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  1. Our Privacy is Being Stolen?

    Snowden brought this out, he was responsible for a few of the programs to monitor these modes of communication, as the excuse is this is the cost of freedom and democracy ironic is it not. One day a lunatic in government will have that much power we will not be able to do anything, watch this space.
  2. Tariffs

    I do not know why you are all so worried about another 50 years from now will be either chinese or indian, better start learning a new language
  3. 6788 lights

    I cannot help you there IH were getting rare in the mid 80's so hard to compare. I got 4 rectangular Led lights for $120 from China and have had them on tractor for 5 years no problems.
  4. 6788 lights

    If they are like the 5x88 series I bought mine from CIH 4 years ago.
  5. Rebranded tractor spotted in LaConner WA.

    Might have been having a lot of problems with, it so it could be camouflaged under a tree when they are working on it
  6. Here we go again, I actually use 15w40 in the 5288 change it every season or 100 hours, especially when most use of tractor is in winter.
  7. How can you argue with this?

    Might have been bullied at school
  8. How can you argue with this?

    I do not mind guns but when it comes to assault rifles it is getting a bit ridiculous. In Australia in 1997 we had gun control reform I think it was a good thing especially where the world is going today, also these video games are desensitising the younger generation. Long gone are the days a dad takes a youngster out to shoot properly and to respect life and a firearm.
  9. The "In jail" scam.....

    The false invoices are rampant, I once had a tanker that was in India waiting for payment to unload that is what the email said anyway. Being an accountant the tax one drove me crazy especially they seemed to aim for the elderly clients
  10. What a crappy spot for an oil filter

    Ford Courier 2003 model 2.5l diesel, you are better off if you are blind.
  11. South African Farmers

    That is great, going to South Africa next month sounds like it is going to be an interesting trip.
  12. American Iron Vs Japanese Steel

    Some of them did come as CKD, but towards the 20's GMH had the press to build bodies, there is GMH emblem on the side of the seat so was built in the factory as RHD, for a 40's car it rides the road well
  13. American Iron Vs Japanese Steel

    It is a 49 model
  14. American Iron Vs Japanese Steel

    And $5000 cheaper than a Ford Ranger
  15. American Iron Vs Japanese Steel

    They were produced under General Motor Holden for Chevrolet that is what the badge says I think they were based on the Chevrolet fleetline. Everything works on it including the valve radio They were the step up from Holden Ute, bigger and more powerful with blue flame motor which went to the Toyota landcruiser