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  1. Can you swap a clutch style pto out of a 560 diesel and put it in a 560 gas tractor?
  2. The wiring to the coil is wrong, positive to points and switch to negative my bad. The coil is a prestolite P5-13 12 volt and it has d21 plugs in it
  3. I looked at everything a little more. The battery, starter, generator and voltage regulator are all 6 volt. the coil is marked 12 volt (have to look at it more closely). The distributor is a prestolite part# 107304c91. 1BT 41063 10T are the other #'s. When I changed the wiring harness I did one wire at a time. The wire from the switch to the coil is hooked to the positive post and the wire from the negative post goes to the distributor. This was they way it was wired when I bought the tractor. This is why I am baffled it runs really well until recently.
  4. I have a ih 300 utility that I am thinking about switching from points to electronic. It is still is a 6 volt system, but the coil and distributor are 12 volt. Why would somebody do this? It use to start and run really well, but the wiring was not very good so I replaced it and now it starts and runs but it looses spark and shuts off. looking for options Thanks.
  5. I already have a 7 foot sickle bar mower and a IH #7 flail chopper. I have about 40 acres of pasture I mow with the flail chopper and looking for something bigger. I have looked all over the internet and there are no knives available for the flail chopper and the only ones I found for the #50/60 shredder are the end blades. I did find a company that can make the gears and shaft for the #60 shredder, not sure the cost they need to see the parts before they can give a price. As far as the blades I think if I come close the the same dimension's as the one on it, then I will change all of them and hope for the best. Flail shredders were never popular here in eastern NY, everybody uses a bush hog on their pastures and corn fields. To me mowing a pasture with a bush hog is a waste of time, dosen't cut the grass very good and takes a long time for the grass to break down. LOOKS LIKE CRAP.
  6. I looked at the shredder the other day it is in really nice shape and only a couple of dents in the hood. The knives look good and there is gunk around the gear box, no fresh oil leaking from it.It is on consignment so the dealer will not let me borrow it and try it out at my farm. I am trying to get them to reassemble it, the wheels and hitch were removed for transport, and run it at the dealership. I think I found a company that can make the gears and another to make the shaft, is there anybody that makes the knives. I checked a couple of websites and they no longer have the main knives and the side ones.
  7. How well will a stalk chopper work for mowing pastures? I found one but did not have time to look at it and do not know the price. Right now I mow with a #7 flail chopper and looking for something different and have no interest in a bush hog. I know parts are becoming limited. thanks joey
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