but I always look forward to after 2 weeks away notice the difference
  10. Make sure that you have body marked to align back the same way, actually harder to pull out than to recondition. Did mine last year I think it all came in a kit
  11. Forgot you got 4th July coming up
  12. Just goes to the higher bidder, it is utterly crazy
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