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  1. Ok I bite what is a taco tractor, is it a mexican tractor.
  2. After last year I hope I never see one again.
  3. At Blenheim in New Zealand at Omaka that is the best display of WW1 aircraft I ever seen, should take them over there
  4. Have you ever seen the size of those casinos I was looking for a cab when inside them.😄
  5. Just look what they do in Las Vegas when they want to move a building Kabooom.
  6. Sounds like to much hard work
  7. Just need a good 3d printer😀
  8. 5288IH

    Corona virus

    With the food is it the 5 second rule
  9. Done improvements then stopped making tractors, were not seen in any new tractors
  10. In Australia we give them bloat blocks apparently in breaks down the film on their stomachs that cause bloat, causing them to let gas out
  11. Does anyone know much about Massey Ferguson 2846 balers, there is one for sale which has done 5000 bales, this type of baler were not sold in huge numbers in Australia, would parts be hard to obtain.
  12. The lack of cattle facilities always amaze me, just tie the bull to that wooden post that will pull down shed, some of those cattle crushes, my cows would pick up and walk away with.
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