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  1. jflaw92

    Cover crop

    Thanks for all the advice and experience. I'll probably look into oats next year, along with some other options. Until about a week ago I'd never heard of hairy vetch, what is it?
  2. jflaw92

    Cover crop

    The only reason I'm using it this year is because I bought it for next to nothing just to do some test ground. I plan on changing up what I'm using based on what will be in the field following it. I just wanted to be able to mess around with it and not spend much money. I'll be working the field next to that neighbor next year and working in a granular pre emergent. I'm may try interseeding in part of the field too just to see how it goes.
  3. jflaw92

    Cover crop

    I won't be harvesting the wheat, if anything we may bale it in the spring. The ground I'm trying it on will be put in soybeans next spring. I thought maybe I'd try hitting it with the disk to get it covered a little bit. Is there any other way to really kill it in the spring besides spraying it?
  4. jflaw92

    Cover crop

    I need an education from people that have real world experience. This year I had a neighbor claim his grapes got 24D burns from me, even though no 24D was sprayed on my ground. Also the ragweeds are running rampant through my field due to lack of options on herbicides. I'm planning on doing some cover crops this year on a field away from that neighbor so I can play around with it some. I will be using wheat since I bought a super sack from another neighbor real cheap just to try. I was wondering A) Can I broadcast the seed and get a decent stand? Should I plant in it next spri
  5. I appreciate the help guys. The neighbor has one he pulled with a 6400 John Deere. He said I could use it, so I'd imagine the 966 should be able to pull that and if not I'll get the 14 out.
  6. The only moldboard I have is a 2-12
  7. Sorry in advance if it's been covered already. I'm going to have to start working a field next year due to being limited on what chemicals I can use on a field. So I was going to chisel plow it and then disk it. I have a 1466 and a 966, what sized chisel plow would be suited to them? It's fairly decent ground, not black dirt but not clay. Thanks
  8. Thanks everyone. It's supposed to rain for the next few days so hopefully I'll get it mounted up
  9. I'm going to look at a westendorf Loader, it was on a 1486. Would the brackets be the same or similar to fit on a 966?
  10. My uncle's just got done repainting a A-C 440 which is a steiger painted orange. It took up the a lot of room when they tore it down and had to borrow a bucket truck from a phone or power company to get the cab off.
  11. I had 2 tick bites in a year that got the ring around it. Spent a lot of the me on antibiotics but I had gotten to the doctor early enough to get it took care of. There's a few people around home that didn't get it checked out and I heard it liked to kill them
  12. A guy here by home that we farm his ground has a bunch of Cockshutts and Coop tractors and other odd ball brands. I don't know if he has one of every model but he isn't missing it by much My grandpa farms with all Allis Chalmers and I've been around them my whole life but none of them have the cool factor that a 66 series IH have but as far as usefulness the 6000 series and 8000 series have most all of them beat for the time period. We have a D21 but it's nicer to look at that it is to use, in my opinion.
  13. A-C 6000 series, D15 and 200 are some of my favorites
  14. Our 444 also has an aftermarket fuel pump, but it's been on it for as long as I can remember so I'm not sure what size or brand. We also have an inline filter that I believe is between the sediment bowl and the electric pump but I'll double check tonight when I get home. Our 444 will flood if the throttle isn't all the way at idle when you start it, but once it's been run awhile it would start at wide open throttle if you wanted to.
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