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  1. Good luck, I have a couple model M's. Some parts will cross over from the model 10 I believe, but I'm not sure what all parts will work.
  2. My friend gave me this picture printed on a metal plate thing to hang on the wall. I'm redoing the living room to match. There were probably other good pictures taken that day but none come to mind. Haha There use to be a one row that sat back in one of the barns that I always wanted to get out and use, but I can see why my grandpa didn't bother with it after he got this one.
  3. My grandpa was one of the few people around home that picked and sold ear corn. After he died no one wanted to pick corn or do field corn for that matter, they switched to popcorn. So I figured I'd start picking. It's my grandpa's 3 row new idea picker, it'll flat eat some corn too, as long as you have a good supply if wagons on hand.
  4. Last fall a friend of mine came up and took maternity pictures when my wife was still pregnant with our second son. I hopped off the tractor long enough to take a few with her then got back to it. He took this picture while we were finishing up picking corn. I thought it was a really good picture so I thought I'd share it with you all.
  5. I search on this site but could find what I was looking for again. I had read somewhere on here where some one had took the electric cable for the markers and replaced it with another valve and made it it's own system. Does anyone know what type of valve I'd need to do this? I'm not great with names of valves, but all my google searches hasn't come up with anything that looks like what I'm looking for.
  6. My uncle's just got done repainting a A-C 440 which is a steiger painted orange. It took up the a lot of room when they tore it down and had to borrow a bucket truck from a phone or power company to get the cab off.
  7. I had 2 tick bites in a year that got the ring around it. Spent a lot of the me on antibiotics but I had gotten to the doctor early enough to get it took care of. There's a few people around home that didn't get it checked out and I heard it liked to kill them
  8. Our 444 also has an aftermarket fuel pump, but it's been on it for as long as I can remember so I'm not sure what size or brand. We also have an inline filter that I believe is between the sediment bowl and the electric pump but I'll double check tonight when I get home. Our 444 will flood if the throttle isn't all the way at idle when you start it, but once it's been run awhile it would start at wide open throttle if you wanted to.
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