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  1. Sheep lambing percentage depends on breed and often seasonal conditions. I don’t think there is any direct correlation between lambs between years in individual sheep. Lamb losses can be attributed to various reasons. Some breeds are better at mothering up than others. Sheep can become agitated and leave their lamb directly after birth. If season conditions are poor the mother can leave the lamb. Prolapse in sheep is often because they are too fat at lambing, age and twins put more pressure on them. Scanning ewes to determine empty ewes and seperate ewes with twins from singles is a very common practice here in Australia. Then different management techniques can be applied by keeping these in seperate mobs. Sheep can have 5 lambs at a time (unusual) but twins and triplets are common. Generally speaking, ewes in either poor condition or over fat will have problems at lambing. You will find plenty of info on sheep management from Australian webpages. Remember we had a high of 180 million sheep but sadly this is currently reduced to around 70 million at the moment due to various reasons. Sheep have been one of the major animals used in Australian agriculture.
  2. 3rd generation sheep, cattle and cropping farmer. I have also spent plenty of hours in a shearing shed as a roustabout and wool classes. Travelled overseas and worked in seismic drilling in Canada, farm worker in the UK as well. Currently still running the farm and have been in the mining game for 9 years at the same time. I operate D11 dozers, Cat 793 dump trucks and run the dewatering pumps from time to time.
  3. These are crash boxes. You can’t change gears in them without double clutching on the down shift or letting the revs drop on the down shift. You can not drive a road ranger in a truck any other way. I highly doubt those drag cars had a crash box, maybe a dog drive set up, but not a crash box. There is no comparison between what they are doing and what old mate on the tractor is doing.
  4. It’s the same principle with or without the clutch. Just don’t do it in a synchro box without the clutch or you will wreck the synchro rings and it will pop out of gear every time you back off the revs.
  5. With this old Chamberlain, you start in first, rev to 1900, pull it into neutral, foot off clutch, let engine drop to idle, foot on clutch and carefully pull it into second. Same for third. First to second is the hardest because you can lose your ground speed before the engine revs drop. Going down. You let it pull down to about 1100 rpm, pull it into neutral, rev it to 1900, foot on clutch and it will just drop into the lower gear. You can do it without the clutch when you practice it no worries. If it grinds, revs are either too low or too high.
  6. Matching engine revs to gearbox speed. You drive a Road Ranger the same way in a truck. To be honest, everyone should have been taught to shift gears like this.
  7. Should have lit the match and forgot about bleeding it!
  8. Some locals here rushed to get the washing off the line (wire strung between two trees) in a storm. As she grabbed the washing the tree got struck by lightning, killing her. Her husband survived with burns. So I would assume you would either need to be touching or very close to the wire for it to kill you.
  9. Not real sure why they wasted the money on a synchro gearbox at all. They are inherently weaker and you can change on the go without synchros if you have a foot throttle anyway.
  10. Why did IH bother with a synchro box but not give you a foot throttle so you could use it?
  11. Sad times as the GM have axed Australia’s own car, the Holden. Pretty disgusting really as GM are not capable of supplying RHD cars do they are just packing up and leaving after destroying Holden.
  12. Just amazing to see harvest pulled up by snow. It’s always 40 degrees plus here during harvest! Unfortunately there is no harvest here again due to ongoing drought (centra west NSW Australia). There is a few blokes trying to get some seed back from extremely poor crops. My son is driving a chaser bin on a neighbouring farm that has some irrigated barley to harvest. But that’s it for our 2019 harvest. Just dust storms and smoke from bushfires burning 300km away on the coast.
  13. I reckon the main reason manufacturers went away from split rims has more to do with the introduction of tubeless tyres.
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