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  1. Saw some in Wisdom Montana couple weeks ago
  2. Funny story even though it makes me look like an idiot. Last time i was up on your side of border. I took a browning gold as a back up, not sure why never even liked it. Last time it was out loaned to a guy. He tripped cut off when unloaded left 2 in magazine . I pulled bolt seemed unloaded, through it in case headed north. After a week near Quill lake we headed home gun was never uncased. We come up on a road block. Get guns out to check plugs. We pull all bolts back, nothing loaded. Remember mag cut off on gold. Hose want go up in it. Yep loaded gun in truck in Canada big no no. Big ticket
  3. I love shotguns have had many. My first nice one was 97 benelli sbe 1 that gun shot so well, but gave alot of fits with certain shell types and cold weather. When i moved to northern Il i traded it to a browning gold 10. Killed piles and piles of geese with it. Before i moved back I traded that to a 96 A5 stalker. I love that gun took it to Canada twice it shoots so sweet. Couple years ago i ran up on a near mint benelli sbe1 camo at a gun show it came home with me. Both sbe 1 are were 4 shooters. Been many others cheap and not but these are my favorites. I think i have about 20 shotguns at th
  4. Bought a new truck couple years ago called around local bank best deal. Same with a new tractor this year. All these national companys seem like great deals till you get down to it. They beat farm credit too.
  5. We have deere and a bush hog. I would be looking at a bush hog i was looking
  6. I think you could get it cleared with a big dozer cheaper not a little one. I didn't read through it all unless your buddy breached a contract. He just screwd up not liable. Landower should have been around or had someone there before trees grew to 40 foot. Have to real lucrative before i wanted anything to do with it. Still think a D6 be cheaper than flying it twice and still dozing. Can take logged over land back cheaper than most think.
  7. Someone be kind enough to pm me there cell and post some pics for me. All i grow is tobacco have some we top dressed today and some early we will top next week.
  8. I wore a paint respirator into cabelas to pickup a gun i ordered. Several cases in that town. And i just wondered how it would go over. Weird no one even looked at me funny.
  9. I like the cl scammers i often enjoy throwing back at them. They get mad if you ask if they are in moms basement. Or when they are sending there agent, and you ask if they can pick up pizza and copenhagen on the way.
  10. Shot second of the spring this morning. I pretty sure our numbers are down to a few years ago. I love it this was 25th season.
  11. My dad has them on a 6430 it gets a lot of road time they are holding up good. I just put them on a tractor of mine last month to soon to tell.
  12. I have spent many hours on them plowing tobacco. We have 2 in the barn. Thankfuly we no longer cultivate tobacco.
  13. We only transplant tobacco. John Deere 5085m and a no till cm transplanter mounted with water tank on front of tractor. All the ground is strip tilled
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