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  1. I see you are waiting to hold back the flash flood
  2. LED fault codes are great as most of the wiring is getting old and can be difficult to trace
  3. It it the rams that are leaking? or is it the hand pump as it sounds that the hand pump was not correctly aligned when reassembled see if there are any scribe marks on hand pump.
  4. Yes I do still a good tractor do about 80-100 hours a year. Did stop farming for 5 year in between.
  5. Funny how things have changed purchased 5288 FWD for $19,000 with 5200 hours in 2003, nobody wanted it. Problem with sentry just was not wired up properly.
  6. Do not forget that it is almost a 40 yo tractor. A lot of the problems that you mentioned are common problems.
  7. 5288IH

    8930 MFD

    I take my hat off to you, I just have enough time to service my tractors.
  8. Better be careful that might be seen as a rascist remark, these days.?
  9. The later models The later models gave up on the EGT probe
  10. I had a 5130 with rear attachment it is just a piece of mind especially if you have workers, also just removes flex. Had Quicke loader
  11. Has it got support brackets to transmission housing for the loader
  12. Must loaded them from down under
  13. HFS you will have fun with that one, does the sentry work?
  14. The first question everyone is going to ask you is the shuttle F-R or F-N-R.
  15. There is gold in that tractor, I hope so
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