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  1. I am a CPA accountant and a farmer it is easy you start at 4am and finish at 7pm 5 days a week and 5 hours on Saturday
  2. Try and tell my wife that she does not like changing gears😀
  3. Funny you say that bought a polaris 450 4wd and a honda 420 quad bike 8 months difference between the 2 chalk and cheese.
  4. Who really cares when it comes down to it, just be good and do not cause problems.
  5. Remember never look back you might hesitate
  6. I wonder how may top business people have loans with China?
  7. Cheaper than Australia, we have to pay all up up to $42@hour any less you only get idiots. that includes 9.5% superannuation and 11% for Workers compensation Insurance.
  8. Hello Mike I am in Australia, and have fenced off rivers and creek on most of my places and has actually helped the ecology, but I do not know how that would work in NZ as we are a drier country
  9. How much is medical a year?
  10. They do that to me because I am just breathing, so you are not robinson carusoe
  11. Nice shed I notice it is mainly built out of timber , what is the reasoning for this.
  12. The 5288 would be better if turning a lot with load has a stronger diff, in regard of sentry module had problem when purchased but rectified problem and works fine. One issue is a these tractor are getting a bit of age, I am a bit lucky mine has 5650 hours on it.
  13. You probably get saturated in politics in regard of the primaries and secondaries, here it is usually over in six weeks every 3 years
  14. That is true I think the common enemy is starting to be China.
  15. I have been to every continent on this earth except the Artic, I am just asking a question not giving an opinion I just find it amusing that a bunch of 75 yo are running for president.
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