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  1. I have no real idea why the US didn’t join the war earlier, but I doubt it was because Europe was so far away. I think there was more to it than that. Not to mention that the US in reality had only participated in WW1 for a short period of that war anyway as they had apparently wanted to remain pacifist. Other nations had gone far further to fight in WW1 and WW2 than the US, and had been there for the entirety of both conflicts. Clearly this pacifist way of thought was no longer followed by the US after WW2.
  2. You have understand that not all people have a great understanding of WW2 or any war. To not appreciate the meaning of Pearl Harbor to Americans is probably understandable as many places like Japan teach nothing of the history of WW2. I was actually a little surprised when I went to visit the memorial at Pearl Harbor, to see that it was stated on one plaque that WW2 started when the bombings occurred there. As an Australian I was flabbergasted to see that the difference between America entering the war and the actual start of the war had been ignored.
  3. That’s fairly inaccurate. You might want to research the Bangka Island massacre. There 22 Australian nurses were marched into the sea and machine gunned. All the wounded allied soldiers present were also murdered. There was one survivor, Vivian Bullwinkle who ended up a POW and eventually made it back to Australia.
  4. You might like this video. No idea who filmed it. Black and brown snakes are common in most of Australia. Brown snakes are about the second most venomous snake in the world and are also very aggressive. Black snakes will kill you too. I have heard before that black snakes eat brown snakes but never actually seen it.
  5. I’ll trade you rattlesnakes and vipers for our brown snakes. This is a red bellied black snake. It was heading straight under my ute. I had just been lying under it changing the oil. They are deadly too, but not as bad as a brown snake.
  6. I know this was posted on here last year as seen at Agquip in NSW, but it’s gone into production apparently. https://www.farmmachinerysales.com.au/editorial/details/new-axial-flow-pays-homage-to-ih-heritage-117067/
  7. It’s an absolutely massive part of Australian history. All the Australians were volunteers and they set a very high standard of tough and brave soldiers. The big problem was that the British used the ANZACs as cannon fodder. It wasn’t until Monash (an Australian General)was able to take control of Australian troops(the first time our troops were led by an Australian)towards the end of WW1 that their ability was used to its potential. The whole Gallipoli campaign was a disaster that started from the moment they landed in the wrong place. They actually made more ground in the first night than they did in the whole failed campaign. There were some incredible stories from then, including Simpson and his donkey, Billy Sing and the ceasefire where ANZACS and Turks buried their dead side by side, sharing cigarettes. Then returned to trench warfare hours later. Yes the trenches were literally meters apart in places. I must add that the New Zealanders have just as big a part to play in this part of our shared history.
  8. I have been to Gallipoli. It’s incredibly open and exposed. To even get enough cover to be safe at all would have been difficult.
  9. You should read up on Billy Sing. He was Australia’s greatest sniper in WW1. He was sniping with a 303 up to 1000 yards at Gallipoli.
  10. Just don’t mind the whine in 2nd gear when pulling a plough (or so I am told lol). We got 8500hrs out of a 4080 before cavitation put a pin hole in a sleeve. It was worked hard but looked after. Apart from the hole in the sleeve, it looked perfect in the liners. Our 9G is a different story though. Blows head gaskets at will, but has been here since 64 so have to keep it.
  11. I had a 5088. The best design feature was the cooling system. Most tractors draw the air into the sides, which brings all the trash off the front wheels up, either blocking external grills or the rad itself. The 88 didn’t get any rubbish down through the top. I wish my new JD had the same system. Most trucks run Horton fan clutch’s. They are hydraulically driven and were around years ago. I guess the expense was too high for IH to use them? however, they lost the plot with the AC drawing it air above the back window. Dusty Australian conditions have that filter blocked in an hour. Once again, a lot of tractors put them in similar places.
  12. How much fun would that be! I have an old 96 CR250 that is fun too. But that three wheeler is unreal. Those old 250’s only make about the same power as a current 4stroke 450. Imagine how they would have gone with a 500 in them!
  13. How much fun would that be! I have an old 96 CR250 that is fun too. But that three wheeler is unreal. Those old 250’s only make about the same power as a current 4stroke 450. Imagine how they would have gone with a 500 in them!
  14. I bought a 6170M JD with loader. Is a great tractor, reasonably simple and the loader has good visibility, is quick and can be removed reasonably easily.
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