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  1. If you lookup the Nebraska test for your model of tractor they sometimes say what the boost was at full power. I had a 9330 and it was 28 psi as tested.I think the waste gate started to open at 30 psi.
  2. I had this same issue with a 2366 combine with a P pump. Went on for years sometimes more noticeable than others. I had the injectors serviced and that made no difference so this year I sent the pump away to our local shop and they say the fuel delivery on one cylinder is below spec. I thought the governor must have some issue but they think it is fine. I am about to reinstall the pump for fall harvest so hope the problem is solved. I harvested wheat with a pump off of a 2388 that a friend let me use and is works great with that one.
  3. I had the stainless floor kit many years ago. I now just keep restoring the oem floor by making a 8 inch strip at the back replaceable. If I want to make it slip better I keep it painted. The problem with removing the rock dam is you have to modify the spring front attachment points by redrilling the bolt holes and cutting of the tops off them so they will clear the flat floor. The kit used pop rivets and stainless straps to attach the stainless floor to the cutterbar and they would break after a few days. Not flexible enough in my opinion.
  4. I don't think they are worth anymore than 1500 dollars here unless there was some record of service work done to it.There are quite a few trucks being retired on account of rust and other things so they won't certify. Also quite a few school buses that have that engine and can't be certified as they are to old. This C&C had a 7 speed transmission with hydraulic brakes and I was able to drive it home. It ran ok but the trans shift detents are all wore out so it falls out of gear when not under load. I was hoping to fix the transmission but so far the story I am getting here is the parts are exclusive to IH and they think parts are quite valuable.
  5. I bought a 1996 IH 4900 truck from the wreckers for parts. The cab and frame are quite rusty. The engine is tagged as a 175 hp version and has a mechanical Bosch pump. I wondered if anyone could tell by the picture how many valves per cylinder this engine has. I haven't seen one that has the intake air entering the top of the valve cover like this one.
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