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  1. Unions destroyed car manufacturing, how can you afford to pay people $85,000 a year to make a car. I think Australians are their worst enemy complaining about cost of living, it is high because of wages.
  2. Yeah another win to the unions, how can you afford to make cars when you are paying people $85,000 plus $8,075 plus $5585 in workers comp insurance a year and on top of that government subsidised. Lucky country alright
  3. 5288IH

    3PL on 5x88

    I am actually going to have a look especially if it was sent to Australia and it was the 45th last 5288 built as Dale 560 said.
  4. 5288IH

    3PL on 5x88

    There is a reason that they installed them.
  5. 5288IH

    3PL on 5x88

    Would the internal cylinder have been put in the factory?
  6. 5288IH

    3PL on 5x88

    Thanks I have actually found a complete one here in Australia. Thank you
  7. 5288IH

    3PL on 5x88

    Would it be difficult to fit 3pl on a 5288, without the draft sensors and would there be any issues if it is done this way and just using the remotes for the hydraulic system. Thank you
  8. That is a FIAT 450 dad had one first brand new tractor he had was under the Fiat name and orange. I had a universal tractor was built under Fiat license getting parts was always interesting had to ring Greece, their english was not great or was my greek, it was a tough SOB people were always amazed with its torque down low revs
  9. Sorry boys I have tasted your beef in the US it is not that flash, ironically the best beef in the US I tasted was in an Argentine steakhouse in New York. Have just recently come from Argentina and they do have the best beef and this is from a bloke who comes from Australia and breeds cattle.
  10. They said 45 dead so make it 45,000,000. When I was in China I asked the guide how many people died in Tiannemen Square she did not answer I was getting a few glares from guards did not realise that they could speak english.
  11. Can you check if the other filter had a bypass valve
  12. Can you check if the filter that he gave you had a bypass valve or not.
  13. Is the spin on filter the correct filter?
  14. Was there a screen when you removed the filter?
  15. 5288IH


    Just be done with it, get a 50 cal so it can go through twigs and grass without deflection and have a 1.6km range😀
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