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  1. T35, T496, T699 transmission parts

    Here is the company I recommend for parts or rebuilding. Give them a call. http://www.wellertruck.com/default.aspx I've heard so many contradictory suggestions about which oil to use in an IH 5 speed, I am totally lost. Use the wrong viscosity oil in the wrong trans and you will wipe out the trans in no time. Otherwise, if taken care of, they should last hundreds of thousands of miles. It has something to do with the oil getting in to lube the shaft bearings - you need a thinner oil than what's called for in the other IH 5 speeds. But I don't remember which model of 5 speed that is. In my case, the problem is compounded because the sales brochure lists 5 different 5 speed manual transmissions for my Loadstar 1700, and no Line setting ticket is available for my truck. I might suggest 10W30 or 15W40 to keep from smoking the mainshaft bearings. But I hope someone with more experience with IH 5-speed transmissions jumps in and corrects me. Thank you.
  2. Loadstar fire truck 1965

    I would agree, that is probably a good honest fair price to offer. I paid about $1600 for my '69 Loadstar 1700 with about 15k original miles. If you don't take it and Travelette doesn't want it, please let me know. Thank you.
  3. Loadstar Brakes

    A good place I recommend for brake related parts is called Valley Friction in North Hollywood, Calif. When I was repairing the brakes in my '64 Loadstar, I first made several attempts at the local auto parts stores, including one that actually asked me, "International, what year Ford is that?" I then found Valley Friction. They don't use computers but use many old catalogs, and they had the parts in stock, including the master cylinder and brake shoes. I also asked about a Hydrovac for my truck, and they had that in stock too. From my past experience with them, I highly recommend them. Steve
  4. Loadstar carburetor general advice needed

    Thank you for your responses, everyone. Does anyone know, is a gasket kit that has an International part number that ends in C94 interchangeable with a gasket kit that ends with C95 or could they be entirely different? I have not found anything that says they interchange or that one number has replaced or supersedes the other number. The kit that ends with C94 is no longer available and if I order the kit that ends with part number C95 I cannot return it if its wrong . . . and the C95 kit is very pricey for a carb kit. Thanks.
  5. Loadstar carburetor general advice needed

    I just don't know anything about the Autolite carbs. I do have one book called Fix Your Ford but the few pages it has on carburetors leaves much to be desired. Otherwise I would strongly consider it.
  6. Loadstar carburetor general advice needed

    Unless I can get that NOS carb cheap, I plan on rebuilding the 443269-C91, list number 4308-1 carb I got at a junk yard. But I now have a couple other questions about the two-stage power valve now in this carb. First I'll quote from the service manual: ". . . during light load and part-throttle operation where manifold vacuum drops to a pre-determined level , the first stage opens to enrich the mixture slightly ..." - ok, I understand that - ". . . when the throttle plate reaches a 50* or greater opening, a hole through the throttle shaft aligns with passages in the throttle body admitting atmospheric pressure to the power valve permitting the power valve to open regardless of manifold vacuum." I never heard of this before. Is it common to all 2300 carbs? To me that sounds like this carb is going to get horrible gas mileage. First, Holley no longer sells two-stage power valves. They recommend the single stage 125-65 power valve to replace it. Does practical experience with our engines agree with this recommendation? Secondly, can this mechanical 50 degree throttle opening of the power valve be defeated so it responds to manifold vacuum only? What would be the ramifications and is that something I would even want to do? Or should I leave it as is? Or put a power valve in it rated such that it will only open at the 50* throttle opening? What are your thoughts? I'm still waiting to hear on the price of the other NOS carburetor but that IH dealer is probably going to want a couple hundred dollars for it. I'm sure that's why he's never sold it in all these years - but we'll see. Thank you.
  7. ok everyone, here's where I really need some advise from everyone who has had experience with Holley carbs. I was planning on rebuilding a Holley 2300 carb, IH part number 443269-C91, list number 4308-1. This is a non-emission carb made for an early '70's 304 pickup truck. I intended to install it in my 304 V8 Loadstar. It seems like a simple carb and I have read some books on Holley carbs so I understand their theory of operation from a performance point of view much better than I did a year or two ago. However theory is not practical experience. My situation is this: I just came across a NOS Holley 2300 carb for sale, IH part number 442-159-C91. At the moment all I know is that it was made for a 345 with exhaust emissions. This carb is new old stock, not re-manufactured. Being 40 plus years old I know I will need to replace gaskets and seals. And probably replace jets and power valve to make it work properly on my 304. But my thinking is this - mechanically it should be like new otherwise, correct? And my question is what other changes are there between an exhaust emission carb and a non-exhaust emission carb? How are they different other than jets or power valve differences? Can this carb be tuned to work as well or better than the other carb and be even more dependable because its not worn out? Is there any problem anyone sees in tuning this carb to work really great on a 304 without exhaust emission considerations? The only differences I see between the two per IH parts books is the throttle plate assembly is different, the jets, power valve, accelerator cam (and possibly the accelerator discharge valve assembly) is different - all interchangeable if necessary for tuning (except for the throttle plate). So what are your thoughts on using this NOS emission 345 carb as opposed to rebuilding the other high-mileage, junk yard pulled non-emission 304 carb? Dependability and economy are my two most important goals. Thank you, everyone for your advice.
  8. Load star 1600 fire truck brake problems

    One time a couple years ago I saw an early '60's Loadstar 1600 short school bus have two hydravacs, but that is the only time I ever saw two on one truck. I tried to buy the bus but didn't have enough money at the time.
  9. Load star 1600 fire truck brake problems

    hi, Nice truck .... I was looking for an ordinary 3/8 brake/clutch line. Went to two different auto parts stores. Second store, Autozone, insisted on looking it up by application rather than matching it. That was the second time I've been asked "who makes International" by an auto parts store. Of course no luck. His computer showed everything Loadstar related as NLA. I then went to a place called Valley Friction Materials. No computers! They had 6 feet of catalogs on one counter, two feet of double stacked catalogs on another part of the counter. And four shelves of catalogs I could see behind the counter. On one of the parts shelf ends they had every size wheel bearing nut socket displayed - from small ones to the extremely large 8 point wheel bearing sockets used on semi's or large construction equipment. Of course they had the brake line. Turns out later I also needed the clutch master cylinder. They had it in stock. (For my Loadstar it's different from the clutch master cylinders used in Scouts and pickups). I asked them how long it would take to order a hydrovac if my truck should need it. He had those in stock too. He brought one from the back room and said this is the one my International should have. And it looked just like mine. Of course they also reline shoes and make hydraulic lines. They have everything brake related - just thought I'd share a good brake parts store when I find one. Valley Friction Materials 11817 Sherman Way North Hollywood, California 91605 818-765-5174
  10. Carburetor part number manual?

    Hi, Could someone please tell me which MT-??? parts number book would have this part number in it? It's a standard, OEM 2-barrel carburetor, I believe from the early '70's but I found it on an engine in a 1950's IHC truck. The carburetor part number is: 443269-C91, LIST 4308-1 and the number under the list number is 2363. I believe this last number is the manufacture date, but I'm not sure how to interpret that number. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me which parts manual lists this carb. Or even better, if there is an online version of the manual, a link to the appropriate page would be appreciated. I can't find it in my Loadstar MT112 parts book. Or if someone has the appropriate manual, perhaps they could scan and post the two or so pages here? Thank you.
  11. There are several pictures on the pdf file but I think figure 13 shows it the best - the filler is on the transmission case side just above the horizontal case reinforcement bars and below the two case connection boss holes. And the drain is just below the horizontal trans case reinforcement webbing (don't remember what they call those trans case reinforcement web bars). And on page B near the beginning of the pdf file is a diagram that shows where to find the fill and drain plugs and where the diagram states "Tighten drain and filler plug 30 to 40 lbs, ft. . . . " Hope this helps - happy TG day.
  12. No, its down lower on the side of the transmission.
  13. Dayton rims, legal or not?

    Recently purchased my first truck with Dayton rims. I don't know what you mean by "use a 5 gallon bucket" and don't understand "the inner dual is not against the stops". What inner stops? Can you or someone please post a pic or link so I know what you mean. I bought an older Loadstar 1700 but want to make sure I do things right and not "crack a spoke". I'm sure the spoke hubs are very expensive, if available at all. I apologize if I hijacked the thread ...
  14. Convert Butterfly to Flip-type Hood

    Thank you, Eason. But unfortunately the pictures above don't display on my computer. Yes, I know its been a year but as they say, life happens. Between hospital stays, moving to northern Calif and buying a house etc don't think I will be able to start to work on my truck until next spring. Lots of work needed on the house and still need to build a garage shop to work on the truck - I'm too old to work on it in the snow and ice. Thank you for your help and advice, everyone.
  15. Different Fuels?

    Hi, Not really sure where to ask this, but perhaps someone here can tell me. What is the practical difference between Diesel #1, Diesel #2, red or clear diesel, Kerosene, Home heating oil, winter and summer blends and what is interchangeable for use in home heaters and diesel trucks and other ag equipment? I've heard some people say they can run diesel in their home heaters instead of the much more expensive kerosene with no problem (despite what the fuel sellers say) and I've heard other people say it can't be done with diesel at all because it smells so bad. Being from Southern Calif I have no practical experience with any fuel other than gasoline and natural gas, but the extremely high cost of heating fuel in Northern Calif is killing me. What is interchangeable? Thank you for your comments.