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  1. I run a 2188. Had the same thing happen, just got doggy, first year of having the combine. Change fuel filter, right back to full speed. Change them every year now never had a problem since.
  2. Dont know about that, my corn is at 260 GDU so far. But with warmer weather should be over 300 already.
  3. Will a 18hp magnum from a 1811 bolt right into a 782?
  4. Yes that is a mess! The top 3 wires (the bigger ones) are transmission lines, 69k volt or higher. That's feeds alot of people. The under build, bottom four wires are distribution. that is what feeds the transformer to step voltage down to feed your house. That is going to a lot of work to get that all rebuilt. Them boys will be working for awhile.
  5. Had a 656 diesel on a 7000 4 row for years. Full of dry fertilizer. Had no problems.
  6. Thanks, Just north of Eau Claire
  7. Me too, thank you. Feels good to help people out.
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