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  1. Figuering acreage.

    Here in ky i use web soil survey. Not sure if it national or just ky. It is fairly awesome you can measure all or part of a field cut out barns ponds or whatever. And most importantly to me it has soil type and can map those soil types. Google it
  2. Wife farming money! 😃

    I guess i have it made. This is about as far as i go on a computer. She keeps all bills payed and all expenses put in. She runs reports comparing to years past. Really helps finding things using more money than should be. We set down every couple months and see if we are where we need to be. She was helped me pull a calf from a heifer last night. This morning heifer still had no interest so she tubed it for me. She is vet by trade thats big help too. Hope she keeps me
  3. Continuing Education

    I have 2 degrees never use them. Wish i had that time back to have gotten a earlier start than i did.
  4. Has anyone been able to do any field work

    Started strip tilling for tobacco in bean ground this afternoon. We did burn down on wheat cover crops tuesday. Heavy rain this weekend then suppose to dry out. Guys still moldboarding out on full force last couple days. We finished hay and pasture fert this week.
  5. organic milk price down

    Regular milk .92 here at the store
  6. life in our corner

    I have read this thread for a long. I hope you the very best. I can tell how much passion you have for your work and the care you have for the cattle. Several locals have been caught the deans ordeal.
  7. K&M door cylinder

    For a 1086 worth the money? Does it work? How big a deal to install?
  8. K&M door cylinder

    For a 1086 worth the money? Does it work? How big a deal to install?
  9. Tillage questions

    Will be cheaper and a lot less pita to spray. I don't much about grapes maybe you can at least burn down while they are dormant
  10. Oh the differences in up bringing

    God made dirt and dirt won't hurt! what i tell my kidos
  11. Tractor Supply Co.

    Good place to buy jeans and dog food. Or if in a jam at night or weekend. Other than that leaves alot to be desired. Folks here call it Tuff sh++ Charlies. Cause if you need it tuff crap
  12. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    A 97 2500 chevy pickup i bought about 10 years ago for a farm truck. It looked good with new mud tires. We guessed someone changed the transmission because the motor was good. It ran great drove great. Would of been overloaded with a little red wagon. Gutless was putting lightly. Then after that a new Gatormade gooseneck. I was very blessed i found someone to buy them.
  13. Shotguns

    The current 870 is not what we all grew up with, not even close. If you want a 870 go early 90's or older. If you want a new pump look at a browning bps.
  14. I Don't Understand

    I think zero turns did to those mowers, what the car did to the horse.
  15. Calls on Cell Phone

    I agree the do not call list doesn't work. But I think there must be a crazy list. I get rude and really blow up at them. I don't get called for weeks and I get a lot less in general than most folks I know.