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  1. littletom

    Has anyone started spring work yet?

    We are trying to get going. Said on news tonight first time since november 4 days with no rain. Suppose to be dry all next week. Mostly just checking calving cows lately had 31 since Feb. 24th. Today started drilling grass in pastures, and putting new lines on 496 disk. Local parts store had big filter sale so trying to get lots of fluids changed. Next week going to seed a corn field back to grass. And disk a new farm i leased for tobacco, last farmer just left it no cover crop. I will disk it and roll it then leave till close to setting and strip till it. If it warms up end of next week going to burn down all my wheat on tobacco ground. May try to get some fertilizer on pasture and hay ground. Hoping to get a new field of grass hay sprayed next week too. Early Tobacco plants are up good in greenhouse be crunch time here soon. When the rain starts back good bit of work to do to one of H2a worker houses. Be pretty much wide open here till Christmas now.
  2. littletom

    Take the "Older Then Dirt Quiz"

    What is Butch Wax
  3. littletom

    The million dollar question?

    Pay off all my wife I's debt, and my parents. Hire a really good farm manager, to keep farming. Lot's and lot's of land here a modest new house here. And a nice one in Saskatchewan for hunting too.
  4. littletom

    Considering a new line of work

    I remember talking to a guy once that was repo man for anything. I asked him what were the worst jobs. No doubt window ac units in August. Went on tell me about taking one a morning in the hood. Guy runs out bigger than big in his boxers and jumps him. I asked what happened. Said he reached up in them shorts twisted hard as he could. And left with the unit. This was 30 years ago.
  5. littletom

    Thinking of tractor upgrade

    We pull a 9' disc bind and a new holland 560 roll belt round baler all summer with a 6430 never feel under powered. You might look into the 15 series of deere too. I think a 6715 was a six cylinder. The 15 series had a few less frills and were cheaper. A 30 series will have a few more hp over a 20 and be newer.
  6. littletom

    Best vehicle to pull 5k light weight camper

    Wife had a 12 yukon dropped a lifter, seems to be pretty common. We had to buy another only think her vet box fits in. Might steer clear that route. If you give up 4x4 will save bunch.
  7. littletom

    308 vs 6.5 Creedmoor

    My dad bought a tikka in 6.5. I am Remington man myself, but that is one shooting little gun!
  8. littletom

    Door to door salesmen

    Spit copenhagan on screen
  9. littletom

    Stomper at Louisville

    Nothing its just to show how much flotation the tires have.
  10. littletom

    Tires- Firestone, Harvestking

    I think in the long run you will be happier with the Firestone.
  11. littletom


    That is good idea and i hope some do take one and be thankful. I also saw where they welcomed some kids in at x-mas here local to sing god bless america. I myself do not eat chicken ever. Nasty little animals, going on ten years now.
  12. littletom

    Hitch hikers

    I have never picked up someone i didn't know. Last year coming out of a somewhat local dollarstore guy asked me to jump his car, no big deal. I come out he is waiting i ask where is it, he says over there. Gets in my beater farm truck we go down in a neighborhood drive up into a back yard. He pulls tarp off old explorer i was not turning my back on this guy. I was feeling a little uneasy he kept wanting me to hook it up. I'm thinking no way your standing behind me. I finally said that pos needs more than a jump and left. Not sure what he was concocking but wasn't good. Our farms are pretty spread out in kind of a 3 mile circle. Something breaks and no one can give me a ride i usually start walking most everyone knows me. Walking late one afternoon young mom pulls up in minivan 2 kids in car gives me ride I didn't know her from Eve. Get back to shop thank her and thought damn that was dumb of her. Have since tryed to leave farm truck at farm night before, if driving tractor down in morning. Has saved me lot of time and trouble.
  13. littletom

    Best work boots. For the price

    Don't know model number but the redwings with stitched toe. Only i think 4 models of redwings still made in usa. Other than the first 2 weeks nothing better than redwings. Also wear keen shoes alot.
  14. littletom

    Thinking of tractor upgrade

    We have about every color tractor on this farm between my parents and I. For cow and loader work. I love a 64xx deere. Now we have a 6430 gets over 400hrs a year. IMHO just the right size for hay and loader work.
  15. littletom

    Saving Money

    When you start out you don't have enough equity for a lein to cover you screwing up. So they put a lein to protect the taxpayers money i borrowed. Cost a little over 3000 a acre to grow burley. So my current tobacco crop catches about a $300,000 in inputs. Their half price rates save me a few thousand on operating loan. As i don't have the whole $300,000 in cash to grow and harvest the crop. Save money anywhere i can. Don't file as a partner tryed to make the reasoning simple and not be A-hole.