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  1. That is right can blame old age for failing sight at night
  2. Get cameras, did that to a snooping neighbour as soon as he triggered camera I came flying, idiot could not work out why I knew he was there. After a while he became terrified of me as I told him if he kept this up it is very difficult to tell the difference between a kangaroo and human at night especially at 300m.
  3. Already just have a little confidence in them.😂
  4. Did the same happen in 2016
  5. Just do not die, one sure way of getting out of it.
  6. Autonomous tractors I am really sick of driving tractors🙂
  7. 5288IH


    It is a conspiracy
  8. Did not realise you could convert 3688 to tracks, looks like a nice tractor
  9. HFS you will have fun with that one, does the sentry work😃
  10. Find 20 inch bar useful for finer and heavy work without carrying 2 chainsaw or changing blades. When we used timber posts for fencing found it quite good for mortising in stays
  11. 5288IH

    We are pathetic

    He thought he was texting
  12. 5288IH

    We are pathetic

    Should try and be an accountant you see some real beauties
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