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  1. I am very sorry to hear that, I was always very interested knowlegable in his comments
  2. One of the big issues is evaporation with pivot, with vegetable the issue is getting to markets we are the same landmass as USA but with 24 million people. There are a lot of vegetables grown in Northern Territory. Personally I am not a fan of irrigation especially when most of the East Coast has bee in drought for over 2 years.
  3. I always wanted to know how you blokes did it, was in NZ in January and I swear I saw a goat rolling down a slope where there was a crop
  4. Mine had without dynamic.
  5. For the park brake it is usually a seized cable which is replace by a rod RHs of tractor under cab. If you are going to put a 540rpm you have to check if you have the right drawbar as a lot of tractors came out to Australia without 3pl if you have 3pl there should not be an issue.
  6. BKT pretty good have had no problems on tillage and utility tractor
  7. I have never been able to find this switch and my 5288 was the 46th last one built.
  8. I thought the Korean Conflict was in Korea
  9. 5288IH

    Who remembers

    It was put together by Holden in Australia
  10. 5288IH

    4840 vs 5488

    I find the 5288 runs cooler than the John Deere and the power rating on IH seems to be more than JD. Torque down low better on 5288 better than JD.
  11. Has anybody put a gauge on the later 5x88 as they did not have them on later models.
  12. 5288IH

    Wire fire 5288

    The wire also powers the solenoid for the AWD and radio I think.
  13. I am a CPA accountant, I have some clients that I control everything and they are not scared to pay because they know it will be right and no guess work.
  14. What can you say, the man with the cheque book can do whatever he wants when it comes down to it. IH went broke you can use all the excuses under the sun the 80's were a tough time sorting the men from the boys.
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