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  1. What is happening in regard of land prices in the US?
  2. 5288IH

    If you were POTUS,

    Simple. Just make them rely on you by giving them money, then they will not be game to turn on you that is what we do in Australia. It has worked for 200 years no civil wars or riots without the need of a second amendment.
  3. You know Mike you are going to start a war saying that grass fed is better. Argentinians have it got it down pat best beef I ever tasted all grass fed
  4. Limo/Angus cross find within 10 months of being born can get them to 380 kilos or 836 pounds within 10 months being born with help of improved pasture. Pure angus does not have muscle of limo. I am in area that does not snow so could be different where you live
  5. I honestly feel sorry for your country, was in Johannesburg South Africa in April 2018, our idiot tour guide in a little toyota bus took us into a middle of a 5000 people black protest I was scared I said to wife I will glass the first person who walks onto bus. The question is why, why our indigineous people would not be game to do this in Australia.
  6. Ones that do not breakdownšŸ˜€
  7. 5288IH

    Corona virus

    Remember the day well was in India they decided to change currency total crap fight. Indians were very excited apparently he does a lot of things offshore in regard of business.
  8. 5288IH

    Corona virus

    Wasn't that the first year of Trump AdministrationšŸ˜€
  9. It does work have done the same
  10. My little baby 48 Chev ute
  11. is that an actual utility or customised from a sedan
  12. I said from the flu not COVID 19. I belong to a bushfire brigade we try and ring around to the older people to see if they need anything to be done through this COVID19 crisis
  13. I have been biting my lip in regard of your comments of Australian gun laws, I am always very forgiving in regard of ignorant people, you have no idea about law, the change in gun laws in 2002 was caused by a Chinese National after the monash university shooting (as I always say do not trust anyone you can blindfold with a shoe lace). Your grasp of the law is very limited especially shown in your highlight, most law clauses have an either, or, and. Any dickhead in Australia can decipher it except you. It says you cannot use self defense as a use, you use recreational shooting or belong to a club, also the laws vary from state for handguns. That is why use the mental clause. Most guns that were registered in 1997 their records have been lost so you keep 2 gunsafes one for the one before 2002 and one after 2002. It was only a few months ago I wrote a letter for someone to purchase a AR15. A t least we behave civilised in our state departments, makes me laugh when you see those hooded people in your state department demanding freedom armed to the teeth. Those people usually are not allowed in the police force, to scared to join military forces in case they die.
  14. You seem to have the demeanor of a young man good on you.
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