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  1. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    Oh my grandfather also said never put anything in your ear sharper than you elbow 🤔
  2. Request for thoughts and prayers.

    Like to thank everybody for their thoughts and prayers mom ended up passing away she had a spontaneous brain bleed had fallen in her house I live across the road dad called me to come help I stayed with her and held her hand until the rescue showed up I helped load her in looking at her I didn't think things would end well I said my goodbyes and opted to stay home and take care of things instead of going to the hospital I don't deal with things the way other people do my dad brothers sister and some of the nieces and nephews and one of my step daughter's went to be with her things gradually went downhill when she passed about 18 hours after the fall she did not seem to be in any pain which is very good we ended up doing a small family service on my 42nd birthday everybody was concerned that it was happening that day but honestly I looked at it as an honor to have her service on my birthday she was a great woman never a bad memory thank you all again for your thoughts prayers and support TdP
  3. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    Before going out mom would always say "make sure you have on clean underwear and Be picky where you put your pecker" and of course it didn't matter who was there your friends or your date. Gramp gave me his 1937 John Deere A. When I was ten years old I noticed the flywheel had a crack and there was a tiny hole drilled at the end of it I asked what the hole was for? Without hesitation grams said "the same reason a women has belly button and a a$$hole to keep the crack from getting bigger" 🤔
  4. The dog

    Duke waking from a nap with scooby
  5. The dog

    Duke has always had weird sleep habits
  6. Anyone know this fella? Lots of IH

    I just watched all of this video and it is awsome thanks for sharing
  7. 560D.....Captain, we need more power!

    Here is my 560 on my dyno neither are perfect but I set timing to 7 dbtdc and acctually had a little less power not sure why? I also got brave and tightened the leaf spring 1/4 turn didn't seem to gain any power but did get a little smoke I may turn it in a bit more to see.
  8. Working in central/upstate NY this week

    I am in vermont it's about 3.5 hours to Rome from me my daughter is at morrisville college which is not to far from Rome there is some real nice farmland out that way
  9. How much calcium?

    Try this link I am not sure about the lime
  10. 560 on my dyno

    In this run it was about 72 I played around after and was 74 75 horse no turbo. So far this one starts well I replaced glow plugs when I got the tractor a few years ago and have not touched since knock on wood. The 460 utility diesel I have would go through them quit regularly. It pulls my 3 bottom plows with ease lol. Plowing video
  11. 560 diesel injector pump?

    Thank you for the input so far oh and yes I have turned the Rpms up to 2100 and the old tractor starts pretty good when 50 plus degrees 25 seconds on the glow plugs and when colder 45 to 60 seconds. I would like more power but also don't wanna do more damage than I can do on a regular basis I use the tractor for haying and a bit of plowing disking normal driving around to relax lol and some antique pulls thanks again dan
  12. 560 diesel injector pump?

    Ok I know many have asked and many have answered but what should I set my pump timing at 3 5 6 or 7 degees btdc? I have not check where it's at yet but playing on the dyno the other day by advancing the pump I gained a bit and seems to smoke less but I am gonna check where it's set this weekend but wanted a good answer for getting what I can out of it easy. I have backed the torque screw out but that's it with my old dyno i come up with 74 horse power now. Thanks for any input dan
  13. Plowing video I could not upload the other day

    My dad is the gardener he plants quit a bit but we have a photo of my great grandmothers garden and it was huge I will try to upload it onto here