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  1. What about brake parts? I'm interested in some of the brake parts from a IH S Series or Loadstar bus if they are hydraulic and not air brakes.
  2. hi, I believe my '69 Loadstar 1700 has a T-36 trans - if that is the direct drive and not overdrive model with its 392 sv engine. However, the truck came with a 2-piece factory adapter bell housing. Does that mean I can run other standard truck transmissions that use a standard bell housing? It would be nice if I could put in a 7 speed (or more) Spicer or Roadranger trans.
  3. I had two bottle jacks leak the first time I used them under pressure. HF always exchanged them no questions asked. Fortunately at that time HF was less than a mile away. The third HF bottle jack didn't leak. I also bought some very heavy duty jack stands from HF and needed a couple more. So I went to my local Napa store and bought the same rated jack stands. There was a world of difference between their quality. The HF just had seams folded around. The Napa jack stands have welded seams. I sure don't feel safe getting under a fire truck held up by the HF jack stands. Perhaps my
  4. Ok, sounds good. I believe the WTEC-2 and WTEC-3 have different connections so they are not interchangeable. However if it was a WTEC-3 then you could send it to pcmperformance and they can reprogram it without going through Navistar or Allison etc. If I recall Alex is the man in charge there (or at least he was a few years ago). Good luck.
  5. Hi, I don't know anything about Allison transmissions, but there must be more than one way to skin a cat. What about an aftermarket TCM? A WTEC-3 is about $300 and PCMperformance.com will reprogram those for 6 speeds for about $400. source : https://www.ebay.com/itm/ALLISON-TRANSMISSION-CONTROL-MODULE-TCM-WTEC-3-29541151-29537291-6-MO-WARRANTY/292530241317?hash=item441c293f25:g:hFgAAOSwg7VZoFU3:rk:1:pf:0 https://pcmperformance.com/ Hope that info helps someone. Now I know why I stay with standard transmissions ... Steve edit - they will not reprogram
  6. Wow ... another example of big brother controlling and trying to micro-manage the little guy. So happy I have a standard transmission and I can put it in any gear I want whenever I want. They haven't figured out how to control that yet, but I'm sure they are working on it. It just ruffles my feathers every time I hear another example of people trying to control other people's behaviors and telling others what they can or cannot do with their own personal property in their personal life. I've never owned an Allison trans and probably never will. But if it were me, I'd buy the shop manuals
  7. What did this engine come out of and about how many miles was on it? Would you be interested in splitting the trans and bell housing off of it? I only need the complete engine, and flywheel with pressure plate. Thank you, Sir.
  8. Thank you, Sir, for your help. Not too concerned about the steering code as I intend to upgrade it to power steering. And it's nice to know the rating of the RA39 axle, thank you. The engine is a non-improved cooling 392 with a 4 barrel carb. But I am most concerned about the parking brake and rear brakes. Those are the codes I'm most concerned with. Someone stripped the parking brake assembly from the back of the transmission. And I know the rear leaky wheel cylinders will need to be replaced along with the brake shoes that have been leaked on. And for peace of mind I inte
  9. Thank you for the information. But who makes the adapter and what is the part number of the adapter? Thank you.
  10. Am I right to assume 169 is the wheel base and 24000 is the GVW rating? But what does the 4160 and all the other numbers mean? I don't think it's the carburetor as it has a Holley 4150 four barrel and not a Holley 4160 four barrel carb and I'm sure the engine has never been touched. There is only 15000 miles on the truck.
  11. Hi, I have a '69 Loadstar 1700 fire truck that was manufactured in Canada. I tried the Wisconsin Historical Society but there is no record of my truck. I was told the records of trucks manufactured in Canada were given to some university who promptly threw them all away. However I did find a piece of paper attached to the sun visor with the following information. However, parts are missing. After careful reconstructing the tattered remains I was able to extract the information below. No point showing the original as its unreadable by camera, but I carefully retyped what I found exac
  12. What did you paint the frame rails with? I know I eventually need to do that to mine.
  13. Just thought I'd ask if it was still available?
  14. I get so many conflicting answers and every manufacturer says their product is the best and their procedure is the only way to do it properly, I don't know what to believe . . . doesn't anyone on this forum know anyone who has had any experience with trailer roof repairs??
  15. A lot of times what is recommended on OldIHC is to have your original fuel pump rebuilt by these people: http://www.then-now-auto.com/ Although they sell rebuild kits, its usually best if they rebuild it. They use newer types of materials compatible with today's gasoline additives and claim they have never had one come back. I used them for my IHC fuel pump when I rebuilt my engine because I wanted to keep the filter / sediment bowl. Their turn-around time was about three weeks, but it was worth the wait for me.
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