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  1. littletom

    Saving Money

    When you start out you don't have enough equity for a lein to cover you screwing up. So they put a lein to protect the taxpayers money i borrowed. Cost a little over 3000 a acre to grow burley. So my current tobacco crop catches about a $300,000 in inputs. Their half price rates save me a few thousand on operating loan. As i don't have the whole $300,000 in cash to grow and harvest the crop. Save money anywhere i can. Don't file as a partner tryed to make the reasoning simple and not be A-hole.
  2. littletom

    Saving Money

    I more or less get paid once a year. Farm full time no side gigs tobacco and beef cows. It takes some real budgeting. Let me tell you about the government deal i'm into. Ten years ago i got started through beginning farmer loans through fsa. Interest rates are great easy to work with i would do it again. Last year was my last year eligible for operating loans. Right now i have 2 tobacco checks in the safe sold all my weaned calves Friday night that check went in the safe. Sell tobacco 3 days next week. All the checks are made to me and fsa. No one can sign them as fsa is closed. So i just set here hoping they get the damn government open soon!
  3. littletom

    Winter tillage

    Rains at least 3-4 days a week here
  4. littletom

    Property with High Phase Powerlines

    I'm leaning toward no thanks. It sucks big time. The price is right location could not be more perfect. Right across field and road from my shop. I look at this house about all day everyday. Have kinda been interested in it for years. Went looked at it Monday alot nicer than i expected. But family first always!
  5. Looking at a property with High Phase Transport Lines. Somethings i read completely safe microwave produces more emf than lines. Others lead you down the road of not so safe. Any thoughts on this subject?
  6. littletom


    Yes just crazy numbers. But thats why i'm not jumping in. The whole selling it sounds a little vague. Suppose to be processing places being built. Sounds a little to good. With tobacco I have a contract for a set amount pounds and price list on quality grade. With that a lot variables that can change things, but i pretty sure of a market. Before we start transplanting.
  7. littletom

    gun broker

    Right or wrong very few auctions where the owner or rep. is not protecting themself ready to bid. I think most would by there cows or land back before taking a bath.
  8. littletom


    Yes that is what i'm being told. This is for oil use variety. This just people talking around tobacco warehouses this winter,. Not from horses mouth. I think why it getting pushed here. People are use to expensive high labor crops.
  9. littletom


    What i am hearing it expensive for oil grow it in raised plastic covered beds with drip lines like tomatoes. Transplants 2-3 dollars each 3500 plants a acre. My understanding had to have application in for Ky this past nov.30 Cut it for oil use by hand. I'm hearing just stupid numbers for a acres worth of oil. I am set up for tobacco grow 100 acres have h2a labor keeping a close eye on how this goes/
  10. littletom


    Its getting pushed hard here. Has been state legal couple years. Everyone thinks they are going to rich. Suppose to take place of tobacco. I feel a few will make a pile of money selling transplants and supplies. I will still be growing tobacco next year.
  11. littletom

    10 Chevy suburban with afm or dod

    Wife has a 12 yukon with 240 on it. It goes through oil pressure sensors. But hasnt given much problem. She is a vet with box in back it gets used hard. She is wanting to go to a truck. I have a 16 d max be last chevy.
  12. littletom

    Duramax issue

    My 2016 did that couple weeks ago hasn't since.
  13. littletom

    1969 Ford Firetruck

    Yep for that price it be following sprayer around all summer
  14. littletom

    1969 Ford Firetruck

    How much water does it haul? Be cool nurse truck